You can’t do breastpasses when you are pregnant.

For the first time in Yu Qiuping’s life, the "government" brought the "government" to court.

She thought that on the day of the trial, she could wait for a result, but the case was waiting.

On December 11, 2020, Yu Qiuping sued the administrative disputes between the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau of Henan Province, Henan Province, and the Cultural and Education Sports Health Bureau.

Yuanyang County People’s Court

The reason is that Yu Qiuping participated in the public recruitment test of the second batch of primary and secondary schools and kindergarten teachers in the 2019 of the Xinxiang Plain Demonstration Zone in July 2019.After inspection by written test and interview, Yu Qiuping took the second place in the written test and the first place in the interview.

During the medical examination, because she was pregnant for 6 months at the time, the hospital was not allowed to do chest permeability (X -ray chest perspective) examination, but the recruiters and hospitals said that this would not affect the results of the medical examination.Afterwards, the Plain Demonstration Zone Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau could not prepare a complete medical examination report on the grounds that Yu Qiuping did not have a thoracic examination, which led to the re -recording of unqualified medical examinations.

A pregnant woman did a flow of people in order to replenish her chest through

She was in a dilemma, she did not do chest transparency, did not qualify for medical examinations, did chest transparency, and harmed unborn children.

After the incident, she had found the Women’s Federation, also left a message on the leadership message board, and even went to the leadership of the Cultural and Education Sports Health Bureau to "seeks", but the responses they got was: the complete medical reports were not prepared within the prescribed period, it was deemed to be a medical examination.Not qualified.

But Yu Qiuping asked for a lap, and no one knew that this prescribed time limit was a few days.

On November 2, 2020, Yu Qiuping, who gave birth to a child, went to the court to sue, asking the recruiter to cancel the decision that he did not be hired and reorganized.Because she thinks this is a naked discrimination against pregnant women.

At that time, there were more than Yu Qiuping who participated in the medical examination, but others chose to be silent.Even, in order to make up for all the reports, the two pregnant women that Yu Qiuping met had chosen abortion and caesarean section, respectively.

Some pregnant women have performed a chest thoracic examination after a cesarean section in advance

On December 11, the fog and haze of Yuanyang County were superimposed, and the entire county town was wrapped in a layer of gray, and the visibility was very low.At 8 o’clock in the morning, Yu Qiuping took her husband and father to the hotel to see two agent lawyers.

On the day of the trial, Yuanyang County County was shrouded in haze

Yu Qiuping’s husband asked the lawyer if he had any attention to court. The lawyer said that he should not be nervous. Yu Qiuping said, "I’m not nervous."

The trial started at 9 o’clock.After sitting on the plaintiff’s seat, Yu Qiuping, who was not nervous in front of the court, still unhappy."Ten minutes after the trial, the kind of tension slowly relieved." Yu Qiuping told Nanfeng Window reporter.

The picture shows Yu Qiuping (provided by the respondent)

During the trial, the defendant denied that the incident was the category of administrative litigation, but it should be a labor dispute. It was believed that the unsuccessful physical examination caused by the failure of the pregnancy was caused by Yu Qiuping’s own reasons, which had nothing to do with the recruiter.

Yu Qiuping did not understand this defense.The court has already started.And I did n’t have to go to the signing contract at all, where did I get a labor dispute?Her attorney Zhong Lan’an and Wang Hui also felt that this statement could not stand at all.

At the end of the trial, Yu Qiuping remembered the two questions raised by the Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau, one of the defendants.

The chief of the trial asked the Cultural and Education Sports Bureau, whether the recruitment was for the interests of the unit or the public interest. The lawyer said that this was not good to define, and the staff of the Cultural and Education Bureau said that "I can’t say this."

A light laughter came from the court.

The chief of the trial also asked if there were other pregnant women hired in this recruitment?The Culture and Education Sports Health Bureau first appeared, and was later asked by the judge, and said no.

Yu Qiuping remembered that on the day of the medical examination, there were nearly 10 pregnant women who did not do breast permeable.This means that the recruitment exclude all pregnant women.

The trial ended the court, but Yu Qiuping hoped that before the end of this year, there was a result.

Before participating in the second batch of primary and secondary schools and kindergarten teachers in the Plain Demonstration Zone in 2019, Yu Qiuping had been a teacher for 4 years.

She is a financial management major, but because she likes the profession of teachers, she goes to a private school in Zhengzhou after graduating in 2012.Three years later, she went back to Yuanyang County, hometown to become a primary school teacher.

Although the teacher’s salary is not high, Yu Qiuping has a sense of accomplishment every time he sees that students gain from themselves.She said that she was a teacher who was harsh in class, but in private with students who were very good.

Yu Qiuping’s teaching honor certificate obtained at school

Every time there are students in the class to participate in what happy events, they will secretly bring sugar back to her to eat. At that moment, she feels very happy.She also often brings things from home to the students, "Looking at them, I feel that they are happier than I have eaten it by myself."

In January 2019, Yu Qiuping saw the Plain Demonstration Zone (Xinxiang Plain Urban and Rural Integrated Demonstration Zone, established in February 2010, located on the north bank of the Yellow River, in the middle of Zhengzhou and Xinxiang City).It was the first batch of recruitment of the year.Because one of them was very close to home, she reported her name.

Yu Qiuping’s family belongs to Yuanyang County, but closer to the plain demonstration area from the distance.From home to the elementary school she taught, there are about 40 minutes of drive, and it takes only 10 minutes to go to the plain demonstration area.

But for the first time, she was inadequate, and the written test score was two or three points.

After a month, Yu Qiuping, 30, was pregnant.At that time, she began to consider the future life of a child.She wants to work closer to home, because that means that the child is more time to accompany after the birth.

In June 2019, the Plain Demonstration Zone issued the "Second Batch of Public Recruitment of Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten Teachers’ Announcement in 2019".

Yu Qiuping reported the first time after seeing it.Although the teachers who recruited this time did not have a career establishment, but the government purchased the service nature, she felt indifferent, as long as it was closer to home.

She secretly determined in her heart, "You must be admitted this time."

Because of the attention and less than two months of preparation time, Yu Qiuping had a serious study."Wake up every morning and write a text plan at night."

One month before the review, Yu Qiuping had to prepare lessons and classes every day. The review time was squeezed out and sacrificed sleeping time.Many nights, she reviewed at two or three o’clock in the room.

On July 27, the written test was conducted at the Foreign Language School of Plain.After the exam, Yu Qiuping felt good, "I should write it all." At 6 pm that day, the results came out.Because the post she reported only recruited one person, according to the one -to -three face -to -face ratio, only the top three were admitted to her face.

Yu Qiuping still remembered that when she checked her results, she was particularly nervous, "The heart is particularly embarrassed, and she is banging, and then she looks at the second place." She entered her face.

Subsequently, the interview list was announced, and the time was the next day.Yu Qiuping felt that this was too tight, there was no preparation time at all, and the tension hit again.That night, she pulled her brother to do analog interview at home and fell asleep until 2:30 in the morning.

At about 7 o’clock the next morning, Yu Qiuping rushed to the interview test room.She remembered that she was particularly hot that day, and went out in a skirt and sweated.

On August 1, the total score was announced.Yu Qiuping ranked first in the posts.Two days later, she submitted relevant information to the Plain Demonstration Zone for review.On August 5, the medical examination notice was released, Yu Qiuping was listed.At this time, Yu Qiuping’s heart had been put down, and she had never worried about the medical examination.

The medical examination time is set on August 7, and early in the morning, Yu Qiuping went to the Xinxiang Medical College Health Sports Center to line up.At that time, Yu Qiuping was half a year of pregnancy and was inconvenient to act.

Before the medical examination, Zhang Yuxia, staff member of the Cultural and Education Sports Health Bureau who led the team on the same day, sent a message in the WeChat group reminded: "Women must tell hospital staff during the medical examination during the medical examination."

On the day of the medical examination, the person who led the team reminded the pregnant woman to inform the medical staff during the physical examination

During the medical examination, a pregnant woman asked, "Will we not affect the admission without doing chest thoroughly?" Yu Qiuping couldn’t decide after hearing it, so he went to the medical platform to ask the nurse.Nurses told them that pregnant women’s chest transparency will affect their children’s development. As long as the pregnancy certificate can be provided, the results of the medical examination will not affect the results of the medical examination.

Yu Qiuping called her mother and asked her to take a picture of her four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound results in the hospital.After that, she printed out the color Doppler ultrasound results and clipped it to the medical examination. The medical staff told her that it was okay.

However, many pregnant women have not done such color Doppler ultrasound or pregnancy proof in advance. They are all done by the third affiliated hospital of Xinxiang Medical College next to the medical examination center that day.Zhang Peng’s wife Wang Hui is the case.

Like Yu Qiuping, she ranked first in her post.However, it was also rejected because she did not do a physical examination. Later, Zhang Peng made this encounter on Zhihu, and did not get much attention. There were only 21 comments below.Just suffer. "

After the trial on December 11, after Yu Qiuping, the reporter contacted Zhang Peng.He told reporters that because his family was too far away from the countryside, he was not assured that his wife who was 9 months pregnant ran away alone, so he accompanied him on the day of the medical examination.He still remembers that when the person who led the team asked for a pregnant woman at the time, everyone said that the recruiter was quite humane.

Later, it was learned that pregnant women had to submit a pregnancy certificate, and he took his wife to the hospital next to the hospital for a color Doppler ultrasound.When I finished the card, I was laughed at by the staff in the clinic lobby, but the pregnancy proof made them feel good.

After the proof passed, the medical staff told them that this was enough. The medical examination items were complete and would not affect the results.At the end of the entire medical examination, it was almost 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Zhang Peng saw that his wife with a big belly had tossed through the morning and was exhausted.

After the physical examination, Yu Qiuping and Zhang Peng were waiting for a joy.

But on August 13, they waited for a bad news.On the same day, Yu Qiuping and Zhang Peng received a call from the medical examination center, saying that they were unqualified due to the lack of medical examinations.

After hearing the news, the couple of Zhang Peng had a blank brain, and felt that all of this effort was in vain.After a while, they called the medical examination center to confirm that the same is the same as the call.Zhang Peng repeatedly asked, "The medical staff said that it was the Sports Inspection Center commissioned by the Cultural Education Bureau of Plain New District. The medical examination center had just begun to refuse, but the Cultural Education Bureau insisted on letting the medical examination center notify." Zhang Peng wrote in Zhihu.

When Yu Qiuping just heard the news, she didn’t believe this result, and then began to panic."Since the hospital notified me to do not do my chest, I would make up for it." Yu Qiuping told reporters that she and her husband ran to the medical examination center.After a few days they went, Yu Qiuping told the medical staff, "I write a guarantee for you", the hospital still refused.She thought at the time that she was relatively large in pregnancy, and wrapped a leading jacket would not cause any harm to the child when she was so threatened.

After the physical examination, the pregnant woman explained the person who did not do the chest through the physical examination.

After recalling with reporters after the trial, Yu Qiuping was afraid, "Think about it now, if the child really had something wrong, it was an irreversible loss." It was originally for the child to take the job.Work hurts children.

The Zhang Peng and his wife also ran to the hospital to make up their chests and were also rejected.Zhang Peng "Suddenly felt that this was like the arranged plot. The people above set up such a trap, watching these young pregnant women and female teachers who were involved in the world.People can’t be aware of the faintness. "He wrote in Zhihu.

The reporter checked the two public recruitment of teachers’ announcements and medical examination notices in 2019 in the Plain Demonstration Zone, and found some differences.

In the "Physical Examination and Inspection" section of the second recruitment announcement, a sentence that was not in the first announcement was added: "Candidates who cannot prepare a complete medical examination report within the prescribed period are deemed to be unqualified."In the physical examination notice of the second recruitment, the "pregnancy or possible surrogate person, inform the medical staff in advance, not to do X -ray examination in the first notice."

After the reimbursement was rejected, Yu Qiuping and Zhang Peng began to find the Women’s Federation and 12345, but the receipts were the same as the Cultural and Education Sports Health Bureau.After many reactions and complaints, Yu Qiuping intends to go to the leaders of the Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau to "plead".

On August 23, 2019, Yu Qiuping and another pregnant woman found the director Cao Aiying at the Cultural Education and Sports Health Bureau.In the dialogue recording obtained by the reporter, Yu Qiuping repeatedly explained to Director Cao that the hospital’s statement at the time of the hospital was not a subjective attitude.Director Cao said, "We ask for a complete physical examination report. As for what you can’t prepare complete, this is your own business, it has nothing to do with us."

The Education and Sports Bureau responded to that pregnant women were refused to be hired

During the conversation, Yu Qiuping mentioned that the bid issued by the medical examination announced that the medical examination referenced the relevant provisions of the civil servant’s medical examination, so pregnant women can delay the medical examination.Director Cao said, "You have not studied the first announcement (recruitment announcement), what do you study for the second time." In a half -hour conversation, Director Cao always stated in the recruitment announcement that "cannot preparate to prepare a complete medical report reportCandidates refused all the requests of Yu Qiuping’s request for the physical examination.

Yu Qiuping was helpless and asked Director Cao "this pregnant woman solved (chest permeability)".Director Cao replied: "I don’t know how your pregnant woman is solved. We have told everyone that if you are pregnant, you can study this thing clearly. You should not register when you are pregnant."

After the conversation, Director Cao directly pointed out with Yu Qiuping, "Now your needs are different from our work. You need family to have children, and we need teachers to class." Yu Qiuping said that he can go to work now.Before going to work, I was immediately gone. I should go to leave for maternity leave. What should our students do? "Director Cao asked her.

Finally, this time communication was unsuccessful.

Yu Qiuping’s message on the leadership message board and the government’s response

After finding a channel that can reflect and seek support, most pregnant women have given up hope.Zhang Peng’s wife went to work in a private school after giving birth to a child. Because of her busy vacation, she went home once every two weeks.Another pregnant woman was admitted to civil servants after childbirth, but she still couldn’t let go of this.

Zhang Peng also asked angrily in Zhihu, "If not, why not find a reason to make a reason to make trouble when the interview?"

Yu Qiuping is still in the original school. Although many people persuade her to forget this, she feels that she can’t swallow it.Later, through the media, she contacted the Beijing Jingshi Law Firm Zhong Lan’an and Lawyer Wang Hui. They supported her to safeguard her legitimate rights and interests through administrative lawsuits, because this behavior obviously violated the right to women’s equal employment.

On November 2, 2020, she and lawyer Wang Hui went to the Yuanyang County People’s Court to file a case. The staff said that they had never established such a case before and let them go back first. They need to discuss.After a while, the court called Yu Qiuping to chat.

The court accepts Yu Qiuping’s notice of litigation

After she went, the court staff advised her not to prosecute, and listed her adverse effects on her after the prosecution.But Yu Qiuping ignored the advice.

On November 20, the court finally accepted.

After the trial, Yu Qiuping pulled several other pregnant women at the time to a WeChat group.In the group, they asked, "What result is the trial today? Is the chance of victory? What can be the result of the lawsuit?"

On December 12, this incident was searched on Weibo.Someone sent a screenshot of the hot search in the group and followed the sentence, "Need us to come forward, let’s go together."

Picture source: Sina Video

(In the text, Yu Qiuping, Zhang Peng, Wang Hui are pseudonym)

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