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Summer is coming, and the season of crayfish with beer, do you know how to eat a crayfish correctly?Today, let’s get to know TA.


Coruscultus is known as the Kaishi raw, because it looks like a mini version of the seawater lobster and is breeding in freshwater, it is commonly known as freshwater crayfish, crayfish and Hong’ao shrimp.

Crayfish is the most widely distributed foreign invasion species in the crustaceans.Crayfish has formed an absolute competitive advantage in the local ecological environment due to its omnivorous, fast growth, and strong adaptability.Cracming was native to Louisiana, USA. During World War II, crayfish introduced from Japan to my country. Due to the ecological environment of our country, there was no natural enemy of crayfish, which made it a large number of reproduction. Common species in waters are the best time to prey on crayfish every summer.

01 How to eat crayfish correctly?

1. Divide and mother: Generally, the abdomen of the public shrimp has a harder calf, and the abdomen of the mother shrimp is not harder and the taste is more delicious.

2. Open the lid to look at the gills: judging that the dried shrimp is not clean, it depends on whether the gills of the shrimp are white enough.Because gills are the respiratory organs of crayfish, the impurities in the water must be filtered by gills.White means that this crayfish is cultivated in deep water lakes, and the black ones indicate that the water impurities of breeding lobster have more water impurities.

3. First leave the head and tail of the crayfish: the head can be abandoned, or eat the shrimp yellow in the appropriate season.Eating lobster is mainly to eat shrimp tails. Remove the shrimp line in the middle of the lobster tail and peel off the shrimp shell, and you can eat it.

Be sure to eat it safely ~

Shrimp gills are used to breathe, do not eat!

The shrimp line is the digestive tract of lobster and there are excretion. It is not recommended to eat it!

If you only eat shrimp tails, you can only keep the shrimp tail when cleaning ~

Lobster is easy to have parasites, to ensure cooked system ~

The head of lobster, try not to eat it!

Before cooking, you can remove shrimp heads and shrimp lines.When making crayfish, the cooking time is sufficient. Be sure to cook and cook.Usually cook at 100 ° C for at least 10 minutes, and you can determine whether the shrimp body color is consistent.It is best to cook and eat, try not to overnight.The cooked crayfish is not eaten on the same day. After draining the water, put it in a fresh -keeping bag, put it in the freezer of the refrigerator, and eat it as soon as possible.

A variety of delicious crayfish ~

Based on the consumption preferences of crayfish in the past, the spicy flavor is an absolute giant. The taste of garlic and thirteen incense follows closely. Of course, there are new flavors such as steaming, ice, salted egg yolk, sauerkraut, and savory …

In addition, the consumption of "derivatives" of crayfish has also increased significantly, appearing in the dishes such as pouring rice, pizza, Japanese simplified meals, and gangsters.Crayfish’s quick -frozen products have also increased significantly, including quick -frozen lobster, frozen shrimp tails, quick -frozen shrimp kernels, "frozen boiled yellow crayfish" and "frozen boiled soup (matching) whole crayfish", lobster ball balls, etc.

02 How to buy lobster correctly?

1. Smell the smell.Corusculting that grows in a good environment (waters) has a natural shrimp fishy smell, without corruption and other odors.

2. Look at the appearance.The fresh crayfish is bright and full, the shell is clean, the color is uniform, the shrimp head is tightly connected, and the tail is bent and powerful.

3. Judging vitality.Fresh crayfish limbs are complete and agile.If the outside object is close to the front of the crayfish, its chelated feet will open their teeth and dance claws, indicating that the vitality is very strong.

03 Dinner reminder

Choosing a "smiley" catering unit with a high level of food business license and a higher level of food service is safe.At the same time, it is recommended that consumers do not choose to eat at the open -air stall on the roadside to prevent food safety accidents.When going out for meals, if you encounter a strong smell, straight shrimp development, straight body, soft and unparalleled body, deeper muscle color, and more sticky substances in the shell body, it is likely to be made of dead shrimp or spoiled shrimp making, Refuse to eat.

If you encounter food safety problems, please call 12315 in time ~

The above content is provided by Nanjing University of Technology (National Light Industry Food Quality Supervision and Testing Nanjing Station).

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