Will your mouth hurt when eating pineapple?IntersectionNetizen: When you eat pineapple, pineapple is also eating you

Recently, "No wonder eating pineapple mouth pain" rushed on the hot search.

Netizens commented: "After eating pineapple on the weekend, my mouth hurts!"

Wow, it turned out that more than one person had pineapple and his mouth hurt!

Hurry up the Internet and search: "The reason why pineapple will stimulate the oral cavity is mainly because pineapple contains pineapple protease, which will destroy the structure of the oral mucosa, leading to a clear tingling sensation, burning sensation, and even bleeding, and even bleeding","

So a friend asked: Can "saline soaked pineapple" prevent tingling sensation?

In fact, it doesn’t work."Salt water soaked pineapple" does not cause pineapple protease to be lost, but sodium ions in salt can inhibit bitterness and make pineapple more sweet ~

However, it is also simple to really want to be "delicious or not."

That is high temperature treatment.You can heat the pineapple to above 60 ° C, or soak in water above 60 ° C and maintain it for a period of time.

Since it comes to "pineapple", everyone knows that its English is PineApple, so the phrase get the rough end of the pineapple, do you know what it means?What other English expressions related to fruits in English?IntersectionLet’s take a look today.

01. get the rough end of the pineapple

There are rough and END. Does this phrase sound like a "bumpy feeling"?

It means "suffering from unfair treatment", and the English interpretation in "McMaren’s High -level English -Chinese Dictionary" is: to be time in unfair way.

02. Apple of sb’s Eye

This phrase is more common, right?It means "someone’s palm is the pearl; someone’s baby".

Its English interpretation in "McMilun’s High -level English -Chinese Dictionary" is: The Person that Someone Loves Most of All and is very prop.

His youngest daughter was the apple of his eyes.

His little daughter was his pearl on his palm.

Picture source: after live03. Go Bananas

Banana is "banana", while Bananas has "stupid; crazy", so can everyone guess what to guess?

That’s right, "Anger; Madness; becoming extremely excited"!Its English interpretation in "McMilun’s High -level English -Chinese Dictionary" is: To Become Very Angry or Excited.

I just webananas when I found what he had done.

When I found what he did, I was going crazy.

She’ll Go Bananas WHEN You Teli Her the News.

If you tell her the news, she will be crazy.

04. be a peach

If a person says "you’re a peach" to you, this is not scolding you!It is boasting that you are very nice!The word Peach does not only mean "peach", but also the meaning of "excellent (or particularly noticeable) people (or particularly eye -catching)." The English interpretation in the "McMilun high -level English -Chinese dictionary dictionary" is:Someone or some extramely good, Impressive, or attractive.

Photo source: counterpart

Well, here is here to introduce the English related to "Fruit"!Do you know what English expression related to "fruit"?Come and share the comment area together ~

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