Women are pregnant with hot springs, worried that they are not her husband’s baby. The doctor understands: "Do you still have someone else?"

The most important thing between husband and wife is loyalty, but if one party does wrong, then he will try to cover up with lies, and even pursue the so -called "truth" to make himself no longer guilty.

If a wife did something wrong, and even after pregnancy, she could not distinguish whether the child was her husband, then she might go to ask the doctor for help and want to prove it in a scientific method to make her heart comfort.

Listening to a doctor said that this case is obviously incredible.

A woman went to see the doctor. She told the doctor that she was pregnant after she finished the hot spring. She was worried that her child was not her husband, so she wanted to check and see how to prove it.

Is it really that simple?Or is it difficult to say this woman, or did she not tell the truth at all?

This woman went to see a doctor, and she said, "I am worried that the child is not a husband, there are so many people in the hot spring at that time."

Hearing such a expression, the doctor was also very puzzled and asked, "You are worried that there will be a small tadpole in the hot spring, right?"

The woman replied, "Yes, how can it be so coincidental, after finishing the hot spring after soaking?"

The doctor answered her with her profession: "This probability is very low. Because the hot spring has a certain temperature, the most afraid of the little tadpoles is the high temperature, so this possibility almost does not exist."

The doctor has explained it very detailed for her, and it also shows that if she is soaking in hot springs, she will not cause her to get pregnant, so she can rest assured that the child in her belly is her husband and does not need any concerns.

However, the woman is still not assured. She has to ask her doctor to check her with a professional technology to see if her husband in her belly is her husband.

Why do women have such a big concern?Did she hide something?

Faced with the professional explanation of the doctor, the woman was still uneasy. She said, "Oh, I’m still not assured. Is there any technology to check the children in the stomach, is it my husband?"

The doctor is obviously very responsible. She said that the children in the stomach can be performed by a parent -child identification, but obviously you have no need for this situation.I can tell you clearly that if you only pass the room with your husband, then this child must be your husband, don’t worry about it at all.Can you understand that I said that?

If the doctor said such a culprit, the woman cares about it: "Ah? This …"

At this point, the doctor understood in seconds, and there was almost no need to ask anymore.It turned out that this woman should have someone else, so she wanted to come to the hospital to identify the child’s blood.The reason why she said that she was pregnant after soaking in the hot springs was just a disordered method. After all, she was also ashamed of this thing.

This woman also knew that she had done something wrong, and dared not say it, and then knocked on the side, and wanted to make herself feel at ease through the words of a doctor.

In this regard, I want to say that it should not be deceived by someone to lie to the doctor. How can you get the right diagnosis and treatment without telling the truth of the matter?Doctors are knowledgeable and experienced. You can understand it clearly through a few words. Obviously this woman is chaotic outside.

What’s more, she has done something wrong, and now she is worried about it. I know today, why should I have it today?Presumably, everyone knows the truth of the matter here. I really want to send a song to her husband ~ "Green Light"

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