Young women’s high incidence "breast fibroma", pay attention during pregnancy

Breast fibroma is a common disease of women and can occur at any age after adolescence. Most of them are young women aged 18 to 25.

The patient’s breasts have painful lumps, mostly single rounds, or multiple fees, or can occur in bilateral breasts at the same time.Tumors generally grow slowly, but when women are pregnant and breastfeeding, they grow rapidly.

The causes of breast fibroma are not clear, but they are agreed to be related to the following factors:

1. Estrogen level imbalance

Relatively or absolutely elevated estrogen levels will stimulate breast tissue hyperplasia and form breast fibroma.

2. Local breast tissue is too sensitive to estrogen

Each tissue of normal breasts has different high and low sensitivity of estrogen, and tissues with higher sensitivity are more susceptible to illness.

3. Eating factors

High -fat foods can change the intestinal flora and turn bile steroids into estrogen in colon. Excessive estrogen stimulation will have the risk of illness.

4. Genetic tendency.


1. Healthy diet and reasonable matching.

2. Sit.Sitting on the line, especially the chest.

3. Bra for the bra.The choice of the bra must be cautious, the size is suitable, and the material should be healthy.

4. Regular inspection.Regularly go to the hospital for physical examination of the breast department. You should also pay attention to the health of the breast. If you have discomfort or abnormal symptoms, you must check it as soon as possible.

Can breast fibroma be pregnant?

It can be pregnant with breast fibroma, but due to the large amount of estrogen during pregnancy, it can lead to an increase in fibroma. Therefore, surgical resection can be considered before preparation.Regardless of whether it is removed, a necessary examination should be done during pregnancy to understand breast health to avoid deterioration.


Breast -fiber tumor worsening rate is less than 1%, but it will never disappear by itself. If it is not treated, fibroma will always grow. It is recommended that women with a tumor reaches more than 1.5 cm. If conditions permit, surgery as soon as possible.

What can I not eat in mammal fibroma

1. Eat less fast food food.Many fast food foods are not healthy. Oil, salt, vegetables, etc. may threaten good health. High -salt and high calorie can accelerate estrogen production in the body, making breast fibroma more serious.

2. Eat less meat.Intractional heat and cholesterol are too much, stimulating the human body to secrete more hormones, and most breast lumps are related to hormonal secretion.

3. Eat less spicy and irritating foods, and the strong stimulation of various feeding seasonings can cause endocrine disorders.

4, irritating drink.Excessive drinking coffee, cola and other irritating drinks can increase the body fluid of the breast tissue, increase the swelling of the breast, and make the breast uncomfortable.

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