Wolfberry with ginger is great. It ’s good to eat it for 3 days. It is recommended to collect a test test.

The white -noodle kitchen is not good at good time. This is a small white kitchen. It is really too powerful to match wolfberry and ginger.

Whether it is ginger or wolfberry, it is two very common ingredients in our lives. Aside from wolfberry, ginger is just an indispensable condiment in our lives.

However, when ginger and wolfberry are paired together, it is not just as simple as condiments. Many people do n’t know that this is also the older generation. Let ’s take a look at the video.

Prepare 10 to 15 grams of wolfberry to a little salt.Eat a little bit of baking soda, gently grab the a little clear water, and wet the surface of the wolfberry, so that salt, soda, and water are fully fitted on the surface of the wolfberry.

Although wolfberry is good, it is very difficult to clean and it is difficult to clean.

Soda is a very common additive in our kitchen, which can be used as a snack. In fact, it also has a strong cleaning effect. Coupled with salt, you can clean it for a while to clean the wolfberry well.Essence

Speaking of wolfberry, I believe that many friends who like wolfberry do not know how to save wolfberry. The wolfberry that had just been bought has just been bought and touched to dry.Black, when this happens, this shows that wolfberry is already moist, which is caused by improper preservation.

If you want to take it home, you still have clear grains and dryness. In fact, it is very simple. We only need to put the wolfberry bought home with a sealed bag and put it in the refrigerator room.The temperature is fine.

If you do n’t have a refrigerator at home, you can also put it in a cool and ventilated place. Grab the wolfberry and add a little flour. Grab the flour on the surface of the wolfberry.Adsorb the dust on the surface, and then change the water to wash the wolfberry. The flour remains on the surface, and the wolfberry will be washed.

I changed it for a total of four times and washed it four times, and then washed the wolfberry to control the water and dried it into the plate.Next, prepare a piece of ginger and wash the ginger with water.My ginger has been bought home for about two weeks. Careful friends have found that the surface color of the ginger is not good -looking, and some of the skin is dry, so just clean it, and then cut the epidermis with a knife to cut off the epidermis.Essence

Of course, it is not recommended to peel the ginger under normal circumstances, because the ginger skin in my family has dry and tastes bad, so be sure to cut off the outer skin.

For ginger, its taste is also very special, and it tastes very strong and spicy, but its spicy taste is not the same as pepper, so many people like it.It will be used to add incense.

Wait until the ginger is cut into thin slices.Do you like ginger in life?Cut the knife into filaments.Then change the knife to cut into a small diced in about 0.3 cm, and then incorporate it in the garlic mortar. Pour it with a mounded wooden stick and pour the ginger juice inside.

In the process of punching garlic, we can smell the particularly rich ginger fragrance.

You don’t need to pour too long until the ginger starts with ginger juice, just like this.Then pour the mound ginger into the pot.

Pour in two bowls of water and boil the pot in the hot fire. In this process, we keep stirring with a spoon and stir, which will help inject the taste of ginger juice into the water.

Boil it in the pot and start boiling, and now pour wolfberry.Also stir well, cover the lid, and cook over medium heat for five minutes.

In the next time, prepare two small bowls, add a little pure water to the bowl, and put a egg in it.If the bowl is added to the bowl, and the eggs are put in the bowl, so that our eggs will not be close to the bottom of the bowl.

After cooking in the pot, now we put the eggs in the bowl close to the water, and slowly pour it into the pot. Before that, we must minimize the fire.

In this way, the eggs can be put into the pot to keep the eggs complete.Then cover the pot and cook the eggs in the pot with a low heat until it is fixed.

Then skim the superfoters on the surface.The eggs in the pot have been completely shaped. Now gently scrape the bottom with a spoon, put the sticky pot, and then add ten grams of brown sugar to it.Fully melt, continue to cover the lid, simmer for another five minutes, and adjust the fire to the smallest. At this time, we must always stand by the side of the pot and do not leave, because the eggs are particularly easy to cause the eggs to cover the lid and cook it.Put the pot, and cook it when it comes to time.

Now it is hot in the bowl while it is hot, you can drink while it is hot.We can put it in the morning as a breakfast for the husband at home, especially now in winter, the weather is not cold. Drink a bowl in the morning, which is both nutritious and delicious.The body is warm. In fact, the eggs can not only eat this, but also the wife can also eat, especially female friends who are afraid of cold can also cook like this.

The eggs are very simple, and the ingredients used in it are also very common. If you like it, please collect it and try it!

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