Women’s pregnancy is called Six Jia, why is it called Liuga?

There are many ways to get pregnant for women.Like us, many years ago, it was called "Kaishi", that is, laughed and laughed; others were simply called "pregnant."Call the woman’s pregnancy as "in the six".

Film and television drama ancient pregnant women image

According to the statement of Liujia, there are several ways:

Tiantuki and earth branches are matched to calculate the days.Now, there are: Sixty -one Azi, in the year of Jiazi, a boy’s family must set up three and six -bed quilts.From the year of Jiazi to Jiazi, it is just sixty years.In the middle is Jiayin, Jiachen, Jiawu, Jiashen, Jiayu.

Gang the Taoist drove the gods of the evil ghost.When Taoist priest practiced, Liuding Liujia was a general, and the Taoist priests were assigned to drive away and capture evil spirits.Six Ding Shen is the god of Yin, for women: Ding Yan, Ding Yan, Ding Wei, Ding Yan, Ding Hai, Ding Chou; the six gods are Yangshen, as men: Jiazi, Jiayu, Jiashen, Jiawu, Jiachen, Jiachen, Jia Yin.

Six Ding Liujia God General

The above two statements are more circulated in the people, and young people also understand a little from film and television dramas.In addition, there are some turtles of the six turtles, tails, limbs; Fang Shu and other claims, these two claims are not known to the people.

From the above, we know that the Six Jiajia is Yang Shen, referring to men.This is to explain why women are pregnant with six.

"Surprise of the first shot of the case. Zhang Yuanwai Fai Fan Xunzi Bao Long Tuzhi Earn Earnings Earnings" (Vol. 33): "The marriage has not been married for a long time, and she is pregnant with the six armor, and the anniversary, and gave birth to a son."

As one of the founders of Chinese modern drama, Hong Shen wrote in the first act of his drama "Sweet Rice": "But this grandson’s" bride "is now pregnant with six, and it will soon be added again."

It seems that it should be a boy

see it?Not only ancient literary works, but also modern literary works. As long as the woman is pregnant with the six, it must be a boy.

This can also be from "Hanshu · Lulin Zhi": "Therefore, there are six in the day, there are five sons, the way of eleven and the heavens and the earth is over, and the words are ended."For thousands of years, people have always had the custom that only boys can pass incense.

It turns out that the woman’s pregnancy is called "in the six", which is a Geely, saying that it must be a boy who is pregnant.Now, do n’t there be some women, because they have a son and treat themselves as a man with a good family?

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