With ovulation, is the fallopian tube common?Do you step on these 16 infertility misunderstandings?

"There is ovulation, the fallopian tube is through!"

"My husband is good and has strong sexual function, and the semen must be fine."

"Pregnancy is a woman’s business, and infertility is also the woman to check first. No problem checks the man."

When you are worried about not being pregnant, when you are facing infertility, have you ever had the above ideas?In our daily life, many couples still have a lot of misunderstandings about infertility.In order to help everyone out of the fog and provide valuable suggestions and science guidance to each couple who ushered in the fertility stage, Liu Mingxing, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the third hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, brought everyone to everyone.Come here a question "Is infertility is a question of girls?"The theme of the theme, detailed analysis of our common 16 infertility cognitive misunderstandings.Because the topic has attracted much attention, the live broadcast received 13W+traffic.

Liu Mingxing, Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, was interviewed by Sister Zeng, the host of Nandu Health Lecture Hall

Do n’t always think it ’s the woman’ s fault

"Generally speaking, if there is no contraceptive measures for a year, it is infertility. Once you can’t conceive, many people will put responsibility on the woman first, which is actually a big misunderstanding." Liu MingxingThe director said that during the process of pregnancy, the infertility of the woman accounted for 40%to 50%, while the man occupied 30%to 40%, and the common possession of the two sides was 10%to 20%."Although the place of pregnancy lies in the woman, one of the most important factors of pregnancy is the quality of essence and eggs. In fertility, the man actually has the potential risk of less essence, weak essence, non -essence, and even retrograde ejaculation."

In the live broadcast, Director Liu shared a woman’s path to medical treatment. The woman had a three -year inspection in the grass -roots hospital due to infertility. When it was helpless to find Director Liu in the end, Director Liu found that in the past three years.The man has not done any inspection!In the end, it was the sperm of her husband infertility. Therefore, pregnancy is not just a woman’s affairs. Once infertility occurs, both men and women should check at the same time at the same time, which also helps the doctor to make the correct judgment.Help the couple for their pregnancy time.

According to reports, the causes of male infertility include semen abnormalities, disorders of sperm, obstruction of infusion, and ejaculation disorders.But many people think that her husband is good and strong, and the semen must be fine. In fact, this is a misunderstanding."Men’s sexual function is strong and bad, and the health is not proportional to the quality of sperm." Liu Mingxing emphasized that some people think that the man had had birth and had fertility before, so he did not need to check semen. In fact, it was also a misunderstanding.Because of the changes in sperm quality, there are many factors that bring negative impacts to men’s semen quality and fertility capabilities, such as age growth, long -term testicular parts under high -temperature working environment, tight pants wearing, excessive smoking and drinkingIt is easy to affect the quality of sperm.So is the men’s semen malformation rate high equivalent to having a child with malformations?Actually not.Liu Mingxing explained that according to the 2012 edition of international standards, the malformation rate of sperm is less than 96%, which is normal. There are thousands of sperm in the semen. In the end, only one high -quality sperm can break through the resistance.There are many reasons for the occurrence of deformed children.

Director Liu Mingxing pointed out that there is a misunderstanding of a pregnant couple

Menstruation comes on time, there may not be ovulation

Women who are preparing to get pregnant will pay attention to whether menstruation will be on time, when ovulation will be ovulated, and whether the fallopian tubes are usually an important factor in conception, but many people have misunderstandings about this.For example, some women think that menstruation is ovulation on time every month, but it may not be that. Many people seem to be normal, but follicles are not long.The increase in puzzle hormones in the second half of the menstrual period is an important indicator of the judgment of ovulation. Liu Mingxing suggested that patients can use urine ovulation test strips when preparing for pregnancy.Guide to prepare for pregnancy in the same room.

So there is ovulation, is the fallopian tube common?Liu Mingxing said that the ovary is the ovary, the fallopian tube is a fallopian tube, and two different organs, so the normal ovulation has nothing to do with whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed.What factors are easy to cause the fallopian tubes?According to reports, it is easy to cause inflammation and pelvic disease in the same room to not pay attention to hygiene in the same room, and severely hurt the uterine ligament during the same room.Liu Mingxing reminded that there is no obvious symptoms in general inflammation of fallopian tubes. Unless it is a tubal pyropaway with acute infection, pus can cause abdominal pain, and patients can feel it. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination to be clear.

"If it is an elderly woman, it is very important to prepare for pregnancy as soon as possible.In fact, the current contraceptives products are already very good, and there is basically no effect on fertility. If you have menstruation, you can get the next pregnancy immediately if you have menstruation. "Liu Mingxing emphasized that the time for elderly women will not delay time.At the beginning, although everyone’s own repair ability is somewhat different, no matter whether it is drug flow and abortion, basically the body will recover well after the menstruation is normal. It is recommended to hurry up to prepare for the next pregnancy.

For infertility women with ovulation disorders, in order to increase the power of conception, doctors generally recommend ovulation, but many women think that ovulation cannot be promoted more than 3 times.ovulation.

Liu Mingxing believes that this is also a misunderstanding, because the ovulation promotion of patients with ordinary infertility is different from the ovulation promotion of IVF. The ovulation promotion of IVF is an ovulation at a timeThe frequency is close, so it will not cause harm to the body."The poor ovarian function of the woman will also affect the effect of ovulation. With the age of age, ovarian function and egg quality will also decline. Therefore, planning to be pregnant as soon as possible.Increase the chance of conception. "Director Liu emphasized that preparing for pregnancy is like playing a comprehensive battle. There is no problem to solve a problem.All links are closely intertwined, everything is ready, and finally monitor ovulation and guidance in the same room.

Director Liu Mingxing at the live broadcast work site

The longer the ascetic time is not conducive to pregnancy

In addition to the potential risks of their own may exist, in fact, the sexual living conditions of the husband and wife are also closely related to infertility. First of all, the frequency of sexual life is a major factor. Due to cognitive relationshipsIn the two extreme situations, Director Liu recalled that there was a couple who came to the consultation almost every day during the preparation of pregnancy, or even twice a day. They thought it could increase the chance of conception."In fact, ejaculation is so frequent in a short period of time, and the quality of sperm is not good. There is also a process of sperm, so it is too late to be too frequent."

On the contrary, a lady thinks that her husband’s sperm quality is not good. In order to use the good quality sperm on the "blade", let her husband ascendant for two weeks before the same room.If there are metabolism cycles, it will be transferred even if it is not discharged, and the sperm quality is not good. Therefore, in general, doctors recommend that it is for three to five days during pregnancy.

Wait for the money to have a house and then get pregnant?Experts say time is a big problem

"Fertility is not limited by age. Now I am too busy, wait for money, have a house, and have time to get pregnant!" This is the idea of many young people now, but it also pays for the perfect miss of the golden age of pregnancy.It is getting bigger and bigger, and at this time everyone finds that it is so difficult to have a child.According to Liu Mingxing, if the best age of conception is used in Chinese medicine, it is 7 years old as a unit. The age of 28 is the most heyday of women. Around 28, it is the best age for women.At the age of 35, he is old, and the risk of abortion and difficulty in pregnancy gradually increase.Others think that the age of pregnancy is not a problem, even if I do IVF.Liu Mingxing said that unlike men, the number and quality of female eggs will decrease with age. IVF technology cannot be 100 % pregnant, and it cannot solve the number and quality of the eggs.

Repeated abortion of pregnant couples is expected to solve the problem by test tube technology.But test tube technology also has abortion.Liu Mingxing emphasized that the technology of first -generation, second -generation, and third -generation IVF technology is not like mobile phone products. The higher the iteration, the better.Poor, it is recommended to choose a generation of test tube technology.It is more appropriate to use second -generation technologies for patients with severe and weak essence and obstruction.And if it is to prevent some genetic diseases or to prevent abnormal abnormal abortion for recurrent abortion couples, it is better to choose three generations of technologies.

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