You must learn in the middle and late pregnancy, 6 moves of massage, effectively eliminate edema, reduce back pain!

It began to be edema and back pain in the middle and late pregnancy.Do you know that massage during pregnancy can not only reduce physical pressure, but also effectively improve the symptoms of edema and back pain.Want to quickly reduce the discomfort, just do this with pregnant women’s massage experts!

Massage during pregnancy can not only reduce physical stress, effectively alleviate anxiety and anxiety, but also help eliminate edema and relieve back pain.Let’s try the home massage method of improving edema and back pain!

Prepare action before massage

Before massage, you should rub your hands or soak the hot water to warm your hands, and then wipe the essential oil or lotion on the palm of your palm. After you are stained with your palms, you can apply the essential oil / lotion to the massage site.

Experts remind: Chemical smells will affect embryonic development, and selection of essential oils must be based on the items of natural ingredients.If the essential oil is not safe, natural vegetable oil such as olive oil and almond oil is also a good choice.

During pregnancy, lower limb edema massage method

Step 1. The thumbs of the hands are close to the instep, and stripped from the center of the instep like peeling oranges.

Step 2. Hold the instep in one hand, and open the tiger’s mouth to stroke from the instep up to the knee.

Step 3. Draw both hands in Fushun’s ankles.

Step 4. Place both hands on the back and back, and gently stroke from the instep to the knee.

Step 5. Stretch the instep in one hand, slide from the ankle to the knee in one hand, and push it once on the inside and outside.

Step 6. Stop the heel in one hand and stroke from the ankle to the calf.

TIPS. The back of the heel and the ankle belongs to the reflection area of the reproductive system. Avoid excessive stimulation during massage; the sour parts can be relieved by multiple caretables to avoid single -point stimuli.

Suitable for essential oils: It is recommended to match grapefruit, cypress or geranium essential oil.Grapefruit is a mild diuretic, which can promote lymphatic circulation; cypress can balance body fluid distribution; geranium has the effect of promoting blood circulation.Silk and geranium are suitable for late pregnancy, and the concentration of essential oils must be controlled below 1%.

Back pain massage during pregnancy

Step 1. Step up together, slide from the sides of the spine to both sides of the body.

Step 2. Push on the side of the spine side to the side of the body, and do it once on the left and right.

Step 3. The four fingers are ticked together in the circular circle of the hip depression.

Step 4. The thumb of both hands pushes the small circle from the upper edge of the tail spine to the upper edge of the hip, and repeats 3 times from bottom to top.

TIPS. All movements are soft and relaxed for pregnant women; when pushing the sacral vertebrae, excessive stimulation should be avoided to avoid causing the omen.

Suitable for essential oils: It is recommended to match with orange blossoms, peaceful fragrance or Roman chamomile essential oil; orange blossoms can improve spasm; peaceful fragrance can promote blood circulation and eliminate tension; Roman chamomile can relax nerves and reduce pain.

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