Will you get pregnant with this toothpaste?I’m so scared ~

This is a bit cool ~

Talent is different, bones are surprised ~

How to make the furious girlfriend quiet ~

No more cat ~

Dog … Dog belt?Intersection

How many otakus hearts have captured the smile of the younger sister?Intersection

I … I seem to be in love ~~

Sell Bailongma?

Referee, can you be more counseled?

The first time I took my girlfriend home, she pushed me down …

Is this a knot print?I look like an aunt who bargain with vegetable traffickers …

You look better in your hand … I really want to eat it ~

Come here, just drink a cup

Take a fart, you ~

You fight five slag ~ haha …

Is this little couple so bold?

How to lock your throat elegantly?

Take the sun, I can serve this ~

Why don’t the brothers come to save me?This is different from what I said at the time ~

Will this toothpaste get pregnant?

In the eyes of foreigners, chopsticks are like this ~

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1. I hit a Didi, and the driver complained to me while telling me that he did not offend anyone. Why did you get a 4 -star? The star is really depressed.I said it is impossible, and I will give you 5 stars in a while.Then the driver said: Little girl, you are so good!So late, go to work!Then I finally knew why this master always took 4 stars.

2. What is true love!There is a man in our village, sitting 5 times.Every time is a strong X crime, every time is the same woman.I went in this time, and he said: After coming out, I have to go to her.I think this is true love!God voiced: No, his true love is in the prison, the woman is equivalent to returning to the city.

3. Stealing my dad’s cigarettes when I was a kid. At that time, there was no one at home. I sat on the sofa with my dad with cigarettes. I frowned sometimes, and sometimes sighed.I am a vicissitudes of man. The beautiful picture fixed at the moment my mother came back in advance. When the two of us were facing each other, she looked at me, and the sparks in the eyes were crackling.Holding his legs, squinting, and whispering to my mother, "Yoshiko, come back so early?" That day was the first time in my life.

4. Four years ago, my wife told me to do a card, and each person deposited 500 per month. I got the card.Later, gave them a surprise! Until I found that she tied the card to WeChat yesterday, and was tied to another shopping website. Then I checked it, there was a few dollars in the card, wife, you are not afraid of our death, you are not afraid of our death, you are not afraid of our death, you are not afraid of our death, you are not afraid of our death, you are not afraid of our death, you are not afraid of our death, you are not afraid of our death, you are not afraid of our death, you are not afraid of our death.Did the children even burn the paper after seeing only a few dollars?

5. Daughter -in -law burned sauerkraut fish. The taste was very good. I ate a lot.She didn’t eat, and said, "I don’t want to eat." She went online after meals, and I quietly looked at her.Seeing her input 2 words of sauerkraut on the webpage.I thought to myself: "My daughter -in -law is so good, I must have to learn how to burn it better!" Then I saw all the words: "Sauerkraut is long hair, what will happen if you eat it?

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