Women on the ring, will it hurt the body?You have read these precautions, and you decide not to do it

For some women who have married and have a child, if you do not want to get pregnant, many people will adopt this method of upper ring for contraception, because it takes a long time, which is relatively simple to operate. During the operationThere is no trauma, but some people will have back pain after the upper ring, so that the upper ring will not cause great harm to the body. What are the precautions after the ring?An article tells you!

Advantages of the upper ring

It is a very safe and effective contraceptive measure in life in life. Because the entire surgery process is very simple, there are no side effects, and there will be uncomfortable phenomena in the early stage.It will be extended, and over time, these symptoms will gradually disappear.The effect is very good, and the power success in the upper ring contraception is also very high.

In addition, do n’t take a long time for ordinary metal rings. If it is placed for 10 or 15 years, then those plastic rings, because the elasticity is very poor and the support is small, it can only be placed for about 5 years.When you want to plan to get pregnant, you can take out the flowers at any time, and it is convenient.Sheung Wan has no impact on the life of husband and wife. For most people, the damage is also very small.

Precautions on the upper slip:

1. Rest

After the surgery of Sheung Wan, a short -term rest is needed. Do not do some heavy physical labor within a week. In half a month, avoid sexual life and some pots.

2. A small amount of bleeding and lower abdomen swelling

Some women will have a small amount of bleeding and lower abdomen swelling after the landscape. For those who have mild symptoms, they do not need any treatment, they will be reduced after 7 days. If the amount of bleeding is very large, consider consideringTemporarily take out the contraceptive ring.

3. Pre -operation examination

Before the surgery of Shekuan, you must do a detailed examination of your body, especially the gynecology. Although it is a very simple operation, not every woman is very suitable. Some people are because their uterus is their own uterusThe inner cavity is very large. If the size of the ring is not in line, it is easy to fall off. The purpose of contraception cannot be achieved. The uterine cavity can be reduced before the ring can be put.

4. Regular review

After one month of Shanghai, go to the hospital for a review, whether the location of the ring is normal, or other questions to test, and follow the other year to follow up.

5. Take out timely

The upper ring can play a role of long -term contraception, so it is welcomed by many women, but according to the type of placing ring, they actually take them out. For exampleIt can be placed in the body for up to 20 years. After a certain time, it must be taken out in time.

6. Must go to a regular hospital

For small operations such as the upper ring, you must go to a regular hospital.

Nowadays, in order to achieve the effect of contraception, people have adopted the method of going to the ring, because the contraceptive effect is long and simple operation. In the process, it will not cause great harm to the female body, but it must also vary from person to person.After the surgery is over, the health care is reasonable.

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