You should know about the knowledge of "post -remediation"

The Spring Festival, which should have been lively, was all disrupted before the holiday because of the new coronary virus.

Dinner, travel and vacation … All soaking in soup, responding to the national call, without going out, squatting at home is the most important daily activity.

When human activities are limited, they can only carry out the most basic entertainment activities.In addition to all kinds of daze, watching the window, and watching TV every day, there are a lot of "bed activities", so during this time, there are more online consultations about emergency contraception.

Regarding emergency contraceptives, it really makes gynecologists love and hate. Why do you say that?

Love, because this drug has the effect of emergency contraception, when other contraceptive methods fail, taking emergency contraceptives can achieve about 80%of the contraceptive effect. Compared with the risk of abortion surgery after pregnancy, it must be much better.

Hate is because too many women have a half -knowledge of it. Some people are even used as conventional contraceptive methods. They take medicine like sugar, and there are problems.For example, the following consultants: "Doctor, the last time I took emergency contraceptives, but this time it wouldn’t work? Doctors, I have been aborted for the third time! You said, wouldn’t I be pregnant, right?" "Doctor, I took emergency contraceptives twice this month. Now the bleeding is more than ten days. What is going on? "" Doctor, I took many emergency contraceptives many times, will I be infertile in the future? "


I have heard too many such problems. As a doctor, I can’t make a conclusion on their behavior and future. However, I really dislike these behaviors deeply.Why do you still have a miscarriage? Why not take good contraception? Why take emergency contraceptives many times in a month? "

Of course, I can’t ask this way, even if I hate iron in my heart, when facing the patient, I still have to try my best to help them solve the problem. I list the online consultation on this time.Help everyone.

The so -called emergency contraception is not conventional contraception.When there is no contraceptive method, contraception failure, or contraceptive method errors, such as the rupture of the condom, the vaginal septum is placed properly, ruptured, or prematurely removed, the in vitro sperm fails, 2 tablets of short -acting contraceptives, and the internal aduals in the palaceWhen the device breaks off, emergency contraception is needed.

There are two types of emergency contraceptive measures, one is to take emergency contraceptives, and the other is the adult ring in the palace.

The action mechanism of the internal aduals ring is a pregnancy -induced egg, suitable for women who have no fertility requirements for the time being, and can also be used as long -term contraception methods.Put within 120 hours in the same room, and the possibility of pregnancy and reproductive tract infection may be excluded before placing.

Usually, the situation of urgent Shelves is rare. On the contrary, the most common is taking medicine.Aquinorine pills that can be bought outside the pharmacies can be bought. Sometimes they can also operate on mobile phones. It is quite convenient to send medicines.However, it is too easy to get something that can be obtained at hand, and it may not necessarily be good.

Here is one point to emphasize that when there is no contraceptive method or risk of pregnancy, you can use emergency contraceptives, but not every time you do not use it, and take medicine every time.If a man let a girl take emergency contraceptive measures as conventional contraceptive measures, then he is either stupid or bad.

Until now, there is no 100%perfect contraceptive method in the world, as well as emergency contraceptives. The overall effective rate is 70 ~ 80%.According to reports, in 2005, a total of 40 million boxes of over -the -counter emergency contraceptives were sold nationwide, but the labor abortion rate did not significantly decrease. After taking emergency contraceptives, it was common to find pregnancy.

This shows what?

Most women did not use emergency contraceptives correctly, and emergency contraceptives did not give full play to its due role.

Let’s take a look at the results in the survey and analysis: accidental pregnancy mainly occurs in <30 years old young women. 43.16% of women do not use conventional contraception.28.44% among women who have taken emergency contraceptives in the same month before taking emergency contraceptives, 28.44% have no protective sexual life before taking emergency contraceptives.Sexual life; 5.50%of women take emergency contraceptives after 72 hours without protection.

Obviously, the lack of and abuse of the knowledge of the use of emergency contraceptives is the key cause of contraceptive failure.

Under normal circumstances, the uterine cavity is reached about one week after egg cell fertilization. After 48 ~ 72 hours after no protective sex, the drug has sufficient time to act and the endometrium, shrink the endometrium, and it is not suitable for fertilized eggs.In bed, at the same time, the drug may also change the movement of cervical mucus and fallopian tubes and change ovulation time to achieve the purpose of emergency contraception.Therefore, the aperture of the ingredients of Zuo Nuo Nuo Nuo is taken as early as 72 hours in the same room. The earlier, the better.Once it exceeds time, it may not be supplemented.

If vomiting occurs within 2 hours of emergency contraceptive pills, the same dose drugs should be taken in time to avoid contraceptive failure.

Key points -In a menstrual cycle, it is recommended to take emergency contraceptives once, and it is not recommended to take multiple times.No one knows whether it can be effective in the same menstrual cycle.

Urgent contraceptives are not poisonous drugs and have no serious side effects.

The most common adverse reactions are nausea and vomiting. Everyone’s condition is different, and the probability of this symptoms is different.The incidence of nausea is the highest, about 50%.If nausea does not exceed 24 hours, special treatment is usually not required.The incidence of vomiting is about 5%. Take medicine before going to bed or take it at the same time as food can effectively reduce the occurrence of vomiting.

Urgent contraceptives will not cause infertility, which may have an impact on a single menstruation, causing delayed menstruation or advance in advance. The time range is about a week.After taking the medicine, retreat bleeding may also occur, extension during menstruation, and bleeding.If the amount of bleeding does not exceed the menstrual flow and has no symptoms of discomfort such as abdominal pain, it is usually recommended to observe first without medication.

If the amount of bleeding after taking the medicine is large, more than menstrual flow, or the period of menstruation for more than 7 days, these are not normal. You need to go to the hospital for examination to determine whether you are pregnant.Don’t think that everything is good after taking medicine.

Finally, I remind everyone again that the appropriate emergency contraceptive method can effectively and safely prevent the occurrence of non -willing pregnancy, but it should be noted that emergency contraceptives are temporary remedial measures in emergencies.To replace conventional contraceptive methods.So far, it has not yet been studied for safe and effective afterwards of each sexual life after each sexual life. Take safety measures in advance.


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