Zheng Kai’s ex -girlfriend Cheng Xiaoyi announced her pregnancy, stroking her pregnant belly playful and selling cute.

On November 16, Zheng Kai’s ex -girlfriend Cheng Xiaoyi shared selfies on the social platform and attached to "Pregolife". The official announcement was pregnant.

In the photo, she was wearing a tall ball head, turning into heavy makeup, and her mouth was cute. She held her pregnant belly, and her abdomen seemed to have some amplitude. It is estimated that she was pregnant for several months.However, in addition to the slightly raised belly, Cheng Xiaoyi’s body still maintains very good, especially the clavicle grab the mirror.Cheng Xiaozheng’s mental state also looks very good, full of expectations for the baby.

On the 15th of last month, Cheng Xiaoyi suddenly announced that she was married. She attached a statement: secretly happy for a long time. A decade of novels in ten years will enter the next chapter!Could the two have known each other for ten years?

There are dozens of photos shared by Cheng Xiaozheng, which records the little bit of love between the two.Netizens praised the man’s face and looked very good. They were very good at Cheng Xiaozheng. They also had a happy smile on their faces. Presumably, they really found the right person.

The reason why netizens paid attention to Cheng Xiaozheng so high because she was Zheng Kai’s ex -girlfriend.Zheng Kai had a governor of the government to declare the relationship, took her to the Century wedding of Huang Xiaoming and Baby, and took Cheng Xiaoyi to participate in the love variety show.

Cheng Xiaoyi’s family background was also exposed. His mother was born in a famous door. He was a lady of everyone. He was a senior management of Dior Greater China. The mother and daughter also attended the wedding of Yang Mi Liu Kaiwei together.

Many stars in Cheng Xiaoyi and many stars in the circle are friends, such as Li Xiaolu He Sui and so on.

Cheng Xiaozheng not only has a wealthy family, but she is still a high student. She graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada and is proficient in English.Zheng Kai has also received bilingual education since he was a child. He originally planned to study abroad, but the economy could not be supported, so he entered the Shanghai Academy of Drama.To be precise, Zheng Kai and Cheng Xiaoyi are together, and the men climbed in all aspects.

Probably for these reasons, Zheng Kai did not dare to promise to marry Cheng Xiaoyi in the variety show. The editor chased several issues at the time. It is not difficult to find that Zheng Kai did not want to marry Cheng Xiaoyi.

Netizens also think that Zheng Kai is simply wasting Cheng Xiaoyi’s youth.

Later, Zheng Kai really broke up with Cheng Xiaoyi. Instead, he married Miao Miao and made rapid progress. Netizens were curious about what happened in the middle.

Cheng Xiaozheng’s mother died, and Zheng Kai came to the scene to send Cheng’s mother for the last journey, and was praised by the outside world.

Now Cheng Xiaozheng is no longer alone. With her husband and their children, a happy life has just begun.The only regret was that Cheng Xiaoyi’s mother could not see her grandson before she died.

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