Zhou Sheng Ruchu 37: Zhou Sangchen felt the child’s fetal movement, and the princess should sprinkle dog food when holding the public.

Review of the previous situation: Zhou Sheng Ru Ruchi 36: Zhou Sangchen sent a family book thousands of miles, the words are all acacia for seasonal

Since the stomach has become bigger and bigger, I have become more and more drowsiness, and I have to sleep for several hours every afternoon.

On this day I was still sleeping, and I heard A Niang awakened me happily: "Shiji, Wang Jun wins."

I thought I was still dreaming, so I stabbed my face hard.

A Niang said helplessly: "Silly girl, don’t be afraid of pain, you have been red with your face. This is true.

A Niang frowned slightly after saying: "But Liu Zixing escaped. But don’t worry, he is now a national -wanted rebel, and he is not afraid to hurt you."

I nodded: "I don’t want to care about him, I’m just happy."

Wang Jun’s victory meant that I was about to see Master.

Seven days later, I was supported by A Niang and was waiting for Wang Jun to reassuring at the gate of Xizhou City.

Soon, I saw Wu Yan’s army coming from far to near, and I saw the husband who was riding in front of the horse at a glance.

As soon as the wind in the spring, the wind was very large. I saw that Wang Jun’s battle flag hunting and flying in the wind. Master was wearing armor, and the sun was sprinkled on him, making him as if he came out.

This is my husband, who once again guarded the King of Beichen’s people.

Master also seemed to see me, and suddenly he speeded up the speed of riding. I saw him coming in the direction of my horse, and then he was in his arms in his arms: "Eleven, I am back."

I buried my head in his arms: "Well, the husband is finally back."

He hugged me for a while before letting go of me and saw my high bulging belly: "The wind is so strong, why do you still run out?"

I looked at him and laughed: "I can’t wait to see my husband."

Master holds my hand: "Then let’s go home."

I glanced at the army in front of the black army: "That Wang Jun? Do you still have to hold a celebration banquet with them?"

Master laughed: "It’s better to win. Your brothers and sisters will deal with these things, and now we go home first."

I nodded and was about to hold Master’s hand forward. Suddenly I "oh" and bent slightly.

Master immediately said nervously: "What’s wrong?"

I smiled and shook my head and touched my stomach: "The child in the belly kicked me. She probably knew that Dad came back. She was so happy that she couldn’t wait to say hello to her father."

Master covered my belly with my hand and surprised: "I seem to feel it too."

Speaking of him suddenly hug me, I blushed: "What does the husband do? A Niang is still on the side."

A Niang pouted and smiled: "I go to see if Wang Jun needs me to help. Time to take care of His Royal Highness."

Master finished the gift to A Niang, and held me to go forward: "You must be inconvenient to walk now, I hold you back."

There are more than a dozen people who accompany us now, and hundreds of thousands of Wang Jun are in front of me. In the eyes, I still feel shy, so I buried my head in Master’s arms: "Well, husband, we go home."

Back to the palace, the husband still hugged me back to the room.He put me on the bed, helped me take off the shoes and socks, and built the quilt to help me, and then sat on my side: "Eleven, I’m sorry you. Obviously you are pregnant, but you can’t accompany you all the time","

I shook my head: "The husband hasn’t been to me. In the past three months, there are husbands’ books of husband, Wang Jun’s Jie report, and Auntie always accompany me. Actually, I have a good life, that is …"

Master asked, "What is it?"

I tried to find out, kissed on his face, and blushed: "I miss my husband, I am thinking every day."

Master held me, gently held my lips, and kissed deeply.

After a long time, he let go of me, and then held my face on my forehead and kissed: "I also want to be eleven too, I really think about it."

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