Will you use early pregnancy test strips?The obstetrician and gynecologist said, maybe you can’t understand at all

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After Xiao Ran came back after her honeymoon, she always felt weak and often nausea and disgusting. Thinking that her aunt seemed to have been postponed for ten days, she quickly went to the pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test strips to test.

Although the results were displayed as two lines, the color of the detection line (T line) was very shallow. I do n’t know if this is a sign of pregnancy. I also remembered that the detection line said that if the detection line is very shallow, it shows that it is an ectopic pregnancy.The hospital ran.

After going to the hospital for a blood test, the doctor said that Xiao Ran was indeed pregnant.When Xiao Ran was excited, he asked the doctor why he had a light detection line color during his home early pregnancy test paper test.Obstetricians said that in fact, this situation is often encountered. Many girls have tested themselves at home, but the second line is very light, and they come to the hospital for testing again. This is because many people cannot understand early pregnancy test strips.

Three cases that will appear with early pregnancy test strips:

Case 1: Show only one control line

When only a red line (control line) appears in the test area, it indicates that the results are negative and are not pregnant.

Case 2: Show two red lines

When two red lines appear in the test area, the control line and the detection line (C -line and T line) indicate that they are pregnant.But sometimes the color of the detection line is very light. This is because in the early stages of pregnancy, everyone’s HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) level is different. The higher the color of the detection line when the HCG level is highWhen low, the color is low. When this happens, it can be detected again every two days.

Of course, there is another situation that the detection line will be very light, that is, false positive, it may be due to the recent HCG ovulation, injection of HCG injections, or hyperlipidemia.

Situation 3: Show only one detection line

When a test area shows a test line, there is no control line, or there is no red line in the test area, it proves that the test strip is invalid or the test method is wrong. The new test strip should be re -tested.

The best time to measure early pregnancy:

When the sperm eggs are combined into a fertilized egg, HCG will appear in women’s urine a few days later.Under normal circumstances, it is more accurate after a few days after women’s menstruation (normal menstrual cycle) is delayed for a few days, and the content of HCG in the morning urine is relatively the highest.If you don’t worry about testing yourself, you can go directly to the hospital for further examination.


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