Xiamen’s first meal

The son’s recruitment test was over. When the results did not come out, the world was temporarily peaceful. Bring him, oh, did not accompany him, come out to play for two days.

He chose Xiamen.

Xiamen is Xiamen, I haven’t been here for more than 20 years.

Except for the plane late, there was no other problem, and An An steadily reached the hotel.

Ask him what he wants to eat, sand tea noodles, sea oysters fried.arrange.

Public comments found the top -ranking shop, which is not far from the hotel.

Xinzheng Airport confiscated my lighter. Xiamen Airport did not arrange to return it to me, so I had to go downstairs to find a fire first.

There is a small sales department next to the hotel. The old aunt warmly recommended a "sailing" cigarette, saying that it was released in the local area, a box of 35.I was very cautious to ask her other stores if it was the price. I was very sure that I was so good. Seeing her kindness, I asked me to eat litchi, saying that my own planted, I did n’t eat lychee, and I bought a pack of cigarettes.

The son woke up and set out to satisfy the stomach and tongue.I bought Aqionghai Oyster fried first. The boss heard that as long as she was packaged by single person, her face was very ugly.In Xiamen in 2000, leek frying oysters, this house is like garlic seedlings.After a few steps, I saw a brine shop, the color looked attractive, and I bought a little fat intestines to prepare for wine.When I arrived at the sand tea noodle net red shop, my son chose the classic sand tea noodles and Wuxiang rolls. I went to the next shop to buy a small bottle of white wine.In 2014, Special, plus a bottle of Qingdao white beer.

The sons of the sand tea noodle are not bad.As for me, I think the brine and fat intestines have the style of Chaoshan brine. They have slightly sweetness and are not greasy at all, suitable for wine.The four specials in 2014 are really not covered.If it wasn’t for the plane, I really wanted to buy everything in the store.

After eating, I turned around and returned to the hotel to let my son go upstairs first, to the seller, and the old aunt who was charming and beautiful.The old aunt does not change the color, saying that the quality is different.

I didn’t intend to make her refund the money, but I didn’t vomit and was uncomfortable.

Think about that you haven’t eaten any staple foods. In the alley next to the hotel, I asked a small bowl of flat food.The flat food in Zhengzhou is dumplings. Xiamen’s flat food is a ravioli. A small bowl, the quality is unexpected, with green onion oil, and the soup is fried onion.

The alley next to the hotel is the streets of food.Tell his son, hungry at night, ask him to eat lamb skewers.When I stepped on the point in advance, I saw the boss of the Uighur.

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