Xiao Dingquan, Prince of Crane Huahua Pavilion?Many details have been hinted

The "Crane Hua Ting Pavilion", who was abused all the way, was very easy to chase the end of the pain, but was defeated by this nonsense expression.Many people self -relieved that Xiao Dingquan and Lu Wenxi sent a full end of the landscape, with a complete ending.

But in fact, these details have long been doomed to the tone of tragedy. The final shots of Wang Weng, Gu Fengen, and Xu Changnian all implied Xiao Dingquan’s ending.

In this drama, Xiao Jian and Xiao Dingquan’s father and son are always playing. On the surface, the emperor is checking the storage of storage. In fact, it is a game behind the strength.Balance Gu Silin’s father and son, regardless of the truth of the family and son’s affection, maintaining the stability of Chaotang is the first priority.

In the final game of the emperor and the prince, it seemed that Gu Silin’s threat and the choice of Prince had won, but in fact, the dangerous foreshadowing had already been buried.

The rumored rebels and the old cases of the re -review of Lu Ying’s father and son were just attractives. After a long time, the emperor’s old affairs remembered that it was Gu Silin who hit the layman to fight.Xiao Dingquan, who rescued people, really fell into the trap again. In order to help him and Lu Wenxi, he tried to undertake all the crimes and insisted on not distinguishing.

At the critical moment of the emperor’s personal trial, Gu Silin rushed back and threatened Qi King and Emperor in words.Xiao Jian, who was holding the emperor, did not dare to take risks easily, but Xiao Dingquan, who was about to support his upper position, betrayed his uncle.

In a harmonious room, Xiao Jian burst into tears and taught the prince to order tea.It seemed to make up for his affection for his affection since childhood, but when the camera turned around, Xiao Dingquan wanted to persuade him to change his mind.Xiao Dingquan, who saw everything, poured tea in the tea bowl and left with a satire.

When Xiao Dingquan returned, he was ordered to return to the camp.The prince and the emperor gambled against the gambling, and the bets were the position of Chu Jun and the emperor’s king of Qi.

In the end, Xiao Dingquan was not given.The emperor blatantly apologized to the prince in the court, and gave him the permissions of the followers of Zhang Luzheng’s case. To put it bluntly, Xiao Dingquan replaced King Qi with his life.

It looks like the victory of the prince.But in fact, the crisis.

The biggest mistake of Xiao Dingquan is that there are too many hearts and concerns.He was cold, and he didn’t really get the reconciliation of his father and son.The moment Gu Jiajun laid the Changzhou, he also ushered in Gu Silin’s death. Even before he gave Gu Feng Enjun, it would be difficult for the resentment of the emperor’s heart.

Several details are enough to explain the problem.

First, when receiving the Changzhou Military News, the naive smile from the prince from the heart was in sharp contrast to the formal compassion of the emperor’s surface.

The second is that when the emperor only recognized the relatives and the prince’s private parts, he had never acknowledged that there was something unconcerned between the monarchs and ministers, but on the top of the court, he acknowledged the mistakes in front of King Qi in front of the world.For King Qi to bear it, Xiao Dingquan is destined to get it.So this also implies that Xiao Dingquan will not really win.When he was there, he couldn’t win, let alone Gu Silin died?

In addition, the details of several characters can also be confirmed from the side.

The first is that Wang Weng chased the pass to send a hand -warm stove to the prince. If he really just welcomed the puppet as simple as returning to the palace, Wang Weng did not need to leave the palace.

The second is Xu Changping’s disappearance and the confession of the sentence in the final shot.How are Xu Changping a sense of scent? He does not want to persuade the prince, but ended with a few attempts. Why is it unwilling to show up after the prince’s surface scenery on the surface of the prince?He didn’t want to come back, but he had no reason to show up when he saw it through and was unable to change.

Third, the "dishonesty" and compensation of Lu Wenxian’s unique phrase after pregnancy also implied that Xiao Dingquan’s ending would not be too good.

Fourth, Gu Fengen’s attitude towards Xiao Dingquan can also explain the problem from intimacy, tolerance to unreasonable reason.

From these six details, Xiao Dingquan’s ending must end in tragedy.Probably to warn the audience’s heart, the screenwriter and editing arranged several plots of "retribution" in the later period.Zhang Luzheng’s second daughter found Qi Wangfu alone after losing at home. King Qi and Queen Zhao were not allowed to say goodbye. On the surface, they were all princes’ victory, but compared with life and death and future, what did this loss count?Woolen cloth?

In private, the monarch who will not recognize the courtiers in private, how can it really be soft in front of the public, but it is just a disordered method. The so -called "retribution" is just a speech that comforts the audience.Don’t underestimate a man’s jealousy, and don’t despise the face of a king. Lu Wenxian can live as the gift of the ending. Xiao Dingquan has no reason not to be tragedy.Text/small flower granules

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