With my girlfriend’s pregnancy, I was pregnant, and the children of the second uncle of my girlfriend were pregnant.

The picture comes from the Internet

Accompany the girlfriend for checking.

I found out pregnancy.

Girlfriend gossip, I vaguely said that the other party was a scumbag.

The girlfriend called my boss directly, that is, her second uncle:

"Uncle Second, you must find out the scumbag!"

The second uncle looked at me with a happy look: "I’m going to be a dad?"



My girlfriend’s husband was on a business trip.

It coincides with the days of her birth inspection. My unjust friend will naturally ask her to accompany her.

But this one who doesn’t talk about Wude is actually a check.

"Come here, do you say yes?"

She sacrificed to persuade people to use tricks, and she also patted her pockets generously: "Sisters brought money today, just send you a whole body check!"

I really thank her.

My boss is like the cold noodle king. I asked him to ask him what he did if he did it. If he had a whole body examination, he had to pick out the things in my last life and asked.

"Hurry up, it’s your turn!"

Obviously I had a gynecological examination, but my girlfriend was more excited than me: "Aren’t you irregular menstruation for a while? Just ask!"

I immediately moved me to tears.

It is worthy of being a girlfriend.

I talked with her a while ago that I had a sudden irregular menstruation. I didn’t expect that she was still in my heart.

However, the checklist came out, and both of us were silent.

The girlfriend stared at the good conference, and then asked hard: "So, do you have a dog with me outside?"

I didn’t expect it to be like this.

I specially accompanied the girlfriend to give birth, but I found out that I was pregnant!

Dog blood drama dare not make it like this!

"What, Yan Yan, you know, I usually, I usually don’t deal with people very much, so just …"

I was in a hurry of sweating, and I didn’t want to explain a good explanation.

Why do I have it?

Create evil!

"You said, which dog man from?"

The girlfriend didn’t know which fork, and said angrily as I stunned: "Don’t be afraid, I’ll be angry with you!"


"Don’t stop, you are pregnant, you should not get angry."

I hurriedly soothed her emotions, and then stuffedly: "He, he probably doesn’t want this child … I know this matter, you know I know."

"What? The other party is still a scumbag?!"

My girlfriend was bombed, and I was so angry that I pressed me on the rest chair: "You are also a pregnant woman now. We are indeed not suitable for us, but the dog scum man dares to bully my best sisters.! "

I covered my face in a word.

I just want to say that I know this. How can I become a dog scumbag?

But, that’s not far away from slag, scolding well!

"Uncle, you have to give me the master!"

My girlfriend posted a video. When I saw the people on the screen, she was suddenly excited. She and she, what did she find my dog?

Fu Yanyan’s expressionless face poked on the screen: "Isn’t it enough pocket money?"

"No, my sister was scum by a dog man!"

I didn’t have time to cover my girlfriend’s mouth, her words jumped out like a bean: "When you are pregnant, I refuse to recognize her mother. I know you are very good.! "?

After she finished speaking, she stunned the camera on my face.


I really thanks.

I showed a embarrassing smile and waved towards him: "Hi, Mr. Fu, it’s a coincidence."

I hope I won’t be killed by him when I go back.

Fu Yanyan obviously stunned.

Within two seconds, his expressionless face suddenly was like a sun that was in the sun, showing a big smile.

"Yan Yan’s words are true?"

I was speechless, I could only hang the video call.


The girlfriend was in a hurry, and she murmured after grabbing the phone and murmured: "It’s not finished, what are you hanging on the video?"

Uh, can I say I want to lie?

I laughed twice: "What, hand slippery, hand slippery."

When she talked about it again, when I went back, I would be cramped by Fu Yanyan and dismantled the bones.

"Don’t slip anymore this time."

My girlfriend told me that she wanted to find Fu Yanyan again, and immediately held her hand: "Yan Yan, really don’t have to bother him."

"Well, my second uncle is your second uncle, what do you see with me?"

She took off my hand, and I pressed back hard again: "This is a private affairs, I don’t want too many people to know."

Girlfriend frowned.

"How do you feel weird?"

She looked at me suspiciously, and I tried to show the most sincere smile: "Maybe I was smashed by my pregnancy?"


Girlfriend was worried: "Then you tell me who is he?

"Cold mix."

The child came too suddenly, I haven’t thought about it yet.

My girlfriend gave me a big white eye, and the video she forcibly dialed out showed that the other party was busy, but my mobile phone rang.

Fu Yanyan called: "Which hospital are you in? I will pick you up now."

"Ah, good, then I’ll go back to the company right away."

I deliberately answered the cow’s head, and then hung up the phone sharply, and apologized to my girlfriend: "The boss of the dog is urged too tightly, I will go back to the company first."

"But your pregnancy …"

"Don’t worry, I will find him to communicate, don’t worry."

I waved my hand towards my girlfriend and quickly slipped.

Just after entering the company, I was notified to the president’s office, and then across the door. I was blocked by Fu Yanyan on the door.

He smiled with his eyebrows and a gentle kiss: "Xia Lan, what do you feel?"

It’s not good.

I frowned and wanted to express their views, but his lips were blocked by him.

After finally getting idle, he first said, "Will you feel very lacking? Do you want to feel pregnant?"

"I have seen a lot of pregnancy strategies on the way back. I said that the early pregnancy will be very hard. Or, I will give you a holiday, when will you be loose, and then decide if you decide to go to work?"

"Also, you are now bilateral, nutrition is the most important, you think the nutritionist is good, or please nanny …"

"Stop and stop!"

My brain was buzzing, and it was almost fried.

Although his attitude moved me so much, it was not the result I wanted.

He looked at me puzzledly.

I clenched my palm before I died and said, "I haven’t decided to ask this child yet!"


The man who was just joyful and excited instantly turned black, and the power was too strong, scaring me to jump up without control.

I, I just don’t want this child very much, why is there?

"Xia Lan, you have to give me a reasonable explanation."

His eyes stared at me deeply, and the storm brewed in his eyes seemed to swallow me at any time.

I panicked a batch.

I want to find an excuse that can make him satisfactory, but the words of racking their brains only have a sentence: "I, I haven’t prepared yet."

He sneered, and his eyes became sharp.

I couldn’t hold it, my fingers panicked tightly, and when I was deadlocked, the secretary knocked in.

"Mr. Fu, please sign this contract."

The coercion in the president’s room was instantly dispersed, and I caught the opportunity to fled.

I have an underground relationship with Fu Yanyan, but it is a lot from his family, which is why I have been unwilling to make public.

If you give him a child at this moment …

Wouldn’t it be to face his family?

I also look down on me too.


Back to the station, colleagues came in curiously.

"Xia Lan, what is the relationship between you and President Fu? You ask for a vacation, and he came to your station for at least five times."

What does he come to do?

I shook my head in a confused manner: "Maybe he thinks the employee should do his best?"

"It makes sense."

When I was Hu Yan’s words, I didn’t expect my colleague to take it seriously.

I shook my head crying and laughing, blaming Fu Yanyan was a workaholic, and oppressed our secretaries too hard.

Otherwise, how can anyone believe this kind of lie?

My colleague talked two sentences and hurriedly worked, and my palm was unconsciously stroking my lower abdomen, and my brain was hurt.

In fact, Fu Yanyan and I were far apart. Before, he was my student, and I was a school girl.

I heard him at school and knew he was particularly powerful, but what I don’t know is …

Fu Yanyan’s family is also good, but he did not rely on the family to start a business. Later, when I graduated from the interview with his company, I entered.

Then I like him very much, treat him as my goal and take the initiative to confess, he agreed.

We are slowly familiar with, but the request I put forward is that he cannot tell others the relationship between us.

I even feel that I am not worthy of him.

But now there are children …

See what he meant to stay, but what should I do if I have a child?

The mobile phone sounded, and Fu Yanyan sent a message: "Children, I want, I will be responsible, you don’t want to get it off, do you know?"


He was used to me in front of me.

Thinking about it, I boldly sent him a message: "Do you want a child, can you not want me?"

"More for you."

His news returned quickly, and I stared at those three words and sighed.

What does he mean?Is it planning to make it public?But I don’t want to make public!

I really can’t afford to play with him.


I didn’t go back to Fu Yanyan anymore.

I thought about it, carefully intercepted the dialogue of the dialogue and sent it to her girlfriend, and asked her to support: "What do you mean?"

"This is a good thing!"

Girlfriend called me in a row: "This means he still likes you!"


I think about Fu Yanyan’s cold and majestic face, shook his head again and again: "It is impossible, he will not like me!"

I was chased by him.

"Ah Xia Lan, you have to be confident in yourself!"

The girlfriend is bitterly: "You think, he said that he wanted your child to want you more, don’t you like what you can? You have to be indifferent, then I will accompany you to see him.It’s. "

"Ah, what, I don’t want to see him for the time being."

I made a haha.

If my girlfriend knows that I am with her second uncle, I am afraid she will perform a place explosion on the spot.

"You always escape the reality, nor is it a way."

Girlfriend talked: "Aren’t you working in my second uncle’s company? I called him, or let him help you?"

The questions were made by him, and asked him to help me?

"Yan Yan, let me think about it first."

She didn’t have a good idea, I could only rely on myself: "I think about it for a few days."


"It’s okay, maybe the peak circuit turns?"

I smiled and motioned for her not to care about it. I can still be strangled by this thing?

The child was born with a bond that was held by both sides. Does he really think about marrying me?Or is there no way for children?

I really want to kill …

I had a spirit of excitement, and I couldn’t make that determination.

I was miserable in the afternoon, and I came home from get off work in the evening. I felt like I was forcibly stuffed with paste in my head, which was so painful.

Strongly supported to order a takeaway to make a temple of the five internal organs, but the doorbell rang unexpectedly.

Fu Yanyan came.

Not only did he come, he also brought me a lot of pregnant women’s supplies: "I don’t know which one is good, you use it first, I will buy it back."

I gave him the way and saw that he put things one by one, and couldn’t help but twisted his eyebrows.

He is very intimate in this regard, but does he really have to keep children?

"Mr. Fu, the place is small, don’t mind."

The house I rented was in the old community, and he had a long legs in a small suit in a small suit. He suddenly looked not enough.

He shook his head: "I don’t mind, but I hope you move to me to live. One of the living environment and conditions is better than here. Second, it is convenient for me to take care of you."

"Still not needed."

I didn’t want to shake my head either: "I’m fine here, I don’t want to go anywhere."

"Xia Lan, I’m serious."

He suddenly looked solemnly. I looked at it, and blurted out of my mind: "But I still think about it! We have more children between us now, I, I haven’t figured it out, in case of the relationship between us, the relationship between us, the feelings between us, the relationship between us, the relationship between us, the relationship between us, the relationship between us, the relationship between usNot so pure. "

Before, I could ask for love on Fu Yanyan unscrupulously, but now there are more children …

It means to face two families.

The gap between us …

"So do you think you are just playing between us?"

Fu Yanyan’s eyes sinking.

I reacted later, and quickly lost my smile: "How is it? I just said too anxiously."

If I play with his feelings, it is probably miserable?

Fu Yanyan didn’t speak.

His eyes stared at me deeply, and suddenly got up. I only thought he was going, and quickly got up to open the door.

Don’t come again, get used to his fierce popularity, really not suitable for his tenderness.

But Fu Yanyan walked straight into the kitchen.



There was a burst of meals in the kitchen.

The long -lost fireworks fluttered in the small suite. Somehow, I suddenly felt a little stunned, and my eyes were sour.

I work hard in this strange big city alone. In order to settle the foothold, I have always worked hard. Even eating can deal with the past. I have n’t tasted the taste of home -cooked food for a long time.

During this time, although we are male and female friends, in order to prevent others from knowing, I ask for a separate demand.

He rarely comes to me.

Rarely, he did not dislike me, and washed his hands to make soup in person.

"How did you survive?"

Fu Yanyan’s vomiting sound came from the kitchen: "The salt bag is not closed, and the oil is almost expired. Do you not eat?"

Uh, I really don’t eat, just take takeaway.

"Can you still use it? If not, I will go downstairs to buy some downstairs."

I asked restrained.

It is still not very able to adapt to the transformation of Fu Yanyan.

In the past, I went to his villa overnight, or he took me to a high -end restaurant for dinner. I haven’t seen his cooking.

He looked at it lightly, and was really shocked for me.

"Can still use it, just rest."

He looked at me with his head, and the corner of his mouth was slightly upright at the moment, showing a little smile.

Seeing me was surprised, he shook his head with a smile: "Is it strange to cook?"

"Well, super weird."

I nodded honestly, but did not want to make him "flutter" and laughed: "Then you are optimistic, there are more strange things."

"Come, try, do you have your appetite?"

He smashed the pork ribs beckoning to me.

I was hungry long ago, and hurriedly ran over and bit the pork ribs.

As soon as you tasted it, he was shocked as a god of food, and he admired again and again: "It’s great! It’s better than the restaurant!"

"You are too exaggerated."

He nodded the tip of my nose and intimate attitude. I was brushed back underground by my hunger, and I quickly stepped back: "What, I, I will go outside first."

He was busy with his sleeves in the kitchen, and almost made me forget that he was the cold noodle king in the company.

"Xia Lan!"

I was in a hurry to run, but he suddenly had a spatula, which stopped my way: "What are you afraid of?"

"Did I still eat you? Why did I suddenly change my attitude towards me?"

My old face blushed.

"It seems that someone’s thoughts are not pure?"

He stopped me sideways, smiled and groaned, and put a little teasing closer to me: "How is it timid?"

My face was almost hot.

If it weren’t for him to be quiet at night, would I be so bold?

"Xia Lan, don’t be afraid of me."

"I will marry you."

The whisper whispered on his lips, as if he was swearing his sincerity, and also proved his mind to me.

I stunned.

He said, he would marry me?

Is it because of my child, or did he like me as a girlfriend said?


Fu Yanyan lived.

"If you don’t go back to the villa with me, I will stay with you here and take care of you."

He said vowed.

Now that I can’t get away, I also go from him. The environment here is worse than the villa. He will retreat.

Without washing the supplies, he entangled me to buy downstairs in the supermarket.

I often buy things in the supermarket. The boss knows me. Seeing that I took Fu Yanyan, I immediately joked: "Blue is a boyfriend?"

"No, he is mine …"

"Yes, I’m not her boyfriend, it’s her husband."

This man denied my words along my words and gave him a level.

The boss didn’t hear anything, and his face laughed and blossomed: "Oh, congratulations, congratulations, Blue, your husband is really good!"

I laughed, and after buying things, I pulled Fu Yanyan and fled.

"You are corrupted my reputation!"

He had to put things on the boss, and then pulled me to take a walk outside.

I walked a few steps and turned back to him: "In case we break up, how can everyone introduce me to my boyfriend in the future? The marriage of destroying people is like killing parents!"

"So, you have my child, but want to break up with me?"

He narrowed his eyes and closer to me with a bad look: "Xia Lan, I don’t know if you play it well?"


The reason to be online, and I exposed funnyly: "I’m not, I’m afraid there is any difference in the middle!"


"You see, your life is unlimited, and the family is not a kind of person. It is really necessary to tie the crooked neck tree for my child, right?"

I have a bitter heart and follow the seduction, and I hope he can change his mind to change his mind.

What are you entangled with me?

"I’m not because of your child, it’s because you, and you want to marry you."



I turned around and didn’t dare to look at him anymore. I really couldn’t communicate with this guy.

There was a loud laugh at behind him, and then there was a big palm around his waist. He helped me walk slowly in the evening wind, and no longer teased me.

The evening wind was slow, and the children’s laughter was floating in the wind.

I’m confused again.

Sure enough, it is said that the wise man does not enter the river, and I just do n’t have the mind that I am not smart, so I will be trapped in Fu Yanyan ’s gentle town.

I still can’t bear to wake myself.

Really stupid!

When I was sleeping at night, I wanted to catch his sleeping sofa, but he had to squeeze a bed with me.

In the end, it was him who was uncomfortable. He gritted his teeth and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he held me and charged me: "How long does it take to give birth to this little bastard?"

I smirked and pumped straight: "Didn’t you love your baby? How can you become a small asshole?"

"You don’t know how hinders this guy is!"

He was so wronged that he couldn’t do it, and he pulled my hand with eyes: "I’m sad …"


I flipped over and ignored him with a blush: "Then go back to your villa to live, and you will not be sad."

"That’s it."

This man hugged me in his arms: "I don’t eat meat for a while, and I don’t eat meat for a lifetime, I can still tell clearly."

This girl!

He is young and vigorous, but can he converge!

But I have never seen him like this.

Why is it so cute?


Fu Yanyan took me to perform a sub -production inspection.

I said no need to accompany him, he also cheered: "How can I do not accompany you? I worry you."

I really thank him.

He accompanied me throughout the delivery check, and the doctor’s instructions were particularly careful.

Then when he was out of the hospital, he took me straight to the mother and baby supermarket. If he said nothing, he picked the most expensive nutritional products to buy it.

I was all stunned: "What about you feed the pig?"

"Didn’t you listen to the doctor? You are weak and your nutritional index does not meet the standard. You have to make up for it during pregnancy."

He said very seriously with his doctor’s order as an imperial decree.

I couldn’t help but support it.

I was a bit thinner, but I was not as exaggerated as the doctor said, right?

"Miss Sister, your husband is nice to you."

The shopping guide was envious and laughed: "I have seen many husbands who accompany pregnant women to buy things. Those people are either impatient or ignorant. They are so nervous about pregnant women’s bodies, but they are rare."

"Ah? No?"

I was surprised: "I won’t be good to my wife when I get pregnant. Can I live in the future?"

"So, the divorce rate is high."

The shopping guide blinked at me: "If you meet good, you will be clenched. After all, not a man is so handsome as your husband, and you can still post you."

I am okay, but the corners of Fu people next to me were almost tilted to the sky.

He waved his hand: "You give my wife’s best pregnancy supplies!"

He was happy, and the shopping guide was very happy.

In the end, I bought all kinds of things full of a car, and I didn’t know if I could use it.

After getting in the car, I couldn’t help talking about him: "Mr. Fu, I don’t know if you still like to listen to the rainbow fart."

That meal blowing, he was almost forgotten, right?

"Huh? What are you called me?"

He didn’t answer, and I was surprised: "Mr. Fu, is there a problem?"

I just deliberately called him Mr. Fu.

"Change the name and not at work."

Bado went online, evoked my chin, and looked at me threatened.

I smiled twice: "So, President Fu?"

"Mr. Fu?"

"I can’t tell you Miss Fu?"

"Husband’s two words have revenge with you?"

He came over: "Call your husband, and your husband will give you all his life."

I believe his evil.

"How can you use this proper word and use it casually!"

I and I have no names and I think I call his husband!

"On the Wild Cat online?"

He groaned quite well, but a smile in his words: "Wait, I always let you call your husband!"

Hum, that’s not necessarily, I haven’t promised to marry him yet.


The next day, the company with Fu Yanyan and I entered.

He was quite unwilling to be before: "Xia Lan, are you having abandoned me?"

"You have to believe me, I’m really just for you."

I blinked with my eyes very sincerely, and saw that he turned his head and "stunned." I caught the opportunity and ran away first.

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, don’t just appear in the company at the same time.

But this person is obviously more chicken than me.

Before my bench was hot, he appeared in the secretariat: "From today, Xia Lanli is the secretary of my life and immediately transfer to the job."


He is hard, have you ever thought about what would my colleagues think of me?

Fu Yanyan was left, and the small fairy of the secretariat seemed to be frying the pan. Everyone was around me: "Xia Lan, you are too good!"

"Life secretary, isn’t that is the secretary who specializes in managing Mr. Food and Food?"

"I said, but I didn’t have this post in the past?"

"Xia Lan, you are about to communicate with the old age, what means will President Fu get five fans and three ways?"

"Huh, according to me, it seems that fox essence turns the world, more seduce than us!"

Envy, but more jealousy.

Those who are in good -looking women in the Secretariat blocked in front of my workshop: "Say, how to seduce President Fu!"

Oh, what about bulling me partnership?

I was in front of Fu Yanyan, but I did not mean that I would be afraid of these people.

"Why, are you sure you want to work with me?"

I stared at them coldly: "I advise you to think about it, but now I am Mr. Fu’s life secretary. Whoever wants to live with me, then I don’t mind wearing small shoes in front of President Fu."

"Whoever loses and win, let’s look at it."

Fu Yanyan is a ready -made big tiger. How can my little fox be fake?

Several women changed their faces together, dare to say.

I sneered and hugged something and got up: "Good dogs don’t stop the road, they will flash for me."

"Xia Lan, don’t be proud!"

In the end, I was so popular that I looked at her coolly: "Am I proud? President Fu just set up a secretary position for me, how can I be proud now?"


She was so angry that I sneered and walked away.

If I was so good to me, I wouldn’t have a bad voice. Those who hit me with my left face and wanted me to send my right face, I was afraid that I hadn’t woke up yet.

Who can still be a fool in this world?

Fu Yanyan was anxious to wait in the president’s office: "Why come over for so long?"

Is it a long time?

I shook my head: "Just talk to them."

I opened the topic and said helplessly, "Okay, what do you transfer to you?"

This is the topic of gossiping gossip for those women.

"Huh, I just take you into the company with a bright manner every day.

This careful guy.

He showed a small cunning smile: "Now, I think you dumped me away?"

Well, he criticized.


I was unable to vomit, and I could only settle in the president’s room.

Then I discovered that this person was temporarily conspired, and it was clear that it had been planning for a long time.

One day, I was not serious, so I turned around, either asked if I was full, or I was afraid that I was frozen, and those nutrition products could almost open the supermarket.

In just half a month, I was almost ten pounds.

I am bored with my hair, but he is very satisfied: "Good fat, better fat!"

I believe his evil.

Men’s three -point affection can play in tears.

At this moment, I shouted "Fatty", and when I turned my eyes, I stick to the young lady, and I can’t pull it out.

I am determined to move out of the president’s office.

"I just sit at the door, I work outside the door!"

He boiled the Ejiao Decoction for me, and I put on the coffee table angrily: "Fu Yanyan, I will get fat into a pig!"

If he doesn’t open the company, it will definitely be a pig -raising expert, great!

"Don’t be fat or fat, you are pregnant now."

He came to this set to coax me again, and I was so angry that I stared at him: "That’s not the reason for the ten pounds of fat for half a month!"

It was only three months pregnant. If I was in the late pregnancy, I would not be fed by him?

Thinking of me, I was suddenly excited, and got up and left: "You call someone to arrange a desk outside the door. From today, I will stay there!"


He hurriedly stopped me: "Can’t I feed you hard?"

"But my stomach has been raised slightly."

I feel a little sad.

I didn’t feel anything before, and I didn’t have those symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. I always felt that pregnancy was the same as that was not pregnant.

But after the small abdomen is raised, it always feels that there is something different.

And I can only wear loose clothes.

Now there is no name or division, the company has long been full of words.

If you let those women find that I am pregnant, my spine has to be broken by them.

Fu Yanyan thought about it.

I saw that he didn’t speak, so he wanted to cross him out, but this girl turned across one step to block me: "I will solve this matter. We find time to get married."

He solved it?

What does he solve?

I wanted to refute, but he didn’t give me a chance to speak, and sat down behind the desk.

Seeing his cheek frowns, staring at the computer screen, I could only swallow it back when I got my mouth.

He hesitated before, and now the baby has taken shape, and I can’t bear it again.

Fortunately, I have worked hard in recent years.

At that time, I would find a surrounding small city for delivery and raise my baby to grow up.

As for Fu Yanyan–

This is the trajectory of the chaotic life. When I leave, I should also get right.


I started to pay attention to the people’s livelihood happiness index in the surrounding small cities.

When Fu Yanyan saw it, he was curious: "I want to travel? When I am busy, I will take you out."


I smiled and responded.

He looked at me in surprise: "Why don’t you do it with me today?"

"Just your poor mouth, you can’t, you can’t obey you, right?"

I laughed and scolded, seeing him as if he was just asking a big dog to touch, and came to me, he couldn’t help but kiss his lips: "Fu Yanyan, how can you be so handsome?"

It can be exciting at a glance, just like I confessed to him.

He looked at me happily, his eyes were bright: "This is the first time you boast of me."

I was surprised to say this, did I never praise him?

"Of course it is true, especially handsome."

I lingered on his lips, and some reluctantly left.

For a long time, each other was panting and separated.

"We just need one child."

His eyes were suppressed by a small flame, his voice was dumb: "Ten months, it’s too difficult."

I laughed and didn’t pick up his words.

"You’re a little strange recently, is there something wrong?"

Suddenly he turned the topic on me, and I looked at him calmly, "Is it normal for pregnant women to feel sad?"

I’m thinking about what to do to leave him … We are male and female friends, but they are really not a world.

If his parents can’t accept me at all.

He shook his head: "It’s not that kind of feeling."

My heart is tight.

"Anyway, no matter what you encounter, you have to tell me, do you know?"

Fu Yanyan looked at me seriously.

I blinked, trapped in his affection.

That shopping guide did not praise, he was indeed a very good and qualified husband.

"I got it."

I nodded with a smile: "I think you are strange, what do you think for no reason?"

"That’s probably, maybe I’m weird."

He hugged me and thought about it, and he couldn’t help laughing.

I was in his arms, and I was sad.

He is indeed very good to me. The dosage may not be considered the top of the pregnant woman, but it is definitely a first -class level.

I asked me in my life, and I took care of me.

Unfortunately, marrying me is just empty words.

My lower abdomen has gradually bulged, and the loose clothes are about to cover up, but he never mentioned what to marry me again.


I went to the Personnel Department to consult the specific matters of resignation.

The personnel manager looked at me in surprise: "Secretary Xia, you did well, why did you resign?"

"It’s not that I resign."

I worked hard to lie: "A friend is not convenient to come forward, so tell me to ask, do you understand what I mean?"

He was a little confused, and he seemed to know the place.

I couldn’t help but support my amount, and I was treated: "I can’t tell Mr. Fu, do you understand this?"

"I know this."

He laughed and promised quickly.

I was relieved, and seeing him really understood, and then got up and resigned.

It turned out that it was very simple to resign. It was only necessary for the department head to agree, but I resigned with Fu Yanyan’s consent.

Just his stinky temper, would he agree with me?

So I can only walk secretly, and the salary that can’t be settled should be contributed to Fu Yanyan.

I just went out, but met an old colleague.

The business manager looked at me sadly: "Xia Lan, since you transferred to the Secretariat, have not returned to the business department. You must know that colleagues in the business department miss you very much."

Have it?

In my impression, everyone got along well at that time.

"Don’t you believe it?"

The business manager was still vigorous, and wanted to pull my hand: "I will take you to the business department to see … Mr. Fu!"


I was aggressive by his inexplicable words, but he seemed to see ghosts and looked at me in fear.I turned sharply and saw that Fu Yanyan didn’t know when it came.

The handsome face was so gloomy that he could pinch the water, and the eyes of the knife could not hide.


Fu Yanyan seemed to be in anger, and the business manager was scared and excited, and he ran away evenly.

I shook my head a little silently, and I just said that I took me to the business department.

"You go upstairs with me."

Fu Yanyan didn’t know what was angry. The movement was gentle but could not force me to take me into the president’s room.

Very good, my unjust girlfriend is actually there.

Seeing Fu Yanyan pull me in, she was surprised: "Are you two?"

"Go into the lounge!"

Fu Yanyan rushed her face with her face, and I hurriedly handed her to help her eyes, but this ghostly spread her hands to me, so she was slipping.

When I saw that she was going to enter the lounge, I was also anxious: "You can’t go!"

I put everything I used during pregnancy!


My girlfriend was stunned, and Fu Yanyan stared at me coldly: "Xia Lan, what are you guilty?

I grinded my teeth and squeezed out a few words: "My things are still inside!"

"That’s right, let her see it."

Fu Yanyan was as if he was deliberately against me. He used his eyes to kill my girlfriend and his big niece into the lounge.

Then, without what I expected, I heard a shocking scream–

"Uncle, how can you hide pregnant women’s supplies!"


Fu Yanyan stared at me with a smile, his eyes were overcast, and he wanted to unload me eight pieces: "Xia Lan, do you actually want to play with me?"


I know the mouth of that personnel manager can’t help it!

"I tell you, don’t think about it!"

Fu Yanyan bullied me, and his voice was cold: "I cheated my heart, dare not be responsible?"


"Fu Yan, come out!"

He didn’t look at me anymore, and shouted that the girlfriend of the grievances came out: "I hand over Xia Lan to you, and you should take her to my villa right away."

"If you dare to let her run, don’t think about your caution!"


Girlfriend: …

What time is it, and he is still sitting on this set?

My girlfriend took me away without saying anything, and I screamed in the car: "Xia Lan, you are too dog!"

"You are actually with my second uncle!"

"I treat you as a pro -sister, but you just want to be my second sister!"

Uh, I don’t want it either.

But things are such a thing, but I didn’t expect that I could have been with Fu Yanyan for so long.

"You’re done now, you actually fell into my second uncle!"

Girlfriend screamed and began to worry.

I see that she was still with a big belly, and she couldn’t help but sweat for her: "You calm down first, okay?"

Anyway, I was sold to Fu Yanyan by the personnel manager, and I couldn’t run for the time being.


"I ask you, do you like my second uncle?"

My girlfriend stared at me very seriously: "If you like it, you will be peace of mind as my second sister. If you don’t like it, let me go."


I looked at her confused: "What about your cautious liver?"

The unjust girlfriend spent a lot of thoughts in order to marry her heart. If Fu Yanyan was annoyed, he would not recognize people.

"He is a big man, what are you afraid of?"

Girlfriends are girlfriends, and righteous: "I just ask you a word, do you like my second uncle?"

I opened my mouth and didn’t know how to answer her.

For a long time, I smiled bitterly: "Of course I like it, but I am afraid that he agreed because I chased him. You might as well ask your second uncle or not like me?"

"Besides, I am not a type of uncle with your second uncle. I think more when I have children. I am afraid that your second uncle is embarrassed. I feel that there must be a responsibility if there is a child. In fact, he may not like me."

"Yan Yan, he has never mentioned marriage afterwards. He may really don’t like me."

I asked myself and sighed.

"that’s true."

Girlfriend was angry: "He is a bastard dog!"

"Don’t be afraid, you are pregnant with the children of the Fu family. I will make you the master.

She filled with indignation, and I smiled bitterly.

"Don’t stop, what’s the point of this? I don’t want to face his family, I-"

"My grandparents get along well, but if you feel that the second uncle is awkward, then I will send you away."

The girlfriend is still very righteous: "I will all be all included in all the children’s fees in the future, you can just take it with peace of mind."

"No, I don’t want to involve you."

I know the temper of Fu Yanyan too much. If my girlfriend let go of me, he will definitely angry with her.

Why do you bother to make a girlfriend be uneasy?


I went to Fu Yanyan’s villa with my girlfriend.

She had a fire in her heart, and she smashed Fu Yanyan’s favorite antique vase. The maid was trembling and did not dare to say anything.

I squeezed the sweat: "What are you doing?"

"Satta evil fire."

She made a clear goal. I went straight to the study of Fu Yanyan on the second floor, and I quickly stopped her: "Don’t come."

The antique smashing is just a matter of money, but the study is all important things. If she missed any confidential documents, Fu Yanyan would definitely find her trouble.

"So, I suddenly remembered something."

My girlfriend squinted and sneered: "I once heard my grandparents mentioned, saying that the second uncle had a girl who had been in love for many years."

"He hid the photo of the girl’s photo and was locked in the dark grid of the study. I helped you find out and burned the photo to solve the air.

Fu Yanyan has a white moonlight that has been secretly loved for many years?

I was cold in my heart, and my head was lighter.It turned out that he was really interested in, and it really showed him that he was embarrassed to refuse?

He bastard!

I supported the door frame in a stagnant, and my girlfriend had rushed into the study.

Within half a minute, she rushed back in front of me with the album: "I used to know this, but there was no chance to watch the album, and he didn’t want to care about his break, but he dared to scum my best sister, then meAlso let him taste the pain of the cone! "

"Don’t, don’t …"

I held the door frame, but felt that I couldn’t breathe in my heart: "You put it back and put it back …"

I don’t want to see who he likes, who he likes has nothing to do with me!


Girlfriends have red eyes: "He bullys you so much, why do you still have to protect him!"

I laughed lowly and walked downstairs.

Fu Yanyan has a white moonlight hidden in his heart, so what am I?

"What happened to you? Don’t scare me!"

I bumped into the underground stairs, almost fell several times, so anxious that my girlfriend fell the album downstairs and cried and helped me downstairs: "I will take you to find grandparents, we have not finished this with him!"

It’s not over yet?

I hooked the corners of my lip and shed tears.

"Well, Miss Xia Lan, the little girl in this album, isn’t it you?"

The maid’s surprise came downstairs, and my girlfriend and I stared at each other and looked at each other: "How is it possible?"

"It’s really you, it’s too much like you."

The servant raised the album and showed me: "Or do you have a twin sister?"

I’m sure I am the only child.

In the photo, I sat under the cherry tree and smiled brightly. Although it was a distance, I could still clearly see me.

"Is this, sneak shot?"

The girlfriend was shocked: "So, my second uncle has been in love with you for many years?"


Why never know this?

"Lied, Dashishui rushed to the Dragon King Temple, and the antique vase was blind."

Girlfriend regretted his chest: "It’s hundreds of millions!"


As soon as my scalp was numb, he dragged her and hurriedly ran: "Hurry up, let’s find a place to hide first!"

If Fu Yanyan returned, he had to pick up our skin!


Just before he had time to go out, he met Fu Yanyan, who hurried back.

My girlfriend and I were blocked under the corridor.

"Just know you are not reliable."

Fu Yanyan pulled me to my side: "I watched it in person, see how can you find a chance to run?"

I smiled twice and didn’t dare to look up at him.

"So what, I’ll go first!"

Girlfriend Sataya abandoned me, and I reached out and dragged her. I couldn’t get too much. I could only cry and tears.

"Know that you have a good relationship, but you don’t need to be so affectionate?"

Fu Yanyan narrowed his eyes unhappy.

I laughed: "If, if we destroy your favorite thing, will you strangle me?"

"What are you doing?"

He suddenly became nervous, and touched me up and down: "Are you self -harm?"

What is this nonsense?

I glanced on my eyes: "I’m not so stupid … Hey, no, what do you mean?"

"Dare to say that you are not stupid?"

Seeing me, he was relieved, and then laughed lowly: "You are my favorite thing, do you understand?"

"You dare to say that I am something?"

"Then you are not something?"

"Fu Yanyan!"

I grinded my teeth and looked at him angrily: "Don’t want to tie me, I will not succumb!"

"If the name of love?"

He sighed, his eyes were gentle like water: "Lan’er, I never thought of tie you, I just want you to stay with me forever."

"Don’t you run for you? When I heard you want to resign, my heart is panicked."

I have never seen such Fu Yanyan.

It seemed to remove all the camouflage, and the deep eyes were covered with sadness, showing me nakedly to me.

"I love you, love you for many years …"

He embraced me, and his chin was resting on my shoulders. There seemed to be any hot liquid fell into my shoulder nest.

I was stunned, he cried?

"When I was in my senior year, you were a freshman, and I had to graduate, but you went to the campus, so I deliberately sent the same Yanyan to you with you, because only this can I have a relationship with you","

He choked: "Do you know how happy I know that we have a little baby? It seems that it seems that there are more bonds between us from here."

"I have always wanted to give you the most perfect wedding during this time, but you have to leave me … Lan’er, please, don’t be so cruel?"

He didn’t look at me, but my shoulder nest was burned like fire.

He is deeply affectionate, how can I virtue?

"Fu Yanyan, you are obviously worth better, we are not a world, why do you …"

"How are you, I know, how can those people think good, how can I want it? I like you, is it a person in the world?"

He said deeply, and I also moved.

I used to tell me before that such a good husband had to hold it tightly.

I am not a fool.

"Then, I finally ask you a question."

I blinked and said carefully: "If I smashed the antique vase in your favorite, do you still love me?"

"That, blue and white porcelain?"

Seeing me nodded, he suddenly shook his body.

I was so frightened that I hurriedly helped him: "The vase has been broken, you are sorrowful!"

"I can’t be sorrowful!"

He was fierce, his face seemed to be angry.

I twisted the corner of my clothes, and I couldn’t afford it if I wanted to pay. May I make a vase?

"I want you to pay!"

Fu Yanyan said, I quickly nodded like a chick pecking rice, but suddenly listened to him and laughed: "So good?"

"Then punish you all your life with me!"

Know almost

Author: Tang Tang

Such as invasion!

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