Xiao San was pregnant forced to the palace, and my husband also wanted to divorce. Can I still turn over?

My husband went to Yunnan for nearly a month this year. After returning, he often worked overtime.

No matter how much Julie trusted her husband, she noticed the abnormalities, and she hadn’t waited for Julie to understand.Xiao San came to the door.

Xiao San said that she was pregnant, and she had miscarriage twice for Julie’s husband before. This time, she could not have a miscarriage. She must be born.

Julie will never forget to look at Julie’s eyes with contempt. Each of Xiao San’s abuse, ridicule, and every time he tells men and her privacy, she is carved into Julie’s heart like a knife.

At the time, Julie felt that her stomach was stirred like a waves, and she couldn’t support it for a while, and she was fainted by Xiao Sanqi.


On the day of Julie’s discharge, her husband finally showed up and lowered her head and didn’t dare to speak.After returning home, Julie asked her husband what she thought, her husband seemed to make a big decision, gritted his teeth and said:

"The doctor said she could no longer have a miscarriage. This was the last child. So, we should not divorce. She is now out of trouble, and there will be no trouble in the future.

I am worried about what she is doing too much.I can’t hold you and my daughter in this life. I don’t want to do this either. I am not human!I can’t hold both sides!It’s me wrong!"

Speaking of her husband, he started to slap himself.Julie didn’t have the energy to argue with him, nor did he agree to divorce, so he said, "I’ll think again."

Her husband didn’t dare to ask more, cooking and washing clothes honestly, the phone rang several times, and did not dare to answer it.The daughter came back in the evening, and the family was cautiously ate. For a long time, the daughter finally couldn’t help asking: "Dad, do you really don’t want me?"

This question suddenly hooked up the grievances in Julie’s heart.All three shed tears.



Father, like son.Julie has now been beaten by a combination of men and Primary Three, and she is about to be on their way.

Let me analyze it, Julie’s current idea is:

① Little San Beautiful, old -fashioned, men of course like Primary Three.

② The man’s heart is in the third place, and he has no chance of winning, and forced to be unintentional.It is better to let the other party have a way.

Where do these ideas come from?Who made Julie think so?Do you think about whether Primary Three has been successfully brainwashed for Jiao San?


The third is young and beautiful, but you have the support of family, children, interests, and family.

Your main chips are not beautiful. You should compare each other’s short -term strengths with your long -lasting advantages, rather than compare the opponent’s strengths and your own disadvantages.

Besides, you just do not clean up the family, and you really focus on yourself, you may not have been good -looking.

Think about it, if you really have no strengths, men really don’t take you seriously.When people see ants, they will not pick up their weapons.


What is the purpose of Primary Three?Isn’t it after you divorced, can she be able to go up?

She was pregnant, she was anxious.So she just stimulates you.What is it difficult to say, Baba can’t sign a divorce agreement and leave quickly.

If you are impulsive, you will give you a brocade flag for your dedication.Think back, you and your husband for so many years of feelings, what your husband should be with you and your child, you should be clear in your heart.

Regardless of your love, you should always hold your head and make plans.Don’t be discouraged by Xiao San’s words, and you don’t have any thoughts.



Let’s talk about men. In fact, Julie’s husband can’t hide his mind. Every time he encounters things, his expression will change. Such a man generally has a thief without thief. When facing feelings, he is also a little cowardly.

The man begged Julie to divorce because he knew that he couldn’t face a large family, and he broke the jar.

He must not be able to let go of Julie and his daughter, but the young three things made like this, and the man was worried about his destiny when he returned home.In addition, he did feel guilty of Xiao San. The combination of these factors made men move "It’s all like this, that’s better to leave".

For this kind of man with a bit soft and waxy personality, you have a hard time, but he doesn’t know what to do?Instead, she wants to escape even more, so this time, Julie wants to save marriage and take Huairou as the main strategy.

After my guidance, the man really wanted to go home, and the strategies of the separated primary three were also successful.

In the end, the farce finally ended.

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