Zhao Benshan’s daughter was pregnant, saying that her back pain and leg pain, she was criticized.

The "reborn" little master is about to have one more. The grandfather of this child is Zhao Benshan, the first person in the Northeast, and his mother is a tens of millions of fan net red balls.Gold ore was born in accordance with identity.

In fact, the ball with a very good performance of the live broadcast not long ago suddenly announced that it would suspend the in full swing of the cargo, which surprised everyone. After all, the ball live broadcast its own traffic and topics.Why did it suddenly give up? At that time, some people speculated that the ball might be pregnant.

Sure enough, a few days later, the ball itself shared this good news.

In the video, the ball combed the air bangs. The eyes were large and very cute, but the eyes were a little tired. The ball said that he was going to go to the hospital for a check -up, because the "small ball" was coming.

The personality of the ball is particularly cute. At first glance, he was well protected by his father Zhao Benshan. He also felt that he was not beautiful because of pregnancy. He was coquettish in his husband, and the ball husband was quite considerate.It looks good, and it really allows netizens to eat dog food again.

After arriving at the hospital, the hospital had regulations that could not shoot any shooting. The two balls were also very cooperative. They did not adapt to privileges or secretly shooting. Instead, they put down their mobile phones.The whole process and inspection results.

Like her ordinary maternal maternal maternal, the ball queues in line during the birth and has no acquaintances. This is once again praised by netizens. After all, in the local area, Zhao Benshan’s name is shown.However, the ball is not the kind of lady who is accustomed to raising. No wonder there will be so many fans who like her.

The first time the ball was very novel and excited. I shared the "Little Ball" as a B -ultrasound with you. The ball said that the baby has been for more than 3 months.His hands and feet and small heads, the ball also teased the baby’s head and was very funny.

This time I shared the video not only answered the reason why the balls have recently lived less and less recently, but also confirmed that the marriage of the ball was very stable and happy.

When the ball announced the suspension of the live broadcast career, some netizens wondered if the ball was a problem with marriage, because the ball also complained that her husband was a bit unreasonable last month.The rumors are not self -defeating, and the feelings of the young couple are good, and they are about to usher in the crystallization of love.

And discovering the existence of small balls is also due to the fan’s concern for the ball, because the ball occasionally said that I felt very tired recently, and some experienced netizens also suggested that the ball to check to check it.Only then found that the ball was indeed pregnant.

However, the ball also said that because there was no plan to have a baby so fast, she was still at a loss. After all, she was also a child, but under the consolation of relatives and friends, the ball still decided everything to let it go. I believe everything is the most.Good arrangement.

Farewell to the status switching anxiety in the early pregnancy, the various reactions of the body after pregnancy also make the first mother’s ball a little caught off guard, and her response is larger than the average girl.In addition, the live broadcast is generally in the early morning, and the body is a little bit unbearable. For yourself and your baby, the ball has to choose to give up his career temporarily.

Some female netizens said that the ball is too delicate, and which woman who is a mother has not experienced these or the like.

"It’s so delicate, my twins, I still go to work a week before my birth."

It can be seen that the ball is a very well -known girl, and it is also very motivated, but there are gains and losses, and they are bound to divide their energy to her husband and children.There are more opportunities for choosing, such as more maternal and infant directions.

And the ball is only temporarily bid farewell to the live broadcast industry, and will still share with you their pregnancy fun, and fans need to worry about it.

I just do n’t know if this baby with a gold ore is a boy or a girl before being born. Everyone guess whether the ball will hold a grand gender revealing ceremony like other net reds?


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