Women will also be "fake pregnancy", so surprised, but this is true

Liu Ying’s daughter, Liu Ying, married Zhao Si’s son Zhao Yutian. Because the Liu family and the Zhao family were not very furious, they often had awkwardness.The Liu family and the Zhao family did not give up, and they did not have a victory for a few years.The turn of the matter was because of Liu Ying’s pregnancy.Because Zhao Si hopes that Liu Ying will give the old Zhao family a healthy baby, the old Zhao family treats Liu Ying with high standards after Liu Ying’s pregnancy.Liu Ying’s father, Liu Neng, also seized this rare opportunity and kept revenge on the old Zhao family.Xie Guangkun in the same village is Liu Neng’s deadly opponent.Xie Guangkun’s son married a very capable daughter -in -law. Under the efforts of his daughter -in -law, Xie Guangkun’s family bought a new car, which was really beautiful in the village.Liu Neng watched Xie Guangkun’s new car with a lot of eyes, so he tried to find a way.Liu Neng wanted to make Zhao Si family a celebration for Liu Ying’s pregnancy to fight back to the weakness of Xie Guangkun’s daughter -in -law without pregnancy.At the end of the celebration, Liu Neng was in a real scenery.Because of Liu Ying’s pregnancy, Liu Neng was very high in front of the Zhao Si family.But one day, Liu Ying suddenly found that he had come to menstruation again.Liu Ying’s mother felt that things were not wonderful, so she went to the hospital for examination.After Liu Ying did not get pregnant, Liu Neng’s proud head quickly lowered.After the old Zhao family found that Liu Ying was not pregnant, Zhao Yutian and Zhao Si both performed.What makes Liu Neng most unacceptable is that since then he dare not toes high in front of Lao Zhao’s house!

Here, Uncle Zhao Benshan gave everyone a medical lesson, talking about the section of "fake pregnancy".There is the term "fake pregnancy" in medicine. Although it is not often seen, it also occurs from time to time.A search engine explains "fake pregnancy": fake pregnancy is a typical phenomenon of physiological changes caused by psychological factors, which usually occurs in women who have been married for many years and have not been pregnant.Because of the strong desire to have children plus anxiety, over time, it interferes the normal function of the central nervous system, thereby affecting the endocrine through nervous regulation.Ovarian ovulation, symptoms such as amenorrhea, breast swelling, nausea, vomiting, and changes in appetite.There are also some women after menopause. Due to the effects of progesterone on fat metabolism, fat gradually accumulates in the abdomen, and the accumulation of fat plus the intestinal accumulation of the intestine increases the abdomen to increase.The blood vessels of the abdominal aorta or intestinal peristalsis can also make menopause women mistakenly believe that it is "fetal movement".The amenorrhea and abdomen increased, and they thought that they were pregnant.

The above explanation is right and objective, so I will no longer explain it.When I was studying, I also encountered an event related to "fake pregnancy": probably because the medicine was not very developed at that time, and people didn’t know much about the term of fake pregnancy.A big joke appeared in our internship hospital. The woman who was diagnosed in our hospital was a seven -month -old woman who finally discovered that it was "fake pregnancy."I remember at that time because of this case, the whole hospital was full of storms.I always feel ridiculous when I think of it now.First of all, a woman goes to the hospital to check whether she is pregnant. What needs to do is urine HCG examination.After positive, you will make up a blood HCG. If you are still positive, you can determine your pregnancy.However, if you want to accurately judge, you need to do a B -ultrasound, and at the same time, doctors need to listen to the fetal heart and other steps.But I didn’t know why the doctor’s receiving doctor did not judge "fake pregnancy" at that time?What is even more incredible is that before six months of "pregnancy", the doctor insisted on the patient’s pregnancy.When discussing in private, some doctors wondered. What did the doctor hear when he heard the fetus?

Anyway, doctors and patients cannot accept such an oolong incident.After this incident was spread, I believe that all doctors and medical students will use this as a precept, and it will absolutely eliminate such incidents.Of course, it is easy to prevent it. You only need to check the inspections step by step.When I wrote this, I thought that some people thought there were more than many inspections of the current doctors.In fact, this is normal, because the doctor is a very special job, and if you are not careful, you will misdiagnose or missed diagnosis.In the face of a sudden menopausal woman, no one has been determined what she is going on without a complete inspection.

Uncle Zhao Benshan is still more popular, which can be seen from the honorary title of his sketch king.I do n’t know that the uncle knows the word “fake pregnancy” in advance, but it reflects this reason from his TV, which really reminds me of the experience of reading.

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