Zhu Dan is very pregnant and shared the daily pregnancy. Xiu Enai said that he was spoiled on Monday, and his in -laws favored himself.

Zhu Dan recently responded to her concerns about her live broadcast. Zhu Dan appeared in front of the camera, and also naughty to the camera to expose her July’s pregnant belly. It seems that netizens are worried that Zhu Dan’s live broadcast will be too fatigue.Thanks in the video for her concerns about her.Zhu Dan also looked happy that her husband and other family members also supported her live broadcast on Monday, but one of the reasons she explained made netizens surprised.

Zhu Dan said in the video that he was not tired of live broadcast, but then he accidentally exposed his family status.Zhu Dan said that he lived with his father -in -law. If he was tired of the child in his belly, his father -in -law would not let her go, and her husband would not allow it on Monday.This sentence inexplicably made netizens feel uncomfortable. As a host, if she did not express her point of view correctly, it seemed a bit far -fetched.But if the child is born, he is afraid of being tired of the child. Is Zhu Dan who is not born in his stomach?In the end, how the family got along with the illusion of Zhu Dan, which made many netizens puzzled, and even began to confuse Zhu Dan Zhou Yi’s confusion and happiness.

And this sentence also seems to have revealed Zhu Dan’s family status. Many netizens also seem to understand why Zhu Dan likes to live broadcast and is unwilling to stay with his family all day. After the child is pregnant, there is only a child and no Zhu Dan.And Zhu Dan didn’t know if he really felt so happy, or just pretended to be strong, but anyway, netizens hoped that Zhu Dan could take care of himself.Zhu Dan has been claiming to be happy in the show, and she seems to have always been in good condition, but from Zhu Dan revealed the details of living with the two people on Monday, she seemed to be on PUA Zhu Dan on Monday.

When the show was on the show on Zhu Dan, the relationship between the two frequently caused controversy. It seemed that Zhu Dan had been tolerant on Monday in his life, and made Zhu Dan feel very happy.What is puzzling is that the happiness of others knows by herself, and Zhu Dan seems to be happy with the world to declare that he is very happy. She wants everyone to agree with her very happy view.

I hope that Zhu Dan is really happy, do not want to see a high -knowledge, and women who are very outstanding at work are still in a very unequal position at home. This is too sad.

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