You can also judge boys and women when you are pregnant. Can the mothers believe it?

Many women will have backache in the early stages of pregnancy. When a friend was pregnant, her mother -in -law kept asking her specific situation of backache. My friend still wondered that a backache was so detailed that she couldn’t understand her mother -in -law?Later, my mother -in -law told my friends that she could see whether there was a male or female baby in the future.So is my friend’s mother -in -law said that this view is really related to having a boy and a girl?So what is the reason for pregnant women?

Regarding the backache to see men and women

In order to know the accuracy of this point of view, I asked my professional friend. My friend told me that after pregnancy, the female hormone level and other reactions will indeed be different because of the girl and the girl in the body.Some reactions.Regarding the lumbar sore looking at men and women, there are indeed such legends in the people, but from a medical perspective, this is completely supported by viewpoints.Therefore, my friend’s mother -in -law’s statement is incorrect, and pregnant women have nothing to do with giving birth to boys and women.

So what are the reasons for pregnant women?

1. Physiological reasons

After pregnant women are pregnant, as the fetus increases and the weight of amniotic fluid, coupled with her constant tonic and activities as much as before pregnancy, the weight of pregnant women will increase significantly.It will double, and the enlarged uterus will also strengthen the nerves that are compressed to the lumbar spine, and backache and back pain will occur.

2. Too tired

After pregnancy, if the pregnant woman stands for a long time or is too tired, it will also make the body unbearable, and there will be back pain with back pain.

3. Bad living habits

If Baoma has backache and back pain in daily life, to see if she has incorrect sitting positions and sleeping positions, so that she has a heavier burden on her lumbar spine?These bad habits can also cause backache and back pain.

4. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is that the embryo does not bed in the uterus. The symptoms of early ectopic pregnancy can cause the backache of the pregnant woman. If this backache does not ease after rest, then you must go to the hospital for examination to eliminate it to avoid greater damage to yourself.

If pregnant women have backache, they can rest more and tired, eat some nutritious foods for nutritional nerves, or find professional people to massage themselves to relieve pain.Avoid greater damage.

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