Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Market Supervision and Administration Bureau’s Consumption Tips on Honey Security

Xinjiang is known as the "Green Honey Studio in the West". Among them, Nalati black bee honey, Tangbla black honey, Xinyuan County Chao honey, Nilek black bee honey, Tax mountain nectar, wild mountain nectar,Hemu honey, etc. are unique to the local specialty, and are loved by consumers. So is your sweet "honey" right?

【The nutritional value of honey and honey】

Honey is the nectar, secretion or honey of the bee collecting plants. After mixing with its own secretions, the natural sweet substances that are fully brewed are composed of fructose and glucose and water.Vitamin, minerals, organic acids, polyphenols, enzymes and other biological active substances are favored by consumers because of their high nutritional value.The Autonomous Region Market Supervision and Administration Bureau reminds consumers to pay attention when choosing this sweet "honey":

[Be careful when buying honey]

(1) Look at the label logo: "Detailed Rules for Bee Product Production License (2022)" requires strict product formula management to prevent adulteration and doping.It is stipulated that companies produce honey, royal jelly (including royal jelly frozen products), and bee pollen shall not add any other substances.Therefore, if the label ingredient table contains any substances other than honey, buy it carefully.

(2) Smelling odor: Generally, honey odors are natural, with faint plant flavors, and adulterated honey such as sucrose is generally added without flower aroma, and smells of odor or sweet sugar.

(3) Look at the status: Honey is usually yellowish and white, soft in texture, strong feel, and not obvious grainy. It will be broken with your hands, the entrance is easy to melt, and the silk can be stretched when it is provoked.It is harder, the granules are obvious, and the melting speed is slower.

(4) Look at the price: The cost of adulteration honey is relatively low, and the price is relatively cheap. Try not to buy a lot of honey products that are lower than similar.

[Pay attention to eating honey]

(1) Pay attention to the brewing temperature: The common way of eating honey is to be directly consumed, add water, or eat with other foods.Drinking with water has the benefits of sweet but not greasy, easy to enter, but improper brewing conditions may destroy nutrients.Over the years, the research on the conditions of the suitable drinking of honey has been considered that the water temperature below 60 ° C is soaked to avoid the loss of thermal instability, such as enzymes, vitamins, polyphenols, etc., and the water temperature of 40-55 ° C is optimal.

(2) Fresh honey need to be cautious: unprocessed honey (raw honey), which has a high content of various microorganisms in it, especially sugar -resistant and yeast.It is best not to eat unprocessed honey.In addition, the raw honey after the autumn may also contain toxic substances, which should be avoided.

【Kind tips】

Although honey is good, it is not suitable for everyone. At present, the following three types of people are not suitable for consumption:

(1) Diabetic patients: honey is rich in monosaccharides such as glucose and fructose. Mono sugar can enter the blood directly without gastrointestinal digestion.Blood glucose has been controlled, and you can drink a small amount of honey under the guidance of a doctor to improve the nutritional state.

(2) Infant under one year of age: When the bee collects nectar, it will inevitably pick up toxic plants. In addition, the honey brewing and harvesting process will be easily contaminated by toxic germs. Due to poor infant resistance, gastrointestinal function is not complete yet soundIf you accidentally eat honey contaminated by Botox, it may cause food poisoning.

(3) Patients with liver cirrhosis: Hepatocytes have been severely damaged and liver function is poor during liver cirrhosis. If they drink honey rich in monosaccharides, they will increase liver fibrosis, but chronic hepatitis or liver function and other people will drinkHoney has the effect of preservation of the liver.

In the process of eating honey, consumers have the following symptoms: allergies, asthma, skin rash or dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, may also have symptoms such as irritability, irritability, and affect sleep.It may be caused by honey poisoning. You should go to the hospital in time, and please report to the health administrative department and market supervision department in the district in time. At the same time, the vomiting and excreta of the honey and poisoning personnel who cause poisoning should be retained, and the poisoning scene is protected.

If consumers find food safety issues or encounter consumer disputes, please call 12315 to report directly to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Market Supervision Administration

Supply unit: Food Safety Substitute Inspection and Monitoring Office of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision and Administration Bureau

Expert writer: Lococo Anyan (Shanghai) Standard Technology Service Co., Ltd.

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