With a flat warts early, it can be beautiful in the summer

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【Disease Type】 Flat warts

[Basic Information] Female, Diagnosis Age 37 years old

【Treatment Plan】 Jelly nitrogen frozen

[Treatment cycle] More than half a year

Flat warts have really troubled me for many years. Since I was pregnant, I started to grow flat warts. The original white neck, a dark brown meat pork, plus the pigmentation of pigment on the neck, on the neck on the neckThere was a black pattern and small meat pupa. It was too ugly. Due to pregnancy, there was no way to treat it, so I was allowed to be there. Although flat warts were small and small, I still felt ugly.

Later, after I gave birth to my baby, the slow pigmentation of the pigment was gone, but the flat warts were still there, and there were not many, only a few, and after I gave birth to the baby, I was all concentrated on him.These flat warts.

Later, after a few years, I accidentally shown the mirror that there were more flat warts than before, and not only on the neck, the whole upper body began to grow, and the longer the more, some were small meat, some were flat, there were large and there were large and there were large and there were big and large and there were large and large and there were big and large.Small, I really ca n’t stand it, so I hung up the Dermatology Department of the Three Hospital to see it.

I remember the first -time local dermatology. They had autonomous medicines. I went to see the skin allergies when I changed the season before, and I used their medicine to soon be fine, so I felt that they could definitely treat flat warts.

After going to the hospital, the doctor glanced at my neck quickly with speed, saying that this is virus warts, including flat warts, and some transparent silk warts. The treatment method is laser removal, laser is at its own expense, the price is the price is the price is the price.From 20 yuan from 640 yuan, each 32 yuan (this is the price a few years ago, I don’t know if it is still not the price). What I thought at the time was that the flat warts on the neck were one or two thousand.It does not include it, just put it on this matter.

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After a few years, I went to the hospital to see the dermatology department. By the way, I asked the doctor’s treatment method of this warts. I thought that the traditional Chinese medicine hospital may be different from the treatment of Western medicine. As a result, the doctor said the doctor after reading it.It is also laser treatment, and I did not do it either.

Later, one day, I accidentally talked about flat warts with a friend. My friend said that she had only been treated in a hospital a few days ago.The door to the new world was opened in an instant.

So I was quasiped with the general number of a dermatologist next week on the APP of the hospital, and came to the hospital as about.The doctor also opened a list of freezing treatment after reading it. I asked the doctor, what is the difference between freezing and laser treatment?

The doctor said that frozen trauma is small, because freezing is frozen for the epidermis, the laser is relatively deep, and it will leave scars. The way they treat this virus warts are frozen. They also have laser treatment, but they are not used to treat me like this virus.Okay, after listening to the doctor’s explanation, let’s obey and obediently pay for treatment.

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The hospital’s frozen treatment, because it is medical insurance, can open a maximum of 30 pieces at a time, you need to go to three or four times. Each time it takes half a month, because the frozen will scab.Two times, I went to three times one after another. When I was frozen, the doctor would give attention, that is, the frozen skin will change the skin tone, it takes more than half a year to recover, and there is no drug that can fade the skin that can be diluted.His metabolism slowly recovered.

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I attached a photo. I made a change in the skin color of about three or four months. I did not return to it. I personally feel that I may not be able to recover for half a year. Take it slowly.

If you don’t think it looks good, you can wear high -necked clothes, so it is recommended that you make freezing in winter. It is more suitable to wear high -necked clothes in winter. I hope that after summer, the print on the neck can be lighter and beautiful in summer.

After three or four months after doing it

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