Yao Chen’s fitness photo during pregnancy, the question is: Will this "move the tire"?

Recently, photos of the actresses in the entertainment industry are popular during pregnancy. For example, Yao Chen, who was 7 months pregnant, shared a group of photos of her yoga under the guidance of the coach. Chen Yanxi also took photos of swimming photos during pregnancy.For a while, the comments on the Internet came like a tide, and everyone expressed their opinions. Some said that the fetus in the abdomen was worried and thought that such a "big movement" would "move the tire"; while some netizens thought that pregnant women should stretch more tendons and bones, Exercise more, so as to help delivery.

So, can pregnant women exercise during pregnancy?How should I exercise safely?

In fact, exercise and quietness are healthy lifestyles for pregnant women. The key is to grasp the "degree" of exercise and movement.Moderate exercise can not only improve edema during pregnancy, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis to prevent constipation, help to smooth the delivery, and it is easier to recover after giving birth.Of course, under the guidance of doctors and professionals during exercise, we must reasonably arrange exercise methods with different stages of pregnancy under the guidance of doctors and professionals.

In the early three months of pregnancy, it is best not to have fierce exercise, because at this time, the fetus is still in the embryo stage, and the bed is still unstable. At this time, the amount of exercise should be small, so as not to cause miscarriage. Tourism is a good choice.It is best not to do heavy physical work for female friends with repeated history.

By 3 months of pregnancy, at this time, the fetus was stable in bed and the placenta was formed. It is recommended that pregnant women can conduct yoga, swimming, and pregnant women’s fitness exercise according to their own situation.In particular, yoga can help exercise the pelvic pelvic floor muscle function of pregnant women, shorten the production process, improve the success rate of the output, and have certain benefits for postpartum recovery and postpartum depression.However, it is worth reminding that pregnant women should go to the water source cleaning pool when they choose swimming exercise to avoid infection with vaginal inflammation; they should not go to the swimming pool with more crowds to avoid being hit.

For 3 months in the third trimester, if excessive exercise may cause uterine contraction, resulting in problems such as premature birth.It is recommended that pregnant women should reduce exercise intensity, which is more suitable for walking.Walking can help the fetus into the pot, relax the pelvic ligament, and prepare for childbirth.

For "special" pregnant women, choosing exercise should vary from person to person and treat them differently.For example, pregnant women with diabetes should eat before exercise, and can only be exercised in a gradual and gradual amount of exercise after half an hour; pregnant women with hypertension should appropriately reduce the amount of exercise. Pay attention to monitoring blood pressure and heart rate during exercise.Conditions can be monitored by fetal heart; pregnant women with habitual abortion should rest in bed in the early stages of pregnancy.Premature signs and pregnant women with a history of premature birth should be based on resting rest in the third trimester.

It is worth noting that during exercise, if vaginal bleeding, hidden abdomen pain, dizziness, decreased fetal movement, etc. during exercise or decreased fetal movement, or continuous constitutional contraction, exercise should be stopped and will be closer as soon as possible.

│ Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Third Hospital of Changsha City-Ling Wen/Wen, Dai Jing/Organization, Yan Qing/Editor

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