Yang Qianyi was pregnant and found uterine fibroids. Doctors looking for children’s heads in a pile of fibroids make people feel distressed

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Many pregnant mothers have a birth check during pregnancy, and the doctor informed that there is fibroids in the uterus that appears, and it will pursue "I am usually healthy, how can there be uterine fibroids?" Then I began to worry that the fibroids would be worried that the fibroids would affect the fetus that the fetus would affect the fetus.Healthy development.

In fact, many women were found in uterine fibroids like this. In the show "Wife’s Romantic Travel", Yang Qianyi talked about her childbirth experience, saying that she was not very good.He hesitated, but he always gave up the child hard, so he decided to adventure.

When she had a baby ten months later, there were a lot of uterine fibroids in her uterus. The doctor could only cut away those "grape skewers -like fibroids" to find the child’s head. After finding, the doctor had to clamp the child with a clip.A large amount of bruises appeared on the child’s face.

Listening to her, she can be nervous and sweat. They all say "having a child is a ghost gate." It is really exaggerated. Almost every mother has a child with a story, or hard or dangerous!So every pair of mother and child/mother and daughter is the friendship of life and death!Like this situation, it’s really "gambling to give birth to baby"!

Many pregnant mothers have found that uterine fibroids are still worried about the health of the fetus, fearing that fibroids will grow up at the same time and squeeze the fetus at the same time.Is this worry necessary?

Many pregnant mothers are particularly worried when they hear "fibroids". In fact, this is one of the benign tumors commonly used in women. Its appearance may be related to the following reasons.

Hormone: Because the level of estrogen in fertility and pregnancy is rapidly rising, the level of estrogen levels will stimulate the growth of fibroids and may induce uterine fibroids.This is why women after pregnancy are prone to uterine fibroids.

Family inheritance: If the family has a history of uterine fibroids, the cells in the body are likely to mutations, and future generations of women can easily induce uterine fibroids.

Many women will ask: Since the formation of fibroids has a lot to do with pregnancy, what should I do if there is uterine fibroids during pregnancy, will it affect fetal development?

First of all, if women have uterine fibroids before pregnancy, they will affect conceives to a certain extent, which will affect the internal shape of the uterus and affect the fertilized egg bed. Therefore, they must be treated first before pregnancy.

If it is found during pregnancy, it will affect the endocrine of the pregnant mother, stimulate the uterus, and increase contractions, but don’t worry too much, communicate with the doctor in time, do a good job of check -up on time, and obey the doctor’s advice to respond.

Because it may continue to change with pregnancy and grow up. If it increases to a certain degree or displacement, it may cause oppression to the uterus, and it will even cause other serious complications. This situation needs to be timely.Treatment.

Listen to the doctor’s advice.

① It is not only a caesarean section.

Pregnant mothers should not blindly think that fibroids can affect the fetal delivery, but they can actually give birth, but they need to pay special attention to "fibroid rupture". In case of this situation, it will cause major bleeding, which is very dangerous after giving birth.

② These situations need to have a caesarean section.

If the fibroids are too large and the position is not good, it will affect the smooth delivery of the fetus, then you must listen to the doctor’s suggestion and take delivery in time in time.

③ Not all uterine fibroids can be removed during caesarean section.

Many pregnant mothers with uterine fibroids choose a caesarean section:: When a caesarean section surgery, the fibroids can be removed one by one. In fact, it is not that simple.Maybe, in severe life, do not blindly ask doctors to obey the advice of doctors.

Many pregnant mothers have found that uterine fibroids will be unhappy all day long, and it will become a burden in her heart. It is still recommended that pregnant mothers not have too much psychological burden, because with the end of pregnancy, hormone levels decline, and most uterine fibroids will also be.Disappearing by itself will not affect the health of pregnant mothers, nor will it affect the baby’s arrival.

Instead, maintaining optimistic and happy emotions and states during pregnancy is more conducive to the healthy development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers should face as optimistic as possible, regular monitoring, and obey the doctor’s advice correctly.

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