Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s officer was pregnant, and she was very anxious when she was exposed to know that she was pregnant.

Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s official promotion was pregnant. In order to cancel all the large -scale live broadcasts, the Internet passed on the Internet that the child had quarreled due to the surname of the child.

On July 16, Zhao Benshan’s daughter ball announced on the social platform that she was pregnant.

From the video point of view, the whole person is indeed slightly rounded than before, and the facial features also have swelling during pregnancy, with a look of pregnancy.

According to the ball, when I first learned that I was pregnant, I was very anxious and I didn’t know how to face it, but the mother of the ball told him that when the honeymoon was honeymoonThe matter also allowed the ball to finally accept it frankly and began to look forward to the arrival of a small life.

According to the ball, she has been pregnant for more than three months. It can be seen from the video before the ball that she and her husband are the certificate of Valentine’s Day on February 14 this year. Now they have married fiveMoon.

And they started a honeymoon trip on April 23 this year. According to time, the ball is likely to be pregnant with a baby before the honeymoon, so there is no saying that Fengzi is married.

The ball said that the live broadcast is a very energy -consuming and physical matter. Before, I had 72 hours of consecutive broadcasts. In order to allow my baby to be born healthy and smooth, the ball saidAll the big live broadcasts after July 29 will be canceled.

However, I don’t want to give up the career that is on the rise, so the scale of the live broadcast is replaced with a small and midfield, and when the child is born smoothly, it will return to the large -scale live broadcast.

Who hasn’t seen Zhao Benshan’s Spring Festival Gala?At that time, the motivation to wait until 12 o’clock was probably to see Zhao Benshan’s finale sketch in the end. Although Zhao Benshan later announced that he had withdrawn from the stage for his physical reasons, he still was still unable to wear in many people’s memory.

As Zhao Benshan’s most beloved little daughter, the ball has attracted the attention of the public since birth, and the ball is stronger than other children. Since childhood, he has the dream of being a boss.

In fact, when the ball just released his boyfriend, many fans were not satisfied with this boyfriend. They thought that this boyfriend could not be better than the ball in both looks and family.friend.But the ball believes that if netizens are unwilling to watch it, they can not look at it at all, and said that they do not need the opponent to evaluate themselves.

In fact, Mr. Chen’s father and Zhao Benshan had known each other many years ago. At that time, they did not know that the two children in the family would be good at each other, and the ball did not expect that their father -in -law and father would be old knowledge, butAfter discovering all this, the ball also feels that the fate between the two people is really wonderful.

Of course, some people familiar with the matter revealed that it was a happy thing to say that the ball was pregnant, but they quarreled because of the child’s surname.

Many netizens believe that the two of them are strong and weak, and the first child and the girl surname of the girls are also completely fine at all, but there are also many netizens who think that Mr. Chen is not a son -in -law.Ball surname.

As for this incident, we do n’t know if it is true or not, but in fact it is just a trivial matter. After all, compared to the happiness of the young couple, what the child surnames is relatively second.

All in all, the happiest thing must be Zhao Benshan when the ball is pregnant. After all, he is older now, and naturally he also hopes that his children are in groups.For him, the family is a real happiness together.

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