Zhou Gong’s Dream Interpretation (Body Article) Complete Works Favorites Blessed Dream

Body article:

1 mouth:

Dreaming of your mouth will get love.

Dreaming that his mouth becomes bigger and the economy is to be lost.

Dreaming of eating hot things burned his mouth, he was seriously ill.

Dreaming of stuffing things in your mouth, you want to get rich.

2 Nose:

Dreaming of your nose is pretty, it is a good sign.

Dreaming of his nose is very ugly and is ominous.

Dreaming of bleeding from the nose, disasters are coming.

Dreaming of pus on the tip of the nose will be promoted.

Those who dream of the big nose will be aspirational and quarrel with friends.

A woman dreamed that her nose was injured, and her husband’s home would be infamous.

Dreaming of someone caught his nose, he would be humiliated, or was slavered.

Dreaming that his nostrils are big, and the crime of crime is in danger.

Dreaming that you are afraid of pain in the nostrils, the difficulty will fall.

Dreaming of pustules in the nostrils, loved ones were deceived.

Dreaming of horses or beef noses will be dangerous.

3 hands:

Dreaming of being cut off with both hands can get God’s help.

Dreaming of his hands is long and strong, which means that his career will be successful.

Dreaming of his own hand is more popular than before, he will be lucky.

Dreaming of your own hand is weak and yellow is a sign of illness.

A woman dreamed that her hands became hard, indicating that her life was hard.

Dreaming of shaking hands with strangers, making friends.

Dreaming of holding money in both hands, he can take advantage of it.

4 lips:

Dreaming of red lips is a signs of good health and rich life.

Dreaming of white or yellowing lips will be weak and sick.

A woman dreaming of red lips will be deceived by women.

Men dream of a woman with white lips, and their wives or friends will be loyal to themselves.

A woman who dreamed of black lips foreshadowed her hard work, or exhausted her body, or she was sick.

Dreaming that you are thick lips, you will be unable to resist you.

Dreaming of a woman with a thin lips will get love.

5 ear:

Dreaming of his ears was cut off and the command could be executed.

Dreaming of other people’s ears is cut, and suffering will be suffered.

Dreaming of making your ears or letting others get your ears, there is good news.

Dreaming of someone twisting his ears, the crime he committed will be punished by law.

Those who dream of growing hair in their ears can get rich.

6 body:

Dreaming of being burned by the body is a omen, indicating that he is hate with others, and he can’t afford to bed.

Dreaming of someone stripped his clothes, the economy would be crisis.

Dreaming of being healthy and strong is auspicious.

7 heads:

Dreaming of your head is a threatened.

Dreaming of someone waving a sword to try to cut his head, reminding himself and his family to be careful and careful.

Dreaming of eating animal meat that is cut off, you want to get rich.

Dreaming of shampooing, sorrow will pass.

Dreaming of using a mirror to look at his head, it is auspicious, and he is promoted.

Dreaming of holding his head in both hands, Jiebao spreads frequently.

8 eye:

Dreaming of red eyes indicates that the body is sick.

Dreaming of a woman’s eyes shining, everything will be east.

Dreaming that your eyes are swollen and not painful, life will be happy and there is no pain.

Dreaming of a woman with black eye shadow or eye oil smoke, the economy will be lost.

Dreaming of other people’s eyes facing themselves means that they must be seriously ill and even incurable.

9 face:

Dreaming of a beautiful face will be happy.

Dreaming of ugly face is coming.

Dreaming of my face is swollen, or it is more red than the original, to become a wealthy person.

Dreaming of distorted faces came.

Dreaming of your face becomes pale or waxy, it is a precursor to breaking the wealth.

10 throat:

Dreaming of your throat is a omen, and relatives or friends must leave the world.

A married woman dreams of her throat, and her family will have unfortunate news.

Dreaming of your sore throat, or swelling of throat sores, you will get something.

The patient dreamed that his throat was swollen and painful, and he couldn’t afford to bed for a long time.The prisoner who was sentenced to death dreamed of swollen throat and was about to go to the broken tape.

Tourists dream of swollen throats, they will be robbed on the way, and all money will be robbed.

11 teeth:

Dreaming of how many teeth you have, you will be humiliated.

Dreaming of several other people’s teeth is a sign, which means to defeat the enemy.

Dreaming of your teeth falling off will quarrel with people.

Dreaming of tooth extraction, I will buy a house soon.

Women dream of getting tooth extraction, life will be abundant.

The businessman dreams of tooth extraction and can do a business that can get great fortune.

Farmers dreamed of tooth extraction and harvesting.

Dreaming of toothache can get rich.

12 fingers:

Dreaming of cutting his fingers will become the winner on the love field.

Dreaming of being burned by steaming fingers will be jealous of others.

Dreaming of many fingers, there are noble guests.

Dreaming that his fingers have become longer and the business is booming.

Dreaming of short fingers, life is tight.

Dreaming of distorted fingers will use the means of corruption to make money.

Dreaming of bleeding fingers, money will be deceived.

13 pulse:

Dreaming that the pulse jumps quickly, you have to make good luck.

Dreaming that the pulse jumped slowly and was in doom.

Doctors dream of giving themselves a pulse, and their income will decrease.

Dreaming of his wife’s pulse, the couple had to quarrel.

Dreaming of the enemy’s pulse, you will be helped by friends on the occasion of crisis.

Dreaming of being a doctor, giving someone else’s pulse, heralding the work he is currently engaged.

Dreaming of the wife’s pulse will get the infinite love of his wife.

Women dreamed that others gave themselves a pulse, and they were driven by themselves.

Dreaming of the enemy to himself will be defeated by the enemy.

Dreaming of the doctor gives himself a pulse, you want to get sick.

Patients dreamed that the doctor could restore his health soon.Patients dream of giving themselves a pulse, it will be difficult.

14 belly:

Dreaming of the bloating of the stomach is a good name for getting rich.

A married woman dreamed of bloating her belly and soon had to have children.

The unmarried woman dreamed of swelling her belly means to marry a wealthy family.

The widow dreamed of swelling her stomach, and the difficulties would come.

15 hair:

Dreaming of your hair is long, which means that he is sick.

Dreaming that the hair of others is long, you will be annoying the world of vulgarity and hard work.

Dreaming of white hair, you will be sad and sad.

Dreaming of combing with a comb, life will be happy and comfortable.

Dreaming of short hair, doom is short -term.

A woman dreams of her hair, the couple is loving, and her happiness is long.

A woman dreams of her hair and cut her hair, which is a sign of widow.

Women dream of being dragged by her hair, which means death or leave her husband who leaves because of unfortunately.

16 Nail:

Dreaming of cutting nails, hard work can make money.

Dreaming of staying nails will endure hunger.

Dreaming of black nails will be lost.

Men dreamed that there was a short nail, and the business could make a profit.

The married woman dreamed of staying with long nails, and she was widowed by puppets.

Men dream of turning red nails is a sign of strong body.

Patients dreamed that the nails became red, and the disease would heal soon.

Dreaming of yellow nails and white nails, I can’t afford to bed.

Dreaming of dirt in the nails, corruption public funds, and the loss of losses.

17 pin:

Dreaming of his feet is cut, you can be an official.

The businessman dreamed that he had a lot of feet, and he would make money and dream of washing his feet, indicating that he was greedy.

Dreaming of playing other people’s feet will be humiliated by others.

Dreaming of scald feet will be confused for a while and suffer major losses.

Dreaming of swollen feet, you will be left and right, and your debt will be exhausted.

18 arms:

Dreaming of my own arm muscles is developed and robust, which means that I will be pulled up because of my own efforts.

Dreaming of the illness or not using the arm will be reduced, trapped in trouble, and suffering from economic losses.

Women dreamed that her arms were sick or unused, and her husband or son had to leave the world.

Dreaming of one hand that breaks myself is a sign of pain and damage.

Dreaming of swollen hands, relatives and friends will get benefits from strangers.

Dreaming of bleeding on the arm will be poor.

Dreaming of the hair on the arm is very long, it will get rich, and the situation will soon improve.

19 Heart:

Dreaming of his heart beating abnormally, the days of the ups and downs are going to be fired or will be damaged due to bed in bed.

Dreaming that you are in the number of heartbeats, life is sloppy.

Dreaming of putting his hand on his chest, the enemy is approaching, and life is dangerous.

Women dream of their own heart beating abnormal, rogue and thieves will disturb their home.

Dreaming that the heart stopped beating and the disaster came.Dreaming of himself or his loved ones died in a heart disease, and those who were sick would live for a long time.

Dream is that you don’t care too much about dreaming too much about being too concerned.

If you feel bad, you can talk to people without going out.

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