You can see if you are pregnant without test strips!There are 4 kinds of changes in the body, and you may conceive

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Although many people are unwilling to have a second child, many people have been preparing for pregnancy but have not succeeded. Recently, Dad Luo has a friend. He has just been married for half a year. He has been preparing for pregnancy since marriage.Let Dad Luo help to introduce the specialist who knows, ready to check it.

Of course, Dad Luo was incomparable about this kind of thing, so he introduced it, but he said that Dad Luo said that this seems to be a little anxious to get married for half a year, and some have waited for several years to really be pregnant.But if you are also preparing for pregnancy, then Dad Luo will share a little knowledge that I have learned from the doctor and friends recently. If you have these 4 changes in your body, then congratulations, maybe you are already pregnant with your baby.Need test strips.

1. Basic body temperature changes

If you are preparing for pregnancy, you usually test your basic body temperature when you get up every morning, and then you can compare it. Generally, when your base temperature is relatively reduced than the original, it will usually be about 0.4-0.5 degrees.This is likely to be pregnant with a baby. At this time, you will start doing further confirmation. You can confirm the pregnancy test stick.

2. Different chests

For women in pregnancy, if there are some strange changes in the chest, it may also be pregnant, such as feeling swollen in the chest, or there is some tingling sensation, which is caused by the changes in the body’s hormones.So if you are preparing for pregnancy and feel that there are some abnormalities in your chest, you can also confirm it further.

3. frequent urination

Pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy know that since pregnancy, frequent urination will occur, and they will always want to go to the toilet. This is also a physiological reaction of hormone changes in the body. Of course, many people do not know.After conception, you will be accompanied, so if you are preparing for pregnancy, you can pay a little attention to whether you have frequent urination recently.

4. The phenomenon of "seeing red" appears

Of course, this kind of "seeing red" is not actually a "big aunt", because this is just a small amount of redness, and there will be a symptom of small abdominal spasm. Some women will occur after conception.When this phenomenon occurs, it may be pregnant.

In fact, if women are new to pregnancy, there are generally some physiological phenomena. Of course, these 4 physiological phenomena that Dad Luo said is known by doctors and friends. I believe there may be many different phenomena. Through these phenomenaDetermining whether you are pregnant, you don’t need to test the pregnancy stick. If you are a mother, you can leave a message and share some of the couples who are preparing for pregnancy!

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