Yin Chao shows that infertility powder seals in the uterine position are pregnant after turning the white board!

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The post -80s daughter, who has been in infertility for two years, has studied the experience of Baoma on the Internet this year, learned to use ovulation test strips to master the temperature monitoring of body temperature.

Ovulation monitoring in April this year, my psychology is very conflict, and I feel uncomfortable every time I do it, but I also know that such a mood will definitely affect pregnancy. Later, I did not insist on Yin Super.Because the ovulation test strip has never been a whiteboard, faint fans have always existed, and they do not know if they have problems with ovulation.But the body temperature is normal worthwhile.

Brown sugar ginger tea, black soy milk, running, rope skipping … piles of test strips, the sisters who have experienced the bitterness of them know, I won’t say it here.

In July, my mother -in -law made me check the falling tube every day, but I felt that I had no problem, but I didn’t want to go.Change the way in July -easy to prepare for pregnancy, completely relaxed, so it was only a day before the ovulation, and the body temperature was measured. Test paper was tested at 10 o’clock in the evening.Almost whiteboard, very excited. After all, this was the first time I saw the whiteboard, so I had a room in the same room that night, and there was no arrangement a few days later.

The body temperature and the previous measurement of the test this time are very different. The 11th and 12th are 36.3 °, the number 13 rose to 36.6 ° to 0.3 °, and returned to 36.4 ° on the 14th.EssenceThe body temperature of the mobile phone reminds the ovulation on the 14th, thinking that this month is not played.

On the evening of the 23rd, I dreamed of the old classmate. I didn’t contact it for a long time. After I woke up, I passed the phone to greet the recent situation.Suddenly he was ecstatic. Isn’t it possible to get pregnant?Hurry up and test the test strip. When I saw a faint powder mark, I was so excited that her husband was very excited.

However, the feeling of menstruation is very strong. Worried about this fraud, no one told the news. The next day was tested, the color was not deepened. I was particularly worried about this biochemical.time.Also, such a short time with blood, the value is not good for psychology.Time is too short to draw the blood value, and it is even more scared. After a day, I tested it again. The color was finally deepened.Attachment.

Also, in July, there was nothing to think of the Guanyin Bodhisattva, I couldn’t sleep, and I woke up and thought. You can try it.

I wish my sisters a good pregnancy!

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