Women’s Day science, Wan Jian is worn?What about female breast pain?Here I will give you a satisfactory answer

Temporary breast pain caused by women due to their own physiological changes, known as "physiological breast pain" in medicine. The following are the following:

Breast pain in adolescence occurs mostly in the age of 9 to 13.First, the nipples are bulging, and the breast tissue under the nipples appears in the size of the bulbs -sized ball -shaped hardships, accompanied by slight pain.After the women’s first tide, it usually disappears with the maturity of the breasts, without special treatment.

After the preliminary breast pain, many women’s menstruation before the tide of tendon pain, and the light is full of breasts, hardness, and tenderness.more obvious.This is due to the increase in estrogen levels in the front body, hyperplasia of breast, and tissue edema in the breast.The level of estrogen after menstruation decreases, and breast tenderness will disappear.

Breast pain during pregnancy, some women have been pregnant for a month or two, because the placental choric membrane secretes a large amount of estrogen and progesterone, the breast hyperplasia, and the breasts increase, and breast tenderness and discomfort occurs.This kind of pain is generally not treated, and it can disappear by itself.

Postpartum breast pain, 3 to 7D postpartum often occurs with full breasts, hardships, and pain.This is caused by breast lymphatic retention and poor venous catheter.After the milk secretion is smooth, the pain can be faded.Therefore, women should breastfeed and attract as soon as possible.

OOXX’s breast pain after life should be said that the uncomfortable OOXX life can cause breast tenderness in some women.Therefore, both husband and wife should pay attention to cultivating good OOXX living habits.OOXX should be carried out when the mental state and systemic conditions are better, and relaxes the mental relaxation to eliminate tension and fear, and movement should be slow and soft.

After the abortion, breast tenderness, some women can have breast tenderness after abortion, which can touch the mass. This is due to sudden interruption of pregnancy and the rapid decline in hormone levels in the body, causing the newly proliferated breast tissue to stop growing.


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