You need to learn about these children to build a file

June 6, 2021 is a Sunday. It is a very special day for me. Today is the third anniversary of my marriage. Today is also the day when I upgrade to be a father.

In addition to joy, the two of us as a novice Xiaobai knew nothing about the next process and the required materials, and we could only search and call for consultation one by one.

In the future, there are indeed some places in the entire process of having children to step on the pits. If you do not figure out the details in advance, it may cause losses to waste the time of adults and children.So I want to go or want to remind every step from the perspective of Bao Da to remind me what to do. Next, I will introduce what I need to do at each stage through several articles.To make a summary.

PS: The content of the article is its own real experience, and the view also represents personal opinions.If you have different opinions and opinions, please leave a message to correct and discuss.

Overall process: Pregnancy-> Find a hospital to build files-> Monthly go to the construction of hospitals on time on time-> Hospital production (accompaniment)-> Dis-discharge settlement (medical insurance)-> Newborn settlement-> Newborn Social Security-> Newborn Vaccine (NewbornIt has nothing to do with the first two)

Let’s talk about the process of building files first. If you are interested, you can pay attention first. The subsequent process will introduce in the subsequent articles.

Basic process of archives:

Check pregnancy (B-ultrasound proof)-> Community registration (receiving mother and child health manual)-> Hospital hanging production department check-> archive

Step 1: Pregnancy B ultrasound

The result of medical B -ultrasound is required to prove the fact of pregnancy (the conclusion of your own pregnancy test stick at home cannot be used as a basis for pregnancy), which is the basis of the next process.

Pittering point: B -ultrasound in Beijing’s outpatient clinic generally needs to be queued. My personal experience is generally from 1 week.Therefore, you need to arrange the time and check the hospital in advance.

Step 2: Apply for mother and child health manual

Note: Delivery: The community hospital of the place where the residence is located: After 6 weeks of pregnancy, you can go to handle (generally found that pregnancy is almost this time point, the calculation time of the gestational week is calculated from the end of the last menstruation):(The following is the requirements of my community hospital where my community hospitals, and different communities may be different, based on the local community consultation situation.) The hukou book: a local resident account book with a local residence, a pregnant woman account book+residence permit for foreign accounts (different communities (different communities (different communities (different communities (different communitiesThere is a slight difference in request, the best husband and wife’s hukou book is held) ID card: The couple’s ID card pregnancy certificate proves: generally the B -ultrasound proof, there are also communities that can use hematuria/pregnancy test forms

Material description: At present, the residence permit in Beijing is much rigorous than before. If it is necessary to apply for a residence permit, please handle it early (those who meet the conditions will be more than 15 working days).In order to explain the situation of the phone station where the community is located, it is generally reviewed as soon as possible.

4. Applying process: Generally, after going to the community to do information, the "Mother and Child Health Manual" (pink small book) and "Children’s Health Care Records" (a small blue book) will be issued.These two small books must be kept well, and subsequent production and postpartum infants will be used.In addition to these two things, a sufficient amount of folic acid will be distributed for free.

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Pit points: The pregnant woman must be present. If there are special circumstances, the hospital needs to issue a diagnosis certificate before it can be processed.In addition, some communities must be lined up artificially, so try to accompany their families as much as possible during the on -site processing, so that pregnant women do not need to stand alone.

Step 3: Find the hospital for registration of the hospital

The mother and child health manual is equivalent to getting the admission ticket built by the hospital. At this time, you will be a registered order of a hospital.

Let’s talk about the conclusion: Public hospitals try to choose one of the three hospitals close to home and have the Pediatric Comprehensive Department of the Pediatrics.You can choose private (it is said that the price of 7-10w), the price of 7-10w),

Private hospitals are a precious word. There are also friends and colleagues around them who choose private hospitals (stars are generally in private hospitals). The advantage is that the hardware conditions and services are really good.The most important and not possession of public hospitals-family members can enter the delivery room to accompany the production.

public hospital

It is recommended to choose a three -level hospital near home and have the Pediatric Comprehensive Department of Pediatrics.This factor close to home is critical. On the one hand, the monthly checkup, pregnant women do not need to be too tossing, especially when the month of the pregnant woman is relatively large. In addition, it is convenient to go to the hospital when there is a child.Rush to the hospital in the shortest time to avoid accidents on the road.There must be a pediatric comprehensive department. This is because hospitals with comprehensive departments generally have relatively senior pediatricians, which can handle various complex situations.

The first stage: I want to go to the best hospital within the scope of cognition

Within the scope of our lives, the third hospital in Beijing is the best comprehensive hospital in the obstetric department that everyone is more recognized.The threshold for obtaining resources is very high. Basically, it is difficult for individuals to hang on the obstetric number. I tried various registered channels for a week and gave up because of failure. There is also a small episode about registered.

The second stage: find a alternative hospital in anxiety

After the failure in the first week of registration, while worried that I couldn’t see the files, I started searching and finding other hospitals online, and gradually there was a list and sort in my heart, and then the source of the number was checked one by one.There is a higher threshold and a higher price.

Third stage: confirmed the hospital in tangling

Another week has passed, and there is no number of hospitals close to home and good. Finally, I heard my colleagues introduced a slightly far away from home.The smoothness is just like God’s arranged.It turns out that this hospital is our best choice.There is also an episode about the production process, and I will talk about it later.

Looking back, talk about the best northern medical hospital that we think. If you can register with the number, congratulations, if you can’t hang the number, you don’t need to be tangled, because for most people, maybe he may not be the bests Choice.In addition to the maternal registered maternal in the hospital, the third hospital will generally receive the old age, high -risk, and the maternal maternal in other hospitals (other hospitals cannot handle the situation). From the perspective of the service targetI can handle it if I can’t handle it).However, because everyone wants to squeeze it in, the hardware conditions may sometimes seem to be unable to keep up. It is said that due to the limited obstetric ward, there are often no enough beds to sleep on the corridor after giving birth.

So from the above -mentioned personal experience, if the maternal body is unharmed, if you do not hang the number of the hospital in the heart, choosing a comprehensive hospital near home may be a good choice.

Generally, there are several channels for medical registration: hospital window, hospital self -service machine, hospital public account/APP, registered platform (114).But even if there are so many channels, you want to hang a hospital number that everyone wants to enter, and it is difficult to rely on these channels.Although we did not register, there is still a small episode to share.

Registered episode:

After we are not expected to register online, we will change 114 telephone appointments for registration (it is said that some scalpels also make an appointment by phone). At the beginning, there is a chance to register to register at the time point for the number of numbers.At the time of the starting time, it has been ranked after 100+, and it is impossible to have a chance.Finally, I checked that I learned that the call appointment method of the popular number source is to start calling from the beginning of the night to keep the phone call to occupy the line.So I started making 114 calls from 9pm the day before, kept calling, and I fixed the alarm clock to the time to pick up the call to answer the phone. The ideas and operations kept up.Hanging, only a search of a search only knows that the mobile phone (mobile network) has the longest call limit (5 hours). It will automatically hang up after exceeding, so you can try to use a landline to make an appointment.give up.It can be considered a pit, and later friends can go around.

Choose the hospital and register it. When you really get the file, the water is completed. Just go according to the process.

Personal experience requirements: Ultrasound visible fetal heart and fetal pressure community mother and child health archives hospital has some examination results psychological assessment of the examination results issued by bed doctors

Note: Sometimes even if you hang the number, you may not have a bed position (the bed during the due date is not at present), but after the construction file is registered, the doctor will tell you whether you can build a file. As long as he opens a list, he only needs to open a list.Basically no problem.Some hospitals need to hang the expert number, which is specific to the hospital

In addition, some hospitals have time to set up files, such as 6-10 weeks of pregnancy (the calculation of the gestational week is calculated from the end of the last menstruation, not from the beginning of the discovery of pregnancy).Consultation hospital

The related to the establishment of the file probably thought of these contents. If you are inadequate, please leave a message to add. If you have any questions, you can also leave a message in the comment area.

If you think the article is helpful to you, please pay attention, collection and reposting, and the subsequent related processes will continue to be updated.

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