Will you hurt your baby when you are pregnant and you play your mobile phone?

Many mothers are worried that mobile phone radiation is not good for the baby after pregnancy, but whether it is in daily life or at work can’t avoid using mobile phones or computers, can mothers still use mobile phones after pregnancy?

Can mothers still use mobile phones after pregnancy?

Nowadays, there are radiation everywhere around us. Microwave ovens and refrigerators have radiation. The radiation of the hair dryer is even larger than the mobile phone, and the mothers have not received any bad affected.You can use your mobile phone normally in life.However, within the first three months of pregnancy, try to minimize the time and frequency of playing mobile phones, because the baby’s embryo is developing at this time, and the babies of the baby’s body in the third trimester have basically developed.Baby.But this is not to say that pregnant mothers can play mobile phones unscrupulously. Pregnant mothers still have to play as little mobile phones as possible during pregnancy, and make the head from getting farther from the phone when answering the phone.Don’t play when the signal is not good.

After all, mobile phones still have radiation. We need to avoid all the possibilities of hurting the baby. So what methods can mothers take radiation?

First, the pregnant mother should control the time of playing with mobile phones. When playing with a mobile phone for 1-2 hours, I get up and go back and forth. The activity is the body to promote the cycle of body blood.

Second, the pregnant mother should try to stay away from the mobile phone when playing mobile phones, and the call time is not easy to be too long. You ca n’t avoid using a landline or text message to replace it.

Third, pregnant mothers still have to work after pregnancy, but they must maintain a good working environment. The indoor temperature should not be too low, open the windows and ventilate in time, and clean the air.

Fourth, the pregnant mother must not avoid using the computer when working, and it is indispensable to communicate with my colleagues. However, pregnant mothers can adjust the light and brightness of the computer and mobile phone.Automatic brightness allows mobile phones and computers to change with indoor light.

Fifth, pregnant mothers must also remember to supplement nutrition in time. It is easy to feel fatigue for a long time to the computer and mobile phone.Foods like lean meat.

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. It is really impossible not to play mobile phones. Moms can use their mobile phones normally after pregnancy, but for the baby in the stomach, you still have to play without playing, and minimize the use of your mobile phone as much as possible.Time and frequency.

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