Women are really pregnant or fake pregnancy. In addition to going to the hospital for examination, there are also the following ways to verify

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Pregnancy is a big thing for women. Many women learn that they are pregnant and are willing to let go of all to focus on raising their tires in order to give birth to a healthy baby.However, if a woman checked her pregnancy and resigned from her home to raise her tires, but after a few days, she found that the hospital was wrong, and the loss would be great.

A few days ago, I saw a news on the Internet. Ms. Ma, Ms. Ma, Heilongjiang City, was delayed due to the posture period and suspected that she was pregnant, so I went to a local hospital for examination.The inspection report given by the hospital shows that she has been pregnant for 4-7 weeks.Ms. Ma was so excited that in order to raise a good child, she resigned from her home to raise her tires.However, after a few days of lying at home at home, Ms. Ma found that her body had bleeding, because I went to the hospital for a few days. The results of this examination made Ms. Ma stunned. It turned out that she was not pregnant. Breeding is the physiological period.arrive.

Without pregnancy, work is gone, which is tantamount to people’s wealth.Ms. Ma began to hold the hospital’s responsibility.This incident makes people feel a lot: if a woman suspects she is pregnant, she must go to a professional and credible hospital for examination. If there is doubt about the results given by the hospital, you can change the hospital for examination to reduce the chance of misdiagnosis.EssenceIf a woman does not want to run too many hospitals, she also needs to take some auxiliary methods to help confirm the diagnosis.Here provides some small ways to confirm whether you are pregnant:

Use early pregnancy test strips to detect whether you are pregnant

If a woman does not want to run the hospital to confirm the hospital, she may try to use early pregnancy test strips to detect whether she is pregnant.The use of early pregnancy test strips is very simple. After a week of menstruation, the first morning urine was detected with test strips.If there are two purple -red lines on the test area on the test paper, it means pregnancy.

The principle of early pregnancy test strips is to confirm whether to get pregnant by detecting the HCG value, that is, the human chorionic gonadotropin.Therefore, using a small test strip to check whether pregnancy is a bit hasty, but it is enough to use it to help confirm whether pregnancy is pregnant.It is worth reminding that women should not buy expired early pregnancy test strips, or do not use early pregnancy test strips that have been placed for too long.

Is there bed bleeding?

When a woman is pregnant, she will experience the fertilized eggs in the uterine wall first.In this process, women may experience capillaries on the uterine wall, which is medical bleeding in medicine.If a woman suspects that she is pregnant, or has the possibility of pregnancy through other means, you can think about whether bed bleeding occurs.

If a woman has experience in the same room with the opposite sex within a month or two, and then she has not reached the period, but there is a small amount of bleeding, and the color of the blood is still relatively darker. It is pink or brown.For a few hours, you can consider bed bleeding, most of which are pregnant.

In addition, one more thing to say. If a woman is determined to be pregnant and the physical condition is also very good, it is best not to resign if you are pregnant, or immediately notify the people around you.Great loss.


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