Women have these symptoms during pregnancy, congratulations, successful pregnancy

Wen | Tao Ma

I remember a survey before and asked the mothers how they knew about pregnancy. The results showed that 80%of pregnant women were found based on menopause and pregnancy reaction.The rest of the mother found that the experience of pregnancy was different. Some of them went to the hospital for medical examinations, and some others helped to see.From this point of view, most pregnant women do not discover pregnancy as soon as possible.Indeed, these pregnant women will say, "It doesn’t feel like just pregnancy? How can you know?" In fact, after the pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman will change a lot, reminding you that you are pregnant.However, most pregnant women did not detect or discover it in time, so they discovered for a long time.If these symptoms occur during pregnancy, congratulations, you will be pregnant successfully.

1. Bloated chest

In 1-2 weeks after conception, women’s breasts will become soft.This is because after pregnancy, due to pregnancy stimulation, the body of the pregnant woman will produce a lot of estrogen and progesterone, causing the gland in the chest to begin to grow.And these hormones can keep the chest more liquid, so pregnant women will experience breast swelling or soreness.

2. Mild bleeding

In the early stages of pregnancy, some pregnant women will have mild bleeding, manifested as a small amount of blood wire or blood dots.It may appear several times a day for about 3 days, but in the process, there will be no discomfort of menstruation.This is actually a normal early pregnancy reaction, because 6-12 days after the combination of sperm and eggs forms the fertilized eggs, fertilized eggs will bed in the uterus.During the bed, the surrounding capillaries ruptured, and mild bleeding will occur.

3. Tell the body

After pregnancy, a pregnant woman will also secrete a hormone similar to anesthetic, and its main component is progesterone, which can act on the uterus.These substances relax the muscle fibers of the uterus, so that the fetus can develop healthier.However, these progesterone can cause the temperature of pregnant women to rise, and pregnant women will develop weakness and higher heartbeat frequency, so they will feel very tired.

4. frequent urination

This is a relatively obvious early pregnancy reaction, but many women do not understand why this is the case.This is because in the early stages of pregnancy, the uterus will become congested.The position of the uterine bladder is relatively close, so there will be frequent urination.There is also the increase in blood flow after pregnancy, pressure on the kidneys, and increasing urine.

5. Lost appetite, nausea and vomiting

Generally, after 2 weeks of pregnancy, luteal secretion will cause many functions of the body to decrease, and the digestive function of pregnant women will be affected.Therefore, pregnant women will have a loss of appetite and have no interest in any food.The reason why vomiting occurs after pregnancy is mainly the result of the velvetic gonad hormone secretion in the body.

6. Emotional changes

If you usually have a stable emotion, you can manage your emotions well when you are in trouble.But now I will be inexplicably angry, and often I lose my temper because of a little thing, and even crying, which is likely to be pregnant.It is not because of the confusion after pregnancy, but it is related to the hormones secreted by the pregnant woman’s body.

Tao Ma said: If you are preparing for pregnancy, you must pay more attention to these changes in your body after the same room.If you have no intention of preparing for pregnancy, but you have already had sex, then it is necessary to understand these signals of pregnancy. After all, many people are unexpectedly pregnant.Don’t be a mother by yourself, and don’t know.

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