Women have just given birth to their children, but they are pregnant again during confinement: postpartum recovery is not a "safe period"

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Xiao Rui is a novice mother who has just given birth to a white and fat son some time ago.Because there was no experience, from pregnancy to production, Xiao Rui was in a state of ignorance.In addition, her husband was not very sensible, and found that Xiao Rui had recovered well after giving birth, and there was no regular vacation during the confinement period. The two began to live in the same room.

Not long after, Xiao Rui obviously found that he showed signs of pregnancy.At first, I was suspicious, and the situation of vomiting became more and more serious.So Xiao Rui went to the hospital to check his body and found that he was really pregnant again.

Although Xiao Rui and her husband were not ready for this baby.After careful consideration, this is a small life after all. Although the current economic level is not particularly high, they can’t bear to kill the children.Besides, Xiao Rui’s body is not good at abortic surgery.So the two decided to give birth to the child.

In fact, in life, some pregnant women who have just given birth to a child soon conceived to the child.When many pregnant women are in confinement, they find that there is no vacation, so they think they will not be pregnant.During the confinement, sexual life is still carried out.

1. Easy to suffer from gynecological inflammation

If women have not fully recovered, they rashly live with her husband in the same room, which may affect women’s health.The most common is that the probability of women suffering from gynecological inflammation will increase a lot, and some gynecological inflammation may be difficult to cure for many years.

2. Easy to infected

Usually when women are in confinement, because the relaxation of the uterus has not recovered well, living in the same room at this time can easily cause the uterus to slip to the vagina.Education.

3. High -hinder women’s spiritual recovery

After giving birth to a child, you must not only endure the pain of raising milk, but also feed the children upside down day and night.More fragile, premature life in the same room may make women feel physically and mentally exhausted.

Because pregnant women have a child after giving birth, the recovery of the uterine membrane takes about 2 months.After the uterine membrane is restored, the function of the body can gradually recover.Therefore, in about 6 weeks after giving birth, pregnant women should go to the hospital for a systematic comprehensive physical examination to see how the uterine recovery in the body is, and then follow the doctor’s advice to restore the life of the husband and wife according to the specific situation.

For the sake of physical health, it is recommended that women do not blindly live in the same room during confinement.If it is a cesarean section, it may be more time to recover.Before starting sexual life, I still hope to go to the hospital to check the uterus to see how the recovery is decided.

Do you think women can have a husband and wife life during confinement?Do you think at least how long can you restore the same house?Welcome to leave a message in the comments!


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