Zhang Xiaozheng was encountered when he went out, and his blessing was obviously suspected to be pregnant.

On May 25th, some media showed a picture of the encounter with the gods Zhang Xiaozhang. I saw her figure blessed, slightly abdomen, and was suspected of good news.

Judging from the picture, Zhang Xiaozheng’s low -key appearance on the outside of the day caused a lot of sensation, and everyone stood aside to watch her.

Zhang Xiaoyu, who is 59 -year -old, still has thick makeup, exquisite features, delicate skin, and long curls.What changes in the same time and when you are young, it is the intellectual beauty that has been precipitated after years.

She interacted with her friends enthusiastically, with a smile on her face, very approachable.Even in the crowd, she was so beautiful that she could see at a glance.This time, Zhang Xiaoyu was wearing a large and decent loose suit, but her figure and belly attracted attention.

Looking closely, her figure is obvious, and the whole person is full of abundance.When she was sideways, her lower abdomen was prominent, and she was wearing a loose and covered with her belly. Many people curiously said: "Is this good news, wouldn’t she get pregnant?"

Looking at the entire entertainment industry, because the female celebrities have eaten more blessings, they speculate that the other party is pregnant. There are countless such oolong incidents. Everyone still eats melon!

When it comes to Zhang Xiaozheng, she is a proper "Bai Fumei". She was born in a famous family and grew up with a golden spoon.Whether in the film and television industry or in the fashion circle, she is mixed with water.

But this is such a big beauty, but the relationship is not so smooth.At that time, she and Zhong Zhentao broke the heavily obstacles and entered the marriage hall. The wedding shocked the entire Hong Kong circle. The two also had one child and a daughter.After the marriage, Zhang Xiaoyu spent money like flowing water, and the two went to divorce for various reasons.

Later, Zhang Xiaozheng had a public contact with Chen Yan, a rich man of hundreds of millions of net worth. Soon after, Chen Yan also applied for bankruptcy.

After waving the wrong person, Zhang Xiaoyu moved to abroad for a while, and became very low -key. She rarely revealed her emotional life, and everyone was curious about her emotional situation.

Until in recent years, she became active again, settled in the mainland, and made the goods with water.On the evening of May 24, she set a good result of 590 million live broadcasts, far exceeding the second place.

After so many years, she still maintains elegance and confidence.We also wish Zhang Xiaoyi’s career to develop smoothly and be beautiful forever!


Author: chestnut

Editor: Cherry

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