You can also maintain a sense of girl during pregnancy!It is recognized that the pre -pregnancy cosmetics invested, and the popularity is good.

Who is pregnant and is willing to keep a plain face?

Anyway, I don’t want to!

At 5W

At 27w pregnancy

This is what I look like during pregnancy. The mothers around me are asking how to maintain so well during pregnancy.

After pregnancy, the hormones of our bodies are disrupted, and the skin is vulnerable to it. The face will inevitably become dark yellow, the pores of acne are large, and even the pregnancy spots will be president.With such a face and a peers, I was in a real mood.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceVery bad, especially during pregnancy, emotional is unstable.

And if the cosmetics during pregnancy are selected, it can also achieve the effect of "skin nourishing" and "anti -pregnancy spots", that is, it can be beautiful and have a happy mood. Why not do it!

Of course, although most of the cosmetics that meet national standards are safe, due to the unstable skin condition during pregnancy, some ingredients still need to be avoided, as follows.

Well, don’t talk about other nonsense, directly give everyone the inventory of cosmetics during pregnancy.

Fangke Sun -Sun

The weather is hot, and the sun protection must be kept up. If you do not pay attention to sun protection during pregnancy, it is easy to grow spots, but in order to consider, first use pure physical sunscreen.

It is a pure physical sunscreen, the sun protection index SPF50+, which is enough as daily commuting.The ingredients are also mild, without irritating ingredients, no alcoholic, and sensitive muscles are also used with confidence.

The texture of the white modified liquid is quite good, not oily or boring, and has the effect of brightening. When I do n’t make up, I use it as a pre -makeup milk. It is not white!

The texture is very refreshing. There is no floating oil on the upper face.The film is fast, and there is no rubbing mud when applying it. The overall use is not bad.

Nenfu air cushion

Nenfu is a German professional pregnancy/baby skin care brand. It is developed and developed by multiple maternity and infant laboratories. It has 15 non -additives such as alcohol -free and fragrance.Intersection

I really did not expect that the air cushion used during pregnancy can actually moisturize and nourish skin!More than 80%of the added are moisturizing skin care ingredients such as hydraulic essence, pan gyms, and sodium hyaluronate.The makeup is very moist, the skin is very delicate, and it is very convincing on the face.

I am used to putting a good base makeup at a time, but the surroundings around my mouth are dull. I will apply a little around my mouth, and then put on makeup as a whole. The face and acne marks can be covered.White, basically no traces of makeup, very clean and natural.

There are also plant oils such as Cedak Clawlon, which nourish the skin from plant oils such as cypress oil, and enlighten the imported patented folic acid imported from the four countries. It is very mild.For pregnant mothers with unstable skin rotation during pregnancy, it is a blessing star.

There is no irritation of the fragrance, you can’t smell any aroma, the cost -effective is high, one formal dress+one replacement dress is equivalent to buying one get one free, really love ~

Ermu Grace Eye Pen

An independent designer’s make -up brand, covering makeup Beauty, Beauty Tools, and Preferred Life.

The core of the pen is very thin, and the eyebrow shape is easy to outline, it is easy to color, the painting is smooth, and there is no clump in the process of painting. Even the disabled party will not draw a crayons.

The only thing to pay attention is to be light, otherwise it is easy to break.

Youyi mascara

China minimalist naturalist beauty brand, minimalist design aesthetics with "black and white and gray" as its main color, integrates "natural science", creates natural native beauty, and makes women feel the charm and beauty of naturalist beauty.

This mascara is really good to brush, the smoothness is very good, it will not become flies legs after brushing, and waterproof and sweat and sweat, it will not become panda eyes when going out in summer.

One hundred pieces can be used for a long time, and the cost performance is quite high. Novice Xiaobai recommends using the fine brush head, which is really easy to use ~

St. Roland lipstick

French luxury brands, lipsticks are one of the best makeup in color, and there must be no shortage of pregnancy during pregnancy, but this kind of entrance needs to be carefully selected.Choose ingredients safely, lipstick with no stimulating ingredients.

The most commonly used color is the 28th color. It is really white and beautiful, sweet carrot color, matte+carrot brick red.Thin coating is the reducing element of the age, thick coating fried chicken, and the whole person feels brightened a few degrees, and does not pick skin tone at all, especially for the more "yellow" wheat skin tone like me.It will show black.

Givenchy Sanfan

Givenchy is a high -luxury fashion brand in France. The ingredients are safe and the powder is very delicate. After the qualitative, the delicate and slightly glittering feels. When there is sunlight, you can see the shining face.

After getting a good air cushion, press it with a puff with a puff on the face gently. The oil feeling on the face is gone. The oil control effect is extinct. The oil skin is absolutely love.

There is also the effect of brightening skin tone. The fatigue on the face during pregnancy can be modified very well, and makeup is also very good.

Attenir plant anti -aging cleansing oil

The famous Japanese cosmetics brand has always adhered to the concept of "safe, natural, and efficient" since its establishment.

Good makeup remover is the first step in maintenance!The texture is very refreshing. You can remove the entire face by pressing two or three pumps, and it is not greasy at all.

In addition to the more difficult to remove the eye makeup and lip makeup, it is appropriate to rub the daily makeup for a while.

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