Women go to cosmetic surgery and do not know that they are pregnant, leading to abortion, fiance: wedding cancellation

Social Vientiane: For plastic surgery, for young women today, it is a trend that follows. Women have loved beauty. Some people can change some flaws on their faces or on their bodies through plastic surgery, but this woman’s cosmetic surgery is not so simple.Essence

Then I will talk to you about the woman’s story.

The woman in the picture is Ms. grandchildren from Xiaobian today.

Ms. Sun is from Hangzhou, Zhejiang. In 2017, she was ready to get married.

Ms. Sun was a little dissatisfied with her appearance. She felt that her eyelids were too loose and nose was a bit big, and she often felt troublesome.

Two months before getting married, she told her friends about this. At first, her friend was still wondering. Later, I couldn’t bear to see that Ms. Sun had been worried about her appearance, so she proposed that she could go to the plastic surgery hospital to make a one to make a plastic surgery hospital to make a one to make a plastic surgery hospital to do a one to make a plastic surgery hospital.plastic surgery.

Ms. Sun went to cosmetic surgery, but on the sixth day of the operation, Ms. Sun found her physiological period delayed.

There was no such situation in the past. This made Ms. Sun very uneasy. Ms. Sun came to the hospital for examination. The doctor told her that she was pregnant.

Ms. Sun was not good at conceiving children, because she had a history of extraterreals in the past, and it was very difficult to conceive a healthy child. She knew that she was pregnant. She was very happy.

Just after Ms. Sun was happy, a bad news came. Because of the plastic surgery, she had anesthetic, so the child in the belly had to be killed.

Ms. Sun asked the doctor if it was possible to retain the child, but the doctor told him that you had a hemp medicine for six and a half hours. This is not possible.

Soon this matter was known by Ms. Sun’s fiance. The fiance knew that it was furious, so she complained that Ms. Sun had a miscarriage due to cosmetic surgery.

All the beauty was destroyed because of the cosmetic surgery experience.

Ms. Sun said that before cosmetic surgery, the plastic surgery hospital did not check her physical condition. It was simply that the physiological period was absent. If the doctor in the plastic surgery hospital was a little serious, she would not do cosmetic surgery.

The reporter followed Ms. Sun to find this plastic surgery hospital, and the person in charge told the reporter that they had been solved in private.

The result of the negotiation at that time was that the operation fee of Ms. Sun’s half of the operation was about 30,000 yuan, but Ms. Sun did not agree with the results of the negotiation.

Because the hospital also did one thing for her to make her feel worried, a doctor took advantage of Ms. Sun’s anesthesia to make a European -style double eyelids and Korean nose for Ms. Sun.

When the reporter asked Ms. Sun, did the contract say what project she was going to do? Ms. Sun said that she did not write, they were all blank, only Ms. Sun’s signature.

When the reporter asked the person in charge of the plastic surgery hospital, the person in charge of the plastic surgery hospital was another statement, saying that there were these projects in the payment list.

The reporter asked if he could take a look at the original contract, but the person in charge of the plastic surgery did not let it, and said it was only for the superior department.

Subsequently, the person in charge of the Plastic Surgery Hospital began to complain about Ms. Sun, saying that Ms. Sun had an excitement because Ms. Sun had to jump to solve it.

The two parties have their own words. The person in charge of the plastic surgery hospital says that Ms. Sun has an excitement, but Ms. Sun said that the person in charge was distorting the facts and facing the story.

Ms. Sun helplessly went to the local health department to complain, and the matter was temporarily coming to an end.

It is understood that on the same day of Ms. Sun’s discussion, Ms. Hu had the same situation as Ms. Sun.

Although love beauty is the nature of women, love beauty must also have a degree. The natural appearance was pretty good. Why do you want to draw a snake and make plastic surgery. This plastic surgery is harmful to your body.So try not to touch this thing.

There is also a certain problem for cosmetic hospitals. Before giving customers, there is no detailed understanding of the customer’s physical condition.Essence

Xiaobian hopes that these two ladies can recover justice through legal channels!

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