Zimbabwe 9 -year -old girl is unwilling to seek medical treatment. After the examination

According to the "Zimbabwe Post" reported on October 31, 2022, a 9 -year -old girl in the city of Blawaro, a city in southwestern Zimbu, Africa was sent to the United Hospital of Brawoya for 33 weeks of pregnancy. It is expected to be at this institution.Perform delivery.It is reported that the girl did not know that she was pregnant before, but she just felt unwell to go to the doctor.

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The 9 -year -old girl was from the Icuo area in North Matabarilan.As he was too young, the medical staff of the Brawoyo United Hospital were monitoring closely the girl and the fetus in her belly.Officials from the Ministry of Public Services, Labor and Social Welfare are also investigating the reasons why girls are pregnant.They suspected that the girl was pregnant after being violated by the people around them.

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"Yes, we do have such a case. The girl was pregnant at the age of 8 and she was more mature. Under normal circumstances, the girl was mature until she was 11 years old. She was too young to share more information"Harrison Langbanapas, the dean of the Brawo Joint Hospital, said in an interview with the media."This is the first time I have met such a case in my career. I have seen a 9 -year -old girl produced in medical books before, but not in our country. The youngest pregnant woman I sawWhen a 9 -year -old girl was pregnant, I think this is too cruel and unfortunate. "

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It is reported that just a few weeks ago, a 13 -year -old girl from Zimbabwe gave birth to a hospital after pregnancy.The girl knew that she was pregnant a month before her production.After giving birth to a child, the girl was still lying on the bed and hurriedly completed the operation of the school.In medical history, the youngest mother is a 5 -year -old Peruvian girl. She successfully gave birth through surgery on May 14, 1939.According to a medical evaluation of her pregnancy, she was less than five years old when she was pregnant.The fundamental reason for girls to be pregnant is too precocious.

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"Premature pregnancy is a unfortunate thing for a girl. In a age when she should go to school and play with other children, she should be taken care of by her parents, but she must bear the responsibility of being a mother. This will make her peersMobrio her, even bullying her, and influenced her mental state, "said Dean Langpanapasi."In addition, when people are pregnant at this age, because their mothers and unborn fetuses are still developing, they will compete with nutrients. This is not good for mothers and fetuses."

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