Women in the workplace, I dare not declare in pregnancy!

Recently, the hit TV series "I really love you" brought a word with a fire: workplace hidden pregnancy.

The so -called workplace hidden pregnancy means that women in the workplace do not declare their pregnancy because they are worried about pregnancy reduction, dismissal, affecting the righteousness of the probation period, and promoting salary increase.

The law stipulates that women can enjoy the right to fertility, and women in the workplace in real life are not free.

Women in the workplace dare not get pregnant

PAPI sauce said in "E hearty Offer" that many women in the workplace are not pregnant now. Even if they are pregnant, they will work hard and ask the boss not to change themselves.

She said that there was a friend around her, and she was still opening a video conference even before entering the delivery room.

Women in the workplace dare not get pregnant, not a false topic thrown by Papi sauce for Bo’s eyeballs.

In recent years, although the country has successively liberalized the second and third babies, the fertility rate has not improved significantly, but has continued to decline.One of the important factor is that women are unwilling to have children. On the one hand, because of the cost of raising costs and childcare, women in the workplace are not dare to get pregnant.

One said that today’s workplace is really not friendly to women.

At the moment of the job search season, some married women are discriminated against during the job of finding a job.A few days ago, a netizen showed her job in her job. When she asked the recruiter’s own resume, there was no feedback, and the other party bluntly said that HR said that she would not consider it for the time being.

Considering the problem of employment costs, many enterprises have strictly guarded female job seekers in the recruitment session.Some netizens broke the news before that when the bubble Mate interviewed, for female candidates, they directly asked if there was a maternity plan in the near future, and the discrimination intention was very naked.

Women in the workplace are not only difficult for the employment environment. Once pregnant, she exists in the workplace. The news that female employees are pregnant by the company have made difficulties and dismissal in various ways.

Even if he was lucky enough to escape the "dismissal", it was difficult for female employees to escape the experience of salary reduction and downgrade.

Some female employees returned to work after maternity leave and found that they have long been marginalized by the company. The results accumulated in the early stage have become the "wedding dresses" of others. In their careers, they are facing "interruptions" or even "final".

Fertility is the basic right and freedom of women, but in front of the hard workplace, "hidden pregnancy" has become a last resorting workplace survival strategy of many women in the workplace.

Women’s workplace discrimination?

The "hidden pregnancy" has to be understood as a last resort, but this kind of "harmful person is not good" behavior is the majority of women who ultimately hurt.Some companies are worried that the additional employment costs that female employees may bring during pregnancy will only prevent women’s job seekers more strictly guarding their deaths, exacerbating the difficulty of women’s job hunting, and causing a vicious circle.

This situation of double losses is not conducive to the development of the enterprise, but also the improvement of fertility.

Chinese women’s labor participation rates are 60.57%. Female employees are also a part of enterprises. However, with the release of the second and third babies, enterprises and female employees are like birds of shocking.

Women’s workplace discrimination is a common topic, and it is also a hurdle that improves fertility.

Only when you look at the problem can you solve the problem.The employment environment of the workplace is getting worse and worse. "Hidden pregnancy" is a last resort, but it cannot be thrown into the pot to the "capitalist".

Following is the essence of an enterprise and the foundation of its survival.Once female employees are pregnant, the cost of high employment will undoubtedly become a heavy "burden", and it is normal for enterprises to "employment anxiety".

To eliminate the "hidden pregnancy" of the workplace, first of all, employment discrimination is necessary to eliminate employment, and to eliminate employment requires the society’s multi -party efforts, create a fair employment environment, and bottom out for women in the workplace.

For example, the establishment and improvement of fertility cost allocation mechanisms, and use subsidies, tax reduction and other methods to "reduce burden" for enterprises, so that enterprises are willing to open the door to employment for the majority of women.

In addition, the labor security supervision department must strengthen punishment for some employers with obvious gender discrimination, so that they dare not use various "yin recruitment" and "damage" to dismiss pregnant female employees.

In the end, women in the workplace also persuaded all the workplace to cherish "feathers". The behavior of "nourishment at work" is not desirable. It is tantamount to killing chickens and eggs. It will only exacerbate women’s employment discrimination.However, if you encounter unfair treatment, you must also actively pick up legal weapons to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

Breeding should not become a Women’s employment, and it should not be the puppet of enterprise employment.Under the three -child policy, this is a social test that needs to be solved.

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