Wushu school flowers are exposed to unmarried first pregnancy?22 weeks pregnant, the child’s father is Zhang Yujian

Since ancient times, married and having children have been a major event in life.It is believed that marriage and regeneration first are common sense.But in today’s society, it is not surprising to get married first.This is nothing new in the entertainment industry.Many stars are not surprised first.

Recently, Wu Qian has given birth to a child, but the news has not been confirmed.It is reported that Zhang Yujian accompanied Wu Qian to perform a checkup, and Wu Qian was 22 weeks pregnant.Has the previous screen lovers really be together in real life?When did Wu Qian fall in love with Zhang Yujian?When did you get married?Why do you want children?I believe that many netizens have begun to think that they are Zhou Zhennan.

Wu Qian, studying at the Department of Art of Wuhan University, has a sweet face and is also a bully in everyone’s eyes.In college, she signed a contract with a film and television company.The road of development is infinite.Later, she also participated in repertoires such as "Why Sheng Xiao Mu" and "Choose Heaven".Wu Qian not only looks good, but also has a well -known acting skills.Wu Qian cooperated with star actors such as Wu Shixun, Jing Bairan, Huang Zitao.These actors can be said to be the male god in the hearts of the star girl, so Wu Qian was called the male god harvester by netizens.

Later, Zhao Qiaoyi, the heroine of Wu Qian’s youth drama "I Like You", began to become popular, and met Zhang Yujian, the actor of the play.The novel "I don’t like this world, I only like you" that adapted from the play is very attractive to the people who have watched it.How many people yearn for the love story of Qiao Yi and F Jun. After the broadcast of "I only like you", people were soon attracted by Qiao Yi and Yan Mo’s love.The sweetness, as well as the actor in reality, and even Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian are no exception.It can be seen that netizens have a strong ability to eat melon.

In life, they are a pair.Wu Qian just gave birth to a child, and his father was Zhang Yujian.Is CP netizens on the screen really hoeing?Some people saw Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian hug at the hotel, and some said they met their parents at the airport.Since I met my parents, is this really close to good things?Does Qiao Yi and F Jun really happen to Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian?Can netizens defeat the true melon and get what they want?

Is it the first time that the flower school flower is pregnant?She was 22 weeks pregnant, and her father was Zhang Yujian.Anyway, as a netizen, she should be treated rationally.After all, this is a matter of others.If she really likes these two stars, we should give her sincere blessings.Think of Zhang Yujian, 30, 28 -year -old Wu Qian, a handsome boy, a sweet and charming girl, and handsome is the perfect match.If not, let’s eat melon.After all, there are many news in the entertainment industry.

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