Zhao Benshan’s daughter officer promises to get pregnant!The pregnancy is seriously painful, and it seems to be pregnant with a boy

On July 16th, a good news came out in the entertainment industry. Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s ball ball was updated. The official announced that he was pregnant, causing many netizens to shock and sent blessings one after another.

It is understood that the ball has been with her boyfriend Xiao Chen for many years, and the relationship has always been very sweet. Although the wedding of the two was postponed because of the epidemic, they had completed the registration registration this year and became the real couple.

In June this year, the ball and Xiao Chen still held a wedding under the testimony of their parents. Because Zhao Benshan deliberately asked for a low -key, they only invited relatives and friends to have a banquet at the man and the woman’s house.

But what made no one expected was that one month after marriage, the ball that should have a good harvest in love suddenly announced that it would be suspended.

As for the reason for the stop, the ball explanation is a problem with her body, so she may not hold a large -scale event in the second half of the year.

At that time, the ball’s complexion was not very good, and the people were rounded, which made many netizens worry that she was holding her body, so she was forced to stop broadcasting such a career.

In response to these situations, the ball himself also responded in the video.She admits that she has seen many rumors recently, saying that she has a bad health, a look of pregnancy, and even a rumor that her marriage has a problem.

But in fact, the ball said that she was pregnant because she was really pregnant!As for the reason for stopping broadcasting, it was because her reaction during pregnancy was too serious. Not only did she always want to vomit, she also hurt her.

As long as the arms, legs, and waist are moved, it will hurt, making her unbearable.In order to keep the fetus with the heart, the ball will choose to stop broadcasting.

But this does not mean that she will no longer show up in the future. Usually the ball will still do some small live broadcasts, and I will talk to you and share her pregnancy life. In short, it is not difficult to hear from her words. The ball is actually looking forward to the belly.Baby.

As for Zhao Benshan, Ma Lijuan and Xiao Chen’s parents, they also knew the good news of the ball of pregnancy, and supported her to leave this child and suspend the live broadcast career.

Having said that, it is no wonder that the ball will reveal in the video before that she has discussing it with her parents. It is estimated that this is seriously related to her reaction during pregnancy. If the response is too fierce, the ball may not consider leaving this baby.

After the good news came out, many netizens congratulated the ball and wished her to finally become the husband and wife with her favorite person and have her own children.There are also netizens to celebrate Zhao Benshan’s upgrade as a grandfather, and laughed at Uncle Benshan and estimated that he was happy now.

It is worth mentioning that there are many experienced Bao moms left a message in the comment area, saying that the pregnant appearance of the ball looks obvious, and the facial edema is very much like a son’s performance.Essence

However, the ball herself did not respond to this. After all, she was only three months pregnant. Perhaps she didn’t know that the baby in the belly was male or female.

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