Women’s essential oil massage relaxes and reaches a large piece of rash expert

Citizens are doing essential oil massage

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Essential oil massage beauty has become a new way of lunch break in many office workers -go to the essential oil shop or cosmetic institution at noon, massage the face or make the essential oil SPA with essential oils, which can sleep comfortably and beauty.However, recently, the website of the Hubei Provincial Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau announced 8 batches of unqualified cosmetics, including a nutritional soothing essential oil (including disabled ingredients).Jimu Journalists visited and learned that many patients who visited Jiangcheng Hospital each year due to the skin problems due to essential oil massage. To this end, experts reminded that the quality of essential oils on the market is not good, and some may add some disabled components;Some of the substances that may also cause skin allergies or light -sensitive damage, and citizens should be cautious when choosing.

After finishing the essential oil

Robe on the back of the woman

The 26 -year -old Wang Qi (pseudonym) usually work in desk, and her neck shoulder discomfort has become more and more serious recently. Colleagues asked her to relax at the beauty salon near the unit at noon.It was recommended that Wang Qi made a essential oil push back and massage. At that time, he felt very comfortable. He felt itchy on his back in the afternoon. He endured the mirror inspection of the mirror after getting home from work, and found a large piece of rash on his back.She took a bath and wiped some pills. She still did not stop itching all night. Early the next morning, she quickly went to the dermatology department of Wuhan First Hospital.

After inquiring and inspection by the dermatologist deputy chief physician Wu Juan, he found that the boundary of the rash on Wang Qi’s back and the normal skin was clear. I learned that she had done essential oil massage the day before. She diagnosed her contact dermatitis.It may be some kind of substance in essential oils.At Wu Juan’s suggestion, Wang Qi applied a moisturizing agent, and after a few days after the rash disappeared, he came to the doctor.After the spots, the doctor found that Wang Qi was allergic to a fragrance -alcohol alcohol hydrogen peroxide.

Essential oil massage is heated

Good and bad is difficult to distinguish

Cai Xiang, chief physician of the dermatology department of Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Wu Juan, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of Wuhan First Hospital, said that they can take 20 or 30 female patients who use the use of essential oil allergies every year.Essence

Recently, Jimu Journalists interviewed in many places in Wuchang District, Hongshan District, Jiang’an District, Wuhan City, and found that there are many sought -after people with essential oil massage, but the quality of essential oils is uneven and difficult to distinguish.In a health museum in Hongshan District, the staff took out the essential oils such as lavender, roses and other flavors. They were full of small discs. When the reporter asked what brand and whether it was formal, the staff only said that this was compound essential oil. They were regular manufacturers.The other parts of the production have not been carefully said, and the outer packaging of essential oils has not been displayed.After finishing the essential oil massage, the reporter felt itchy on his back, and the staff said that it was normal, and also emphasized that essential oil massage and dampness and detoxification effects were good.

In a essential oil store in Wuchang District, the staff introduced that the store has both unilateral essential oils and compound essential oils. They are pure natural and absolutely safe.Unilateral essential oil needs to be mixed in a certain proportion of basic oil; compound essential oil is adjusted and can be used directly.Many customers have corresponding essential oils to massage their belly, chest, face, head, etc.Someone came to make essential oil massage at noon, and the lunch break was beautiful; there was a tired shopping, and a essential oil massage took a break.

The reporter found that the essential oil was produced by a company in Guangzhou.The reporter proposed the essential oil scalp massage. The staff introduced the essential oil to contain rosemary, ginger, lavender aroma, which can prevent hair and can produce hair and relax.However, during the massage, the reporter smelled the smell of leather in the essential oil, and some pungent, but the staff said that it was a normal essential oil flavor.

The reporter found that the staff of these two stores did not allow customers to conduct small -area allergic tests behind their wrists or ears, but performed essential oil massage directly.

Existing health risk

Citizens need to be careful

What do professionals think about essential oil massage?Wu Juan, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of Wuhan First Hospital, said that there are two types of allergies to essential oils: one is contact dermatitis caused by ordinary essential oil stimulation;dermatitis.Some people think that essential oils are plant extracts, and they are natural and safe, but they are not.Due to individual differences, some people are easily allergic to certain ingredients.The ingredients that are not compliant are complicated, and allergens are more complicated. Therefore, citizens should use it with caution and do skin tests before use.There are allergic constitution people with allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis, especially with caution.

Huang Yanhui, chief physician of the Gynecological Hospital of Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, also said that consumers should choose essential oils and regular brands of essential oils as much as possible.Menopausal women should not supplement estrogen at will, or send ovarian uterine maintenance in non -medical institutions. If the symptoms of menopause are severe, it is recommended to take a doctor in time and follow the doctor’s advice.

Cai Xiang, the attending physician of the dermatology department of Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, also reminded that trying to choose big brands and good quality essential oils. Before use, it is best to do a simple test on the inside of the forearm and the inside of the large arm.Scope use.Human constitution is also changing. Under the circumstances of poor menstruation, fatigue, stress, etc., it is easy to cause allergies. Severe allergies may affect life. We must seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying the disease.

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