Zheng Kai’s wife Miao Miao has a child with a second child. She has two children and daughters in three years.

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Zheng Kai showed a little baby hand and family portrait on the day of Children’s Day on Children’s Day. He posted a post saying: From then on, there was a prince in the castle to protect his mother and sister. Happy June!You can feel Zheng Kai’s happiness between the lines.

Zheng Kai and Miao Miao married on May 21, 2020. The daughter of the two in October of that year was born in October of that year.son.””

In just three years, there are two children who have been married, hugging two in three years, and their children’s doubles. The value of the two people is so high. The child must also look good. It is really a winner in life.

As a novice mother, Miao Miao has to be confinement after giving birth.

Confinement has a very important role in postpartum recovery, and when we are confinement, we must also understand some precautions.

★ Avoid using waist strength too much

For example, the mother bent over to change the urine to the child. This is actually not recommended when confinement, which can help others in the family help the child to change the urine.

If the mother wants to change it, it is recommended to put the child on a relatively high table, and the mother stood straight up to change the urine to the child.

Because the mother has to restore the uterus after giving birth, the muscles on the waist are pulled too much during pregnancy, and it must be restored slowly after delivery.

If you use the waist force at this time, it may cause it to be easier to back pain, and the pulling of the uterus will also affect the old age, and even cause the uterus to prolapse, resulting in the mother’s postpartum urine leakage and other problems.

★ Avoid big fish and meat

In the 1960s, our lives were relatively difficult.

Therefore, after the mother is born, the whole family will save the food in the mouth as much as possible for the mother to eat, eat more meat, and eat more fish, which can make the mother’s body better.Essence

But to this day, our living conditions are a lot better. Fish egg milk can eat as much as you want to eat. At this time, we must avoid big fish and meat.

When the mother is in confinement after birth, the fish, chicken, duck, beef, and pork do not exceed 7 two every day.

In addition to eating meat, we also need to eat more fruits and fruits to avoid constipation.

★ Avoid not washing your hair and bathing all month

Why can’t people take a confinement in ancient times and can’t wash their hair and take a bath?Because in ancient times, bathing was washed with a basin, sitting inside and cleaning, and after giving birth to a child, her mother was really inappropriate to sit and take a bath, which would affect the recovery of the wound.

And in ancient times, there was no hair dryer. If the mother washed her hair, her hair could only be air -dried naturally, which can easily cause the mother to expand her capillaries after washing her hair. Cold and dampness enters the body, which is not conducive to the recovery of the mother after giving birth.

But to this day, when we take a bath, there will be hot water from the spray head and standing, and we can blow dry with a hair dryer immediately after washing.

Therefore, the doctor suggested that if the mother is going to give birth, you can wash your hair and take a bath 3 to 7 days after giving birth. You can wash your hair and take a bath after one week of cesarean section, but we should not take a bath for too long.

If the mother does not wash her hair and take a bath all month, when she encounters summer, she will sweat all around, and the sweat on her body can smoke herself, and it is also prone to folliculitis, which affects the mother’s health.

In addition to bathing, the mother may eat more after giving birth. We should pay attention to brushing your teeth every morning and evening. It is recommended to use a more soft toothbrush to brush his teeth to avoid stimulating the mother’s mouth.

Moms must be balanced in confinement after delivery, and rest should be taken in proper rest. We must also move from time to time. Sanitary cleaning should also pay attention to make us recover better after delivery.

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