Women naturally have milk after giving birth. Why didn’t this function before?What are the principles?

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After women have a child, breasts will be secreted on their breasts, which is used to feed the baby.This is a very natural process, but it is such a very common thing. I wonder if everyone has doubts: Why do women secrete milk after giving birth?

Reason one: Survival instinct

Human reproduction until now, many times the response is an instinctual response to survival.After the birth of a child, a woman is equivalent to a car that requires gasoline.

Imagine that if there is no gasoline in a car, then it is like a scrap iron. In the same way, there is a child. Without enough nutrition and food to support his infant and young children, then you can only face starvation.

This is why humans have invented milk and milk powder later to cope with those postpartum milk -free.

Reason two: stimulated

Under normal circumstances, because women do not need to breastfeed, most of them are in the static period.

After pregnancy, women’s bodies will be secreted by prolactin.After women are pregnant, the nervous system will pass the information of pregnancy to the brain, and then releases prolactin, and then women’s breasts begin to secrete milk.

All in all, the reason why women have milk secretion after giving birth, in fact, mainly because the body’s hormone changes and the baby’s multiple sucking stimulus.

After the fetus was pregnant in October, the fetus was delivered. At the same time, the prolactin hormone began to release, and women had a steady stream of breast milk.

Therefore, whether it is a mother with a lot of breast milk or a mother with less breast milk, if you want sufficient milk after giving birth, the best way is to allow your baby to suck more, and the amount of milk will naturally increase.

Although it is an inevitable thing to have a child after giving birth to a child, after giving birth to a child, it is not coming to milk immediately.

Under normal circumstances, most mothers after giving birth have no milk, and the milk requires a lot of sucking the baby, so that the milk will come down as soon as possible. Generally, this hour will be within three days after giving birth.

About 3 days after giving birth, the milk will officially come down. At this time, most mothers will have the feeling of raising milk, that is, from this time, the mother’s breastfeeding career officially begins.

Therefore, when there is a child, when the milk is born, it depends on when the mother will open the milk. The earlier the milk, the earlier the milk comes. If it is postponed for some reasons, then the milk time will naturallyslow.

For babies, breast milk is the most precious gift for her mother. This natural nutritional product cannot be created by any scientific and technological means the day after tomorrow.

1) Facilize the growth of babies

Breast milk, especially colostrum, will contain the rich nutrition needed for baby growth. It cannot be replaced by any dairy product. It can be said that the baby sucks breast milk, which is no harmful to the baby’s healthy development.

2) Babies are easier to digest and absorb

For babies, the various nutritional ratio of breast milk is just right, which is just in line with the infant that has not yet developed gastrointestinal digestive function and kidney excretion function, so that the baby can better absorb nutrients while reducing digestion digestion.And the burden of excretion.

3) Promote the development of the baby’s brain cells

In breast milk, cysteine and amino taurine are relatively high, which is conducive to the growth of neonatal brain and promoting intellectual development.

4) Breast milk can increase the baby’s resistance

During the growth of the baby.The problem of immunity has always been worried about parents. Those babies with low immunity really broke their parents.The baby’s immunity needs to be established from an early age. If he did not lay a good foundation when he was a child, it would be difficult to catch up with the normal level when he grew up.

The kind of breast milk contains stronger fats that can make the brain stronger, allow the brain to develop strong, and better regulate the autoimmune system.

In addition, the protein in breast milk can well promote the baby’s spirit and sleep. The baby’s spirit is happy and the sleep is sufficient to better protect the normal operation of the autoimmune system.

The most important thing is that breast milk contains beneficial ingredients that can enhance the immune system, help infants digest and absorb, and improve the efficiency of the immune system.

Therefore, after delivery, mothers should milk milk as soon as possible to let the baby eat breast milk as soon as possible.

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